[Gong sound] PPF HARDER THAN BLOODLUST XDDDDDDD [Another gong] Caption Artists: Tripower443 and More (check description and subscribe to them.) [Another dramatic gong] [choir…] *CHOIR INTENSIFIES* stop the hate stop plz OH CRAP *rock music intensifies* Stop with the gong sounds Bloodbath The Sequel OH CRAP HERE WE GO omg YOU GOTTA SEE YOUR LIFE WILL END IN SHAMBLES, YOU LEARNED TO BREATHE BUT YOU CAN’TSEE YOUR DROWNING “Welcome back… to hell…” “Prepare to D I E” *wave intensifies* OH SHIP (see what i did there? :P) *the clicks gradually get louder lol* I CALL HACKS THERE IS A BALL FLOATING IN MID-AIR. REPORT KNOBBELBOY. jk lol Big boy spikes See?! There is wave. OBVIOUSLY, 1.9 is better than 2.11. – .- QUACK OH SHIP! (i did it again lmao) Knobbel’s finger probably CRACKed after playing this part amiright Wow HAX BADUMBADUMBADUMBADUMBADUMBADUBADUBEEEBEEEEEE *silence* 1v1 me noob boi baddest h4kk 8) NOBODY GETS PAST ETZERS PART! Even the baby UFOs are dangerous so I built this insanely hard part to keep them fro– OHMYGOD tight af Fans: You’re almost there!!! Fans: OMG HE’S ALMOST THERE!!!!1!1! Fans: OMG GGGGGGgGGGj Nope. Ok, you got me. oops We’re officially out of Bloodbath zone.. dem ramps tho lol oOOoh mAniX mADe wAeV :00000 KEK click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click toxin lab… omfg look most famousest part of bloodlust ommmgggggg hes moving the blocks with his ultra mega fidget spinner hacks …ran out of caption ideas lol [I think Knobbelboy is starting to freak out by now] [ 9 8 % ] YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSs IM BETTER THAN RIOT [Knobbelboy destroys his table furiously r.i.p desk you will be missed] YES! [Knobbelboy begins hyperventilating huh,huh,huh,] [Short, deep breaths] [Rattling sounds] [Still hyperventilating] nay What?! [Continues hyperventilating] [Silence] [More silence] just 4 10 min ad rev [Still silent] [Even more silent than silent clubstep] [I’ll tell you when something happens, just assume it’s still silent if I don’t say anything] did knobbel just kill himself Dang, its a long time since knobbelboy really did or speak anything for the past 3 minutes. Is he ok??? [Menu sound] ok he’s fine thank god [Knobbelboy’s menu music begins to play] hotball: Beat it twice noob [Then again, it sounds really dramatic, maybe this music was edited in afterwards? I don’t know…] [Only music] [If this IS Knobbelboy’s menu music, it’s pretty dramatic] [Music continues] [Music gets calmer] hella strings [Piano and violin] [Music gets a little more intense again] [Music begins to finish off] MOST IMPORTANT PPL HUH? . . . Prepare as everyone loads up Noclip Caption Artists: Tripower443 and More (read description) Riot! U MAD BRO?