Hello friends, Enes. Really The Blog Of Education In 2. welcome to the section. 15 friends-Part 2 our training set.we’re in. In this video our topic is “Can we make money?” Can we make money from your blog? So, from where I’m sitting I can earn money? we’ll look for the answer to the question. Yes you can make money, money can be earned by writing articles just from where you sit, but there are many different methods 2-3: First: banner ad What is banner advertising Let’s search from Google immediately. On the left, on the right when you enter the website you see the little squares, rectangles places. Here’s the places to get shoes click on this banner advertising web site style is called. How do you get them? You say: Me 5000 hits to my website monthly, displaying over 100,000 people. I want to buy advertising in the field of water. Example I’m giving 100 pounds to 100 pounds in a month and the people there that they allocate space for your data corresponds to advertising. Advertising content with the second formula. Write articles about a subject so as to provide a backlink to an advertising model. I give example: Turkcell content he wants to market the company. You have a project. Bloggers like us, she says to me I can reach more people if you post this in my article. This fee also let me know about my site I’m telling you. 120 pounds Of me coming on my website 100,000 monthly traffic 5000 What Are there appear. What is 120 pounds per an article I’m getting. The third formula is that everyone uses the Google advertising model. What is that AdSense is what we call friends. You can register to Google. After you approve your website and Google review says: If you want me to if you want banner content advertising If you want, click ads such as video ads provides us with. For your website can be mobile, the application may be for you. AdSense referral after making kayitini occurs not directly after you can start earning money. There are different methods. Variable fees here in Turkey, CPM, Cost Per Click, per thousand impressions Prices vary by the category of your website, but; I give you example: you have 10 thousand unique hits, and you appear close to 1 million Very comfortable when you come to such a figure 1. you can use your income as bloggerlig. I know hundreds of just making money through a blog on the website. Case in point: Brother Kemal, we have YoldaOlmak.com Just through the site, this website have a team of 10 people and they’re going to trip over, they go round, they just take the tickets and they’re taking income out of here. Why? Blog. So much data so much data that they wrote that they wrote on the website. A blog site comes out and always at the top of Google Search in the days. Just blog. Just visiting, they make money by typing in sight. A very enjoyable job, actually to be a blogger; it’s a little hard but the Turkey. As you can see, the banner on the right. These banner ads, you can sign up on the front side came to a place in style. Even here there are different places, the dialog says start here. Does he mention anything here about the AD? Communication, advertising. What the AD has to say, Let. Google site stats monthly visitors set in here analitics: 400 thousand visitors here at global 130 thousand, 3.2 thousand in Turkey. The last 5 years, finished in first place. Such data entered and said such style at this price I’m giving vs taking ads advertising started as a blogger. Except him, AdSense alternative, alternative to advertising companies there are different abroad. There is a company advertising a lot, but as a blogger can make money. You can be the first income model. We even have such a thing. If you are writing a blog Bionluk, in the style of freelancer.com this example, of course, we can go there directly You can sell directly through this website blog post. They say they’re giving it to you the topics I need to blog post of mine on this topic. You can post a blog about that topic on this website. From there, pick one of the following language. Just click. Europe and Turkey. Turkey after selecting different categories at the bottom as you can see here. Internet marketing, blog, software architecture. Direct you here if you have a blog, do you have a blog or. Yes, blog installation. If you want you can do it here. Let’s blog about; hah, content writing, academic writing text, copywriting, editing, blog writing If you want your blog in this style.. even present you the possibility of earning money by writing articles. You are creating a profile here. Tell me what you’re saying I have a profile, I wrote this up. You say I can write articles in the following categories. site owners and company owners contact you with their projects on their blogs, or companies and then you print the article as you can see they’re showing it. When you enter your current Turkish English but the content is now able to see as friends. Really The Blog Of Education In 2. we finished the episode. Other training you can watch from my channel. See you in the next video. Take care of yourself.