Hi, and welcome to the 2019 collection of my Birkenhead Park sketches. This project began in 2016 and is ongoing. Why this park? I often walk my dogs there, so I took to carrying a pocket-sized sketchpad… …Which is how this project began. (This arching tree has since fallen over and its remains have been removed.) I record people using the park, the twisted shapes of towering trees… …The wildlife… …And the built environment within this important green urban space. These sketches tend to be drawn rapidly from necessity, as nothing living stands still! (The Visitor Centre Cafe) (10k Race for Life) (Junior Football League) In 2019, I began adding watercolour to my ink sketches. And now for some photos…! Watching the cygnets grow has been a real pleasure. Look closely to see the watervole eating a dead fish! Thanks for watching!