♪♪ ♪♪ -Hey, guys!
It’s Fifth Harmony. And we’re here figuring out
our superlatives. -Boom. There you go. “Most likely to be
on their phone.” Not me!
-Dinah. -Not me. Definitely not me. -I feel like —
-It’s Lauren. -I feel like lately
it’s been Lauren. -They all want to talk.
They all on their phones. -We are on our phones,
but she’s probably on the most. -Actually I’m on my phone
the least. -I feel like I am, too. -Lauren’s number one.
I think Mani will be second. -I think Dinah’s second. -No, you’re definitely second.
-No, I’m not. -I feel like you’re second
’cause you play games. -Literally we can’t decide.
-Yeah, so… -“Most likely
to get into trouble.” -Lauren. [ Snickers ]
-I don’t get in trouble. -Actually,
she doesn’t get in trouble because she’s very lucky. -No, she gets in trouble,
and then she gets lucky. That’s what happens. -Lucky.
-Right? -Mm-mmm! Call me a troublemaker. -“Most likely to get you
out of trouble.” I would so get you all
out of trouble. Call me. Beep me. I’ll be there. -I think I would really
bail everybody out. Like, no matter what. -We all would.
-We all would. -“Most likely to order food
at 1:00 a.m.” Every one of us.
-Me. Guilty. -Even though
I’m trying not to lately. -You should ask
what we would order. -Pizza.
-Ice cream. -What would we order
at 1:00 a.m.? -Ice cream, apple pie.
-Yum. -Or quesadilla. Mnh! -Well, lately,
Caesar salad and fruit. -Mani, don’t try to — [ Overlapping chatter ] -I would get pizza.
Pizza is the best. Pizza at 1:00 a.m.
tastes so good. -No. Mani got an omelet
one time. -I did get an omelet. I got two! -She got two, y’all.
She was, like, being a rebel. -It had a lot of air
in it, so… -Had a lot of air in it? Okay. -“Most likely to accidentally leave something behind
in a hotel or a green room.” Me.
-Lauren. No, it’s Lauren. -It’s me and Dinah.
-Yeah. Dinah. -Me and Dinah
always leave things. I leave stuff all the time. -I usually forget because,
like, my mind just, like, immediately
goes somewhere else. I’m like, “Oh, I’m gonna
go pick up this pencil.” And then it just goes like,
“Wait. I know you wanna
go to the bathroom.” -She’s like,
“I need to go home.” “Best in an awkward situation.” -Not me.
-Not Normani. -Wait. What?!
-Normani’s the worst. -Right?
-Am I really? -I think I’m the worst. -Mani goes like this.
She’s like… -In an awkward situation,
I always sing. I’m like — ♪ We don’t know
what we’re doing ♪ -It shows on my face.
-I make a bad joke. -It’s like a deer in headlights. -Nobody’s good
at awkward situations. -“Most likely to be caught
binge-watching an entire season of a show.” -That was just me.
-Totally all — Yeah. -I just did it with
“Orange is the New Black.” -I did it with “Greenleaf.”
-We all love Netflix. -Except that was on Xfinity. -Let’s do something
together, Netflix. Fifth Harmony/Netflix thing.
-Hit us up. -Totally down for that. -“Most likely to end the night
with a crazy story.” Me. -Ooh. Well, define “crazy.” -Yeah, ’cause
we can get pretty crazy. -Um, we’ll just leave that
for later. -All right. Have a nice day.
-Bye, guys!