This weekend, Las Vegas saw two of the craziest knockouts
of all time: Wilder versus Fury and Bernie versus everyone. -(chanting): Bernie!
-NEWSWOMAN: This morning, feeling the Bern. Bernie Sanders
dominating in Nevada. Sanders not only taking
the Silver State but besting his rivals
among Latinos, winning both men and women, college
and noncollege graduates and even scoring votes
from moderates. -(chanting): Bernie! Bernie!
-I am a U.S. senator, and I got a big ego,
and I appreciate the “Bernie.” But it ain’t Bernie. It is us. (cheering) Damn, Bernie is really committed
to socialism, right? Even when the crowd
is trying to cheer for him, he wants to share it back
with them. I wonder
if he’s always like this. Like, on his birthday,
are they like… ♪ Happy birthday to… ♪ He’s like, “No, to you.
Happy birthday to you.” ♪ Happy bir… ♪
“No, to all of us. “It’s all of our birthdays. “In fact,
you should make a wish. My wish already came true.
I got socks.” (laughter) But yes,
Bernie Sanders won big in Vegas, and I’m not surprised. If anyone needs free college
and free health care, it’s a city full of people who lost all their money
playing slots. And Bernie won big with all
the big Nevada demographics. That’s what made this
so impressive. Young people, old people,
white, Latino, blue, bent,
feathered, everybody, which bolstered
his electability argument. But there’s still
one sizable demographic that Bernie hasn’t won over, and it’s the other Democrats
in the race. NEWSMAN:
With the rise of Sanders, his opponents
are beginning to take him on. Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible,
ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats,
not to mention most Americans. Some believe, uh, that the way
to beat Donald Trump is to be just as polarizing. NEWSWOMAN:
Biden with Kasie Hunt, dismissing Sanders’ efforts to tie himself
to former president Obama. The way that he talks about it, you think he and Barack
were close buddies. And you think they were not? I know they were not. Ooh!
(growls) “I know they were not.” It’s a little weird
that the Democratic primary has become a fight about who is actually friends
with Obama. ‘Cause have you noticed?
Everyone is dropping his name. He’s in all of their ads,
you know? But he’s been silent
this entire campaign. It’s almost like
Obama is the imaginary friend all the Democrats have. You know? It’s just like,
“I saw Obama today, “and he told me
I’m the bestest candidate “and that I should be president, “but nobody else saw him ’cause he hides
when the grown-ups come.” (laughter) But here’s the thing.
I don’t know if Biden
should be attacking Bernie for exaggerating his friendship
with Obama, especially since Biden
has to answer for some exaggerations
of his own. Joe Biden
has recently been telling voters that he was once arrested
trying to see Nelson Mandela in South Africa in the 1970s when he was already
a sitting U.S. senator. This day 30 years ago, Nelson Mandela
walked out of prison and entered into discussions
about apartheid. I had the great honor
of meeting him. I had the great honor
of being arrested with our U.N. ambassador
on the streets of Soweto trying to get to see him
on Robbens Island. I came back from South Africa
trying to see Nelson Mandela and getting arrested for trying
to see him on Robbens Island. He was in prison. But tonight, The New York Times
reviewed all available records and can’t find any evidence of that arrest
actually happening. Man, this is not a good look
for Biden. Because remember, first,
he falsely claimed he marched
in the civil rights movement. Now he’s making up a story about getting arrested
in apartheid, South Africa? It’s weird. Guy’s trying so hard
to impress black voters that next he’s gonna be like, “I was there when T’Challa
did the trial by combat. “I looked Killmonger
in the face, and I told him,
‘Cut the malarkey, Corn Pop.'” (laughter) Now, although Biden keeps
telling this apartheid story, nobody else on the trip
remembers getting arrested, and there’s no proof
of it ever happening. And I’ll be honest.
As a South African, I’m personally offended by this. ‘Cause Nelson Mandela hated it
when people used his name to make themselves
seem more important. That’s what he told me
when we were in prison together. (laughter) So… after the Nevada caucus… (cheering and applause) After the Nevada caucus, the Democratic nomination
picture is becoming clearer. Warren and Klobuchar need a miracle
to get back in the race. Biden and Buttigieg
are fighting desperately to be the moderate alternative. And as it stands, Bernie seems to be
on a clear path to winning the most delegates. And I can tell you now. When he wins them,
Bernie ain’t sharing shit. “It’s not us. It’s me.”