If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d be doing something like this I would’ve just thought you are crazy. My name is Betty Kranz. They call me Pretzel Princess because that’s the business I have. My friends helped me out, they’d work for pretzels! It’s really bad! I’m happy to say I’m a senior, I’m a baby boomer. I didn’t know much about business, I had to learn. And I wished more than you’ll ever know! It really is taking over since I had to retire. To prepare for retirement is really hard to do. To prepare for a spouse’s passing? It’s impossible to do. He said to me: “We put money into this but you have to make sure this business goes.” And after the framework actually went up he got sick. It was eleven months. It was like one shot in the arm and another shot in the arm. I still had bills, I had no choice. So, as they say, do something you know. And what did I know? I knew how to do this. If I’m not here they’ll be under the carport. There’s so many headaches to starting a business. To build your own website? The thought of it terrified me! We’re gonna smile and take a photo! I cannot believe that in 24 hours I had a website, up and running, with my photos on it. You get your template in place, you pop in your pictures. I mean, it can be easy. That gave me the confidence. If I can do this, I can do it all. I found myself, I am forever gonna be the Pretzel Princess, with my tiara and all.