How to Put Your Blog Indexing and Site Ping Activity on Autopilot First you want to go to your Blog C-Panel in WordPress Then click on “Settings” in the Menu Bar to your Left And then go to the “Writing” Menu Second from the Top under “Settings” You will see a window for “Update Services” In this window is where you enter the URL to your preferred Ping Tool Some proven Ping Tools include Ping O Matic Pingler, Twingly and TotalPing to name a Few It comes Highly Recommended you focus on Ping Sites with the HTTPS Protocol enabled That’s the little Green Padlock indicating the Site is Secure Once you have entered the URL or URLs to the Ping Sites You Wish To Use Remember to click on “Save Changes” in your WordPress C-Panel Please Keep this at One or Maybe Two Ping Sites Because some Ping Tools already Include the Other Please Research the Tools you use and Be Sure They do Not Clash or Pings “Sent” may be Affected Now you have automated your Indexing and Site Ping Service for your Blog Now every time you publish a New Blog Post or Blog Page Or do any Editing on your Blog A Site Ping will Automatically be sent through the Ping Tool URL You Have Used Please don’t forget to Subscribe for more Blogger Secrets and Tips And hit the Bell Button to get notified and be The First To Know Spread the word and share your thoughts in the Comments Below Don’t forget to Share this Video