hello this is Jamil recently we’ve had
some noisy neighbors next door that have been playing loud music through the
walls I want to show off my device to you that I’ve come up with to get them
back in a nutshell what it does is it listens for the loud music through the
walls and when it detects it it’ll start playing a CD player to blast annoying
music back at them and so I’ll show you the different parts of my system right
now firstly I have these big speakers that I just bought at a thrift store I
have this microphone here that will end up being taped to the walls the
microphone gets fed in to the simple preamp circuit I put together and then
it gets fed into my Arduino controller I have some LED bars here and you can
actually see as I’m talking into the microphone now that’s showing me the
level if it goes up to the red then this orange light comes on it goes into
warning mode and if it keeps hearing noise from next door for 10 seconds
that’s when it starts playing to music and the reason I set that up is to avoid
any false positives where maybe the neighbor just bumped the wall and I
don’t want to start blasting music right away at them just for this test I set
the music up to play for only 15 seconds at a time if I’m actually using it on
the neighbors I’d probably lengthen that to 30 seconds or a minute and I can just
set it up when I go to work or leave for the day it’ll blast music back at them
for as long as they’re loud even if I’m not here all right so now I’m gonna show
you this device in action so I’ll just load my annoying music into the CD
player get that ready and I’m gonna simulate the music coming
through from the neighbors boom boom boom annoying neighbors boom boom boom
boom boom bass bass bass {Who let the dogs out} and as soon as it’s done playing the
music it pauses it and goes back to monitoring the volume it’ll keep playing
it continuously as long as they keep making the loud noise and so for the
real thing I’d probably extend the period of time that it plays the music
to maybe 30 seconds or a minute and I’ll turn the speakers around to to focus the
sound back at the neighbors all right so our neighbors are playing
their loud music again as you can probably hear so I’ve got the system all
set up here with the Arduino not powered up I’ve adjusted the threshold pretty
low so I’ll power it up and we’ll see if it works {Who let the dogs out} it sounds like they’re still playing it
so our music should come back on Oh I’m just gonna stop it now okay stopping
it now but yeah it works so that’s cool so uh I can just set it up next time I
leave for the day and let it blast music At them for as long as they play they’re so