Do you have a blog
that you’re trying to promote with Instagram? Smart move. The smartest thing that you can
do to fast track that traffic right to your site is
to promote your blog using Instagram stories. I’m Sue B. Zimmerman,
and that’s exactly what I’m going to be sharing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Today I’m going to
show you creative ways to get people to take
action and swipe up or click into your bio. Remember that you do
need to have a business account and 10,000
followers in order to have the swipe up feature. Using clear, concise
call to actions is so important
when you’re trying to get people to
stop in their tracks and swipe up and go
to your blog post. Here’s an example of Studio DIY
telling you rainbow pumpkins. And then there’s an
arrow to see more. And you’re curious, right? Notice how the text is in
different shades, and that does take time to do. That’s with great intention
to match up to the clip. HelloFresh does
a really good job with their Instagram Stories. “Who’s ready for fall flavors?” Notice clear, concise text,
using either two or three lines, not crowding the
clip, a couple of emojis, and then the title
of their blog, “Swipe up to see fabulous
fall fig recipes.” And when you swipe
up, you literally go to a blog post that’s called
“Fabulous Fall Fig Recipes.” So for those of you that
are graphically challenged and really have a hard
time with creativity, know that there’s a lot of apps
out there that can help you. One of my personal
favorites is Adobe Spark. In literally 45 seconds, you
can create an animated post just like this to get
people to swipe up or to check out the
link in your bio. Add social proof. Isn’t it awesome
when other people say how great your business is,
and you don’t have to say it? So take a screenshot of that
awesome comment on your blog, or, in this case, an
Instagram Direct message. And when you share it in
your Instagram Stories, add a little pizzazz to it. So I used one of
the new stickers. And I always like to tag
the Instagram account that gave me the shout-out. And then I like to just
add a little bit of text to that as well. So make sure that if you’re
going to add it to your stories that you do more than just
throw it in your clips, that you take the time to add
a little bit of your branding to that clip as well. Drawing attention to
your new Instagram posts in your Instagram Stories
is a great strategy. So let people know if
you have a new video. And this one’s all
about fall recipes. It’s healthy, and it’s vegan. And the link is in the bio. Everything’s right here. And then– I love
that Lila did this– she took a screenshot of
her posts, of her feed, and she put a leaf over it
to create a little intrigue. And she wrote,
“Pumpkin mac n cheese.” So if you’re someone who’s
interested in checking out pumpkin mac and cheese, you will
definitely click in to her bio and check out that blog post. Know that a lot of people
do watch Instagram Stories before spending time
in their newsfeed. So you definitely want to
cross-promote from your Stories to your feed just like Lila did. Use Instagram Direct message. Did you know that
you can actually send your Instagram Stories clip
to someone else on Instagram? So maybe you have Instagram
Direct message groups, or maybe you want to just
send it to one person. Tap on the airplane. And just send it to– I’m going to send
it to the SBZ team– and say, “Check out check
Marie Forleo’s latest video.” Send. And when I tap to
the next clip, Marie took a screenshot
of her podcast, and she threw in her emoji. She made it really
easy to read it. “Have you listened
to my podcast? Swipe up to check
it out on iTunes.” And she’s driving
traffic to her podcast. So the first clip is to
watch it on her blog. And the second clip is to get
people to go to listen to it. So this is a great strategy. But for your blog post
you could do the same. So if you’re sharing
it in your stories, and you want to share it just
to someone else in Instagram Direct message, just
remember all you need to do is tap on that airplane. Here’s another example
by Social Media Examiner. They have this animated post,
“Do you save Instagram posts?” And I wanted to share
that with Morgan. I want Morgan on my team to
see this as a good example. And I’m sending it to
Morgan, “Check this out.” Send. And the next clip is literally
the title of the blog post, “How to create and use
Instagram Collections.” And they stylized
this post in hopes of getting more eyeballs
to their website to read the blog post. Using these tips will not
only help promote your blog, it will also beef up your
Instagram Story game. Remember, the goal is to
get people to swipe up. And Chase Jarvis
does this every time. I stop in my Story
tracks, and I swipe up. And I listen to his
latest podcast interview. And that’s what you want to do. You want get people to
stop what they’re doing, to read your blog, and go to
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