You are at Bakina kuhinja channel Today we prepare potato in shell How to prepare, stay on channel, learn something new and have fun. Good day and welcome You are watching Bakina kuhinja Today we prepare very simple recipe This is nice suggestion for dinner. Its great if you dont eat too much at night This is potato in shell I often have this for dinner This meal you can have later at night, after 6 pm For this you will need Potato that you need to wash before After cleaning, cut it on half You can use potato as much as you need We dont use apron this time Put potato in the Baking tray You can use baking paper if you want Now, take garlic Cut it on half Then use garlic to anoint potatoes Anoint sides too You can cut garlic more to release juice Do it again Now add some oil over potato I will use brush Grease every potato Now add salt. Add salt on every potato Now put it in the oven Take tray like this se you can add beside one corn bread Bake it on 220 degrees. About 30-40 minutes When it blushes or yellow/orange layer potato is done Or stab it with something and check Eat this warm Leta bake it Its not hard to do, you see. This is our dinner You saw the steps for preparing this potato Its easy meal You dont need too much for this Perfect baked potato So nice Corn bread is fine with this Smells nice Homemade garlic, small one, is best Hot, but great This is suggestion for today Hope you will like it Love you to the moon and back God help us Give us good health Send comments Dont just watch and go i like reading your comments I appreciate your opinion Subscribe if you like Be part of this community In that way you will see new recipe every morning On phone, activate the “bell” and you will see new recipe every morning To subscribe, on right side of the channel see small red rectangle where it says subscribe Click on it Then you will see the bell There you can choose do you want notification or not Click on the bell In this way you always see new recipe every time See you tomorrow at 7am We will make something new again Kisses