– Vampire, bat, it screams duo to me. – I work alone. – Episode 13 is called Drink
Me, written by Jerry Shandy and directed by Dermott Downs. We’re introducing a really
fun villain this week, called Nocturna. It’s a vampire, wreaking
havoc across Gotham, targeting all the beautiful people. – Flattered, but you’re not my type. – But you’re mine. – Leave it to Batwoman to
have to come face to face with her and find a way to take out this vixen. – I’ve always wanted to slay a vampire. – Tick, tock, tick, tock. – We last saw Alice coming back to life. – I looked her in the eye and told her I chose to save someone else. It doesn’t matter because
the wrong Beth lived. Now Alice is back on
the loose because of me. – I hope she was worth it.