This is Bakina kuhinja channel. We prepare today banana pancakes How to prepare them, stay on channel, have fun and learn something new Welcome. Hello dears. Are you ready? Lets make today one nice treat. It is very nice. Kids love it. How to name them? its banana pancakes. Stay on channel and see how its made. For dough you will need 2 eggs 2 eggs for frying 400-500milliliters of milk Vanilla sugar, orange crust, 1 large spoon of cream, salt, 1 spoon of sugar, oil, flour bread crumbs and bananas. This is all you need. Add eggs in milk then whisk it orange crust, vanilla sugar, or you can add it later. I will add it now. Sugar Salt it And now whisk it good. Whats the name of this ? Whisk it good. Add some oil in it. 50 milliliters. Now add flour to make dough. It shouldnt be much dense, nor to liquid. Prepare dough for pancakes like you always do. Put your apron and lets begin. Learn something new. This is gonna be very good. Stay with me. Have fun. Enjoy. Banana bend pancake from aside. Like this You dont need to put pick but if not sure use it. Repeat the procedure for all pancakes. They are ready. Fried. Add powder sugar on them. Look. Fantastic. Hi These are our pancakes. Top. Very good You have to try this, This is great. Nice. I should have made more. Beautiful. This was suggestion for you. Hope you liked it. Named it how you like see you in the morning. with some new recipe we will make something nice. Until, send comments. tell me how you like it. Have fun. Enjoy in your life. Lots of love from me Love to the moon and back God help us GIve us good health. Its all we need. This is it for now. Send comments. I like reading them See you at 7AM Every day new recipe. Thats it. Thank you for today Bye