Hi guys how are you doing? Today I’ll show you my striped blouse I’m knitting it to my mom Written pattern is available on my blog I’m using here Barroco Maxcolor, a cotton yarn that Circulo sent me and I there’s a post about it here Click to read all the information about it This is the first part of our video and you can visit to get more free patterns I posted there the sts changes to knit this piece in different sizes This is a large project There’s also a button to print or save this pattern What else… here are my social medias Questions or comments leave them here or on my blog I’ll try to answer it a.s.a.p Don’t forget to subscribe to get more knitting videos Give me your “like” if you like my work, etc… Hope you like the video. Big Kiss. Bye! Size 7 (US)(mm) needles, Barroco Maxcolor 4/6 colors 6823 and 2012 Tex: 885 (494,3 yd) from Circulo. Scissor and tapestry needle. From now on the English pattern will appear here ok 😉 Large Size: 8+2+2=Cast on 82 sts Row 1: p1 *p2, k2* p1. Row 2: p1 *p2, k2* p1. Row 3 and 4: p1 *p2, k2* p1. Row 1: k2*inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc* k2. Row 2 and 4: purl the row. Row 3: k2 *inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc* k2. Here I did 2 rep of these 4 rows From this light blue on you’ll rep the next rows to create the body Now I’ll show you how to knit using 2 colors without cutting your yarn Row 1: k2* inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc* k2. Row 2: p (cross yarns) Row 3: k2*inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc*2m Row 4: p (cross yarns) Row 5: k2* inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc* k2. Row 6 p. (cross yarns) Row 7: k2*inc, k4, sskp, k4, inc* k2. Row 8: p. Now you go back to the dark blue… and repeat the last 8 rows to create your body. This is the rows the did and the on we just started We are here on the third stripe ok…keep knitting until the 8th row Stop here so I can show you this top part ok? As you know I need to stop the video here since I knit and record all by myself so it takes time and a lot of work But here I have more videos to you See you on the second part next week. Big kiss. Tchau!