hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with beef rendang that’s right if you had all the most knowledgeable most
well-traveled food writers in the world compiled a list of the all-time most
delicious foods there are only a handful recipes that would make almost all of
them and this incredibly delicious indonesian curry would be one of them
and if you’ve had this before you know exactly why and if you haven’t you
seriously need to watch the rest of this video so you can make some so with that
let’s go ahead and get started by cutting up our beef and what i have here
is a nice big hunk of beef shoulder or is it’s more commonly referred to beef
chuck and what we want to do is cut this into about two inch pieces and as usual
the exact size is not as important as getting them nice and uniform because if
you do it means they’re all gonna cook it roughly the same rate so as we like
to say around here pick a size and stick with it and by the way while beef chuck
is a fine choice something even fatty err with more connective tissue like a
beef short rib or beef shank would also work beautifully but anyway regardless
of what we use we’ll go ahead and cut that up and set it aside while we move
on to what I call the power puree or as Michelle refers to it the dry curry
slurry and what that’s going to include is some sliced shallots or I guess some
red onion if you can’t find those we’ll also toss in some peeled garlic cloves
as well as not one but two kinds of ginger all right we’re gonna do some
peeled and sliced regular ginger root plus some of this which is galanga root
which has a thinner skin and lighter color and a similar flavor to regular
ginger although it’s a lot more fragrant and a little more citrusy and if you
can’t get that just the regular ginger will do and then we’re also going to
toss in some hot chilies I’m using some Serrano and a red Fresno and then we’ll
go ahead and season this up with some kosher solids as well as a whole bunch
of dried hot chili flakes and I’m using Korean because I was out of Indonesian
and then we’ll go ahead and finish up with some ground coriander some tumeric
some cardamom which not to brag but I ground myself and then last but not
least some freshly grated nutmeg and that’s it once we have all that in the
bowl of our food processor we’ll go ahead and blitz this until it’s very
finely ground and I’m not going to it’s a good idea if you stop a couple
times and scrape the sides down with a spatula
but anyway we will blitz that on and off until we have a relatively finely ground
mixture looks a little something like this
and then once that’s been accomplished we will transfer that into a large saute
pan which contains a couple tablespoons of oil and what we’ll do is cook this
stirring over medium heat for about seven or eight minutes or until most of
the moisture has evaporated and what we’re doing here besides taking the raw
edge off the garlic and shallots is also sort of waking up those spices and
activating our ginger not to mention galanga which is almost as much fun to
say Zeit select I said we’ll go ahead and cook that over medium until that
mixture dries out and it’s actually okay if it starts to brown a little bit and
what we’ll do once that steps been completed is go ahead and add our beef
to the pan and yes in case you’re wondering it is unusual we didn’t brown
the beef first but according to my sources not browning the beef is the
most authentic way to do it plus as you’ll see this kind of Browns at the
end of the process so we’ll go ahead and add our beef Unbound at which point we
will add one can of full fat coconut milk which is why it looks all separated
okay please under no circumstances should you use a low-fat coconut milk
for this right this is called beef rendang not befriend diet so we want
that fat and we need that fat and then if you can find it we also want to add a
little touch of tamarind paste which is kind of sweet and very sour and very
citrusy and then to help balance things we’ll also add a little bit of brown
sugar which should probably be palm sugar but we don’t have that which
reminds me I’m gonna give you a few tips in the blog post on what to use if you
can’t find some of these more exotic ingredients but anyway we’ll go ahead
and stir that together and then because this is gonna cook for so long we’ll
also want to add some water which we will do by filling up and rinsing out
our can of coconut milk and we’ll go ahead and stir that in as well and then
what we can do at this point is crank our heat up to medium-high because we
want to bring this up to a simmer and while we’re waiting for that to happen
we can go ahead and prep the last ingredients which would be our
lemongrass and if you can find it it will look like this and what we’ll do is
use about six or seven inches off the bottom end
also known as the bigger slightly lighter end and before we had lemongrass
to anything we always want to pound it with the back of a knife to bring out
the flavor okay just think of the difference between the flavor of a
sliced garlic clove and a crushed garlic clove
okay the latter is always going to be way more intensely flavored than the
former and the same thing is in effect here so we’ll go ahead and bruise that
with the back of our knife and then we’ll cut that up into a few smaller
pieces and we’ll add that to our mixture and by doing big pieces like this we’ll
be able to pull those out later or at the very least avoid eating them since
lemongrass is extremely tough and fibrous and pretty much inedible but
anyway we’ll go ahead and add our lemongrass and wait for this mixture to
start simmering and then here’s the game plan
we’re gonna cook this on about medium heat uncovered for approximately four
hours or until two things happen all the liquids in the pan reduced completely
encode our beef as well as our meat gets perfectly fork tender and once in a
while you’ll win the rendang lottery and both those things will happen at the
exact same time but that is extremely rare so you’re gonna have to be prepared
to adjust near the end of the cooking time depending on which of those two
things happens first and if our sauce happens to reduce all the way before our
beefs tender we will simply add some more water and continue cooking or on
the other hand if our beef is tender and we still have too much liquid we can
just crank our heat up to high and reduce it down and by the way how often
you have to stir this is inversely proportional to how much liquid is in
the pan meaning the less liquid you have in the
pan the more you have to stir okay so for the first hour or two you might only
have to stir every 15 or 20 minutes but as our curry sauce reduces and gets
thicker we’re gonna want to stir and toss that beef a lot more often and yes
this is what they call a dry curry so for it to be considered authentic
quote-unquote you’re not supposed to see any sauce in the pan but of course have
you said that if you want sauce have sauce I mean you are after all the Vera
Wang of your beef rendang so you are designing this dish but originally this
was a way to preserve meat which is why it was cooked all the way until the beef
was dry but anyway to summarize I cooked mine stirring for approximately four
hours until all my sauce had reduced in duck to the meats and the beef was work
tender and I went ahead and pulled that off the heat and transferred it into
this dish so I could show you exactly how gorgeous it looks but also so I
could mention for best results we should probably let this cool and then wrap it
up and refrigerate it overnight and eat it the next day and supposedly all the
flavors will continue to develop and be even more delicious but having said that
I was starving so I went ahead and serve some up and I topped that with a little
bit of freshly chopped cilantro and because this beef is so rich I do like
to serve it with a little bit of fresh lime as well
all right classically this is served with a garnish of thinly sliced lime
leaves which I also do not have and that’s it our beef rendang is befriend
done and I will admit visually this does not look that impressive I mean it looks
kind of dry and boring and you’re thinking hey I need some sauce for this
but a couple bites in and it will all make sense because all that sauce didn’t
go anywhere okay the only thing that evaporated was water vapor all that
goodness is now stuck to the meat which is just so incredibly and intensely
flavored you really don’t want her Nita sauce and while like I say things might
look a little bit dry your watery mouth will more than make up for that and
above and beyond the shockingly intense flavors the only thing that can go wrong
texturally is if you don’t cook the beef long enough so please take your time I
mean if you’re gonna spend four hours cooking something
don’t stop 15 minutes too early but anyway that’s it my take on beef rendang
as the old joke goes sure there’s a lot of ingredients but at least it takes a
long time but the recipe is actually quite simple and I have a feeling if one
day you make a list of the most delicious things you’ve ever had I
really believe this will be on it which is why I really do hope you give this a
try soon so head over to food whooshes calm for all the ingredient amounts of
more info as usual and as always enjoy you you