hey guys in this video we’re gonna show you exactly how we plan out our content so that you can be as efficient as possible when creating content it gets found in search and it resonates with people to build your brand the worst place to start writing a piece of content is with a blank sheet of paper so if you’ve ever had writer’s block of use trouble to get blogs on videos publish consistently then keep on watching because this video my friend is for you a few videos ago we actually gave you a copy of our content straight down on planet if you didn’t get your hands on that now is your chance go grab it right now I get a link down below because this is what we are going to be using this is where basically all of our videos as scripts start out using this template is breakdown planner and it you can also use it for your blogs or your podcasts Tim or your ebooks or your Diaries or your mistress snaps so let’s show you how to use this right at the top we have our content promise now this is actually something we got from Amy Landy know in a consulting session we had with her she challenged us by asking what is the promise that keeps people coming back to watch your videos what do they know that they are going to get when they click play the point really hit home with us because we couldn’t answer her straight away we knew that we were creating good content but that promise it just wasn’t rolling up the tone to share so we went and wrote ours and it goes a little like this Marketing on boring yes that’s a word our YouTube channel that should make learning marketing fun each video should answer a question or show a tutorial in an up B way and always give our viewers a little win something they can go away and implement straight away like this template okay down below that’s the promise we’ve made and that’s why hopefully you’ll come back and keep watching more and more of our videos and subscribe it so we have that nice and big at the top as a general reminder and then for each new piece of content we’re filling out a role in this spreadsheet first up we have our publishing dates because you know how much we value being consistent and then next to that we have the content topic idea this is just where we can store the overall theme or topic of that piece of content column see is there just a double check that you are aligning to that promise that you have made and column D has the takeaway that we want the viewer to leave with column E is the keyword now this probably takes the most time out of all of this and it’s also probably the part that we enjoy the least but we make time for it because we know it’s important we want to be found so it’s really important to spend that time just hunting out a keyword that you actually have a chance of ranking for that does have some traffic going towards it we did a YouTube live all about how to find the perfect keywords and you can find that up here if you want to give it a watch all done that polymath is story to tell and this also is easily overlooked but in our opinion it shouldn’t be a little while ago we realized we were giving out a lot of free information but what we weren’t doing was thinking about how our content let you get to know us more because at the time things were going really well for us but we were feeling a little bit of a backlash especially in our local community because we were two young guys getting to travel the world talk about marketing and creating all this content and maybe it looked a little bit egotistical to some which just isn’t as at all so we started thinking about all the things that makes us more human and talking about our mistakes enough was and talking about the people that have inspired us and helped us just like Amy Lundy know when she challenged us with our YouTube promise just so that people watching us could get knows a little bit better and potentially resonate with us a lot more and sometimes it’s hard to measure the return of that in your content but we definitely think it is worth it column G is the CTA call to action what do you want people to do after consuming that piece of content really important to think about subscribing subscribe that were a bit template and in column H we make some rough notes of what we may want to include in that piece of content and potentially map out some of that structure to learn in column I we think about all the other pieces of content that we already have that we can be linked to and from this new piece of content we know this may seem just a little bit big but hopefully you can see when you do come to write a script or a blog post if you have done this pre work already the process is much much faster we do this once a month for the upcoming content cycle and it tends to take us about three to four hours to map out for video scripts that’s included all of that keyword research but that three to four hours saves us so much time when we actually come to do the world what do you think are you gonna use this do you have something differently you use to plan your content let us know down in the comments what you think you might be doing differently after watching this video open our dream easy next time