Hey Youtubers It’s Charlie so new Batman v
Superman footage essentially confirming that doomsday is going to be in the movie let’s
break it down to the big thing about this trailer is that it teases the confrontation
like we had to get scenes with Batman and Superman talking to each other and Lex Luthor
and wonder woman I thought she was with you I thought she was with you doomsday is the
big news though now because it looks like they use saw the body to create this crazy
monster you could think of them as a version of bizarro but I but I think his visage is
just meant to invoke doomsday just because the protrusions you don’t get man to kill
God you get God to kill God the crazy thing about this is that the death of Superman are
the dark to introduced doomsday was what got me started reading comics in the 90s that
I was at the first big comic book arc I ever read let me not let me go because of actually
read that if you haven’t you should definitely check it out and it’s a deep cut but it’s
really big it’s one of the biggest thing that ever did to the character post crisis on infinite
earths we get a little bit more context for some of these fight scenes between Batman
Superman it looks like Batman uses his bat wing to fight Superman. We get a bit of a
longer fight in the armor Zack Snyder actually said something cool about the Batman armor
he said that it’s not so much to help him fight for man is just to give him a couple
extra seconds before he gets crushed like a soda can buy Superman the real question
is what is Lex Luthor due to Zod’s body to turn them into this doomsday character it
looks he has something to do with the kryptonite remember there’s still a lot of kryptonian
tech that was left on earth like Superman didn’t go around and clean all that up after
the big battle Lex Luthor probably got his hands on a bunch of sod stuff there is a lot
of classic Superman story here to Lex Luthor trying to use Superman’s strength against
him in past movies easy as kryptonite in this movie is gonna be a much more literal thing
like will be able to turn around and punch this because it’s a much bigger threat than
either of us are like the way Bruce Wayne shades Clark Kent for the quota quote puff
pieces that he writes every time Superman saves the kitten from a tree physically calling
in the shittiest journalist in Metropolis I also love the reference to the Joker when
he talks about a clatter and as soon we haven’t had very much luck in our town with clowns
and suits is looking at the collateral damage of the dead Robin but now we know what’s going
to bring them together at the end of the film and if Lex Luthor can create one doomsday
than he could try do a whole bunch of other stuff just the tip of the iceberg and Lex
Luthor kind of a villain this film I can continue to be a big villain in the DC universe but
by the time we get to Justice league just expect the threat to get bigger and bigger
takes the holy Trinity to take down doomsday and they add the flash cyborg up much of the
characters like Aquaman then they’re going to need a much bigger villain so here’s my
big question for you guys what you think about the look of doomsday in this movie in which
villain do you think that they can get to top this for the Justice league movie down
the road my thought is that they could do a version of brainiac like Lex Luthor trying
to co-opt kryptonian technology that could be where brainiac comes from the minute he
comes from outer space it’ll still have to be alien tech they kinda did a version of
that with Avengers Age of Ultron were like he was born out of a Chitauri program so I
don’t necessarily think that they’d go the exact same route of Batman v Superman the
brainiac is just like the easiest go to for much bigger big bad in the next film don’t
forget they haven’t been talking about a whole lot but there is going to be a man of steel
to eventually so even though there have always been team of movies that can have a solo Batman
trilogy but there will be another solo Superman film too for those you that are asking about
where the other Justice league members are in this film supposedly Aquaman in the flash
like the other minor members are just going to be mentioned very very small president
of the film like don’t blink as you missed them because this is really all about bringing
Batman Superman together and then bringing wonder woman in the mix it kinda sounds like
the first time they wanted to doomsday together they don’t even know that Diana is wonder
woman like they haven’t even seen her before the based on what we know about the wonder
woman movie that goes back all the way to World War I so one woman’s been around for
a long time just watching things unfold in case you missed that though the wonder woman
movie has been shooting there just hasn’t been a lot of talk about it recently congratulations
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