-Before we get to the cake, I want to talk about your show,
“Gourmet Makes.” It’s a very fun idea. Can you explain to everyone
what it is? -Yeah, it’s a really fun show. We tape in the test kitchen of
Bon Appetit. You can watch it
on our YouTube channel. And in every episode I attempt
to reverse-engineer and then re-create
a homemade version of a classic candy
or snack food. It takes like
three to four days. -Like, give me an examples of
what things you’ve redone. -We’ve done Twinkies, Twizzlers,
Sour Patch Kids, Snickers. It really runs the gamut. -And also you’re usually
trending on Twitter with the hashtag — and I just
want to get this right — I-W-D-F-C-F-T-B-A-T-K. Which stands for “I would die for Claire from
the Bon Appetit test kitchen.” [ Laughter and applause ] That’s amazing. -It’s pretty nice. -Why do you think —
Why did it get so popular? Why do you think
people are into it? -Well, I fail a lot on the show. So I have to always, like,
back up, correct course, take a different direction. So I think people like that
kind of behind-the-scenes look at all the trial and error. -Yeah. You brought us an example
of one of the things you made, A Pop-Tart.
-Yes. Yes, that’s them right here.
-Tell me about this. Now, you — these are — so this
is the Kellogg’s one, right? -That’s original. Uh-huh.
-That’s the deal. -Mm-hmm.
-And this is your jam. -That’s right. -Look at that guy. -And it toasts
just like the original. That’s always part of
the challenge. -I know, but I like them raw.
Oh, my God, it’s great! [ Laughter ] -A lot better.
-What am I gonna say? It’s bad? -Right.
[ Applause ] -It really is great.
-Right. -Alright.
Now we’re talking about — You’re a very talented
pastry chef. Today we’re talking about
layer cakes. Where do we begin on this? -Right, so we have everything
here needed to finish assembling and decorate our layer cakes.
-Yep. -You have two layers stacked.
-Yep. -Yours is filled with dulce de
leche. Mine has raspberry. We have a couple different
fillings and frostings here. So we’re going to get started.
-Yeah. -Pick up this tool. My favorite kitchen tool,
the offset spatula. Now, which filling
do you want to use? You can use a different filling
than what you have. I’m probably going to use
raspberry jam. -Alright, so I’ll do this.
-Yeah. Be pretty generous. -Dulce de leche.
-And then here’s a little trick. This thing turns.
-Oh, my goodness. -So you’re gonna start —
-Alright. Yep. Okay, good. So I got this.
-This is speed decorating. -Yeah, so I got that.
-Yep, yep. Spread it in an even layer.
-Yep. That looks good right there.
-Okay. -I would serve this.
-Ooh. Pretty good. Okay.
-Right? Not bad? -So then take your third layer.
-Third layer of cake. -Now, this layer is going to go
upside down. So just actually as you have it. Other way.
-Oh! -So the flat side is on top.
-Because? -You have a level,
really flat cake. -Level playing field. Gotcha. -Okay, now what is
your frosting? -I got to bring
my other offset spatula. -Yeah, big guns.
-No. Is that what we bring? What are we doing?
-Yes. -What is this for?
-I’ll show you. That’s for later.
[ Laughter ] -Okay.
-You want to use chocolate? -Yeah, sure. -Okay, I’m gonna go
with vanilla. This is cream cheese frosting,
classic. Can’t go wrong. -Hey, my wife always puts
cream cheese in frosting. -Okay, put a lot on. This is how — I’m going to show
you how to decorate. -Okay. I’m watching you.
-You start with a lot. -Yep. Gotcha, gotcha. -And it’s easier
to take frosting away rather than add on.
-Really? -So start with a lot. And then you want to just —
-Usually mine is ice cold. [ Laughter ] -That’s good, that’s good. I
think that’s enough, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] Alright. And now you can
kind of start turning. -Yeah. -And then work it
all across the surface. -Yep.
-Okay, a little freeform. -It’s starting to look like
Ronald Reagan or something. [ Laughter ]
It’s very interesting. It’s a nice head of hair,
my cake. -Right, right.
-It’s so beautiful. It looks like a person.
It’s like a Lego head. -And then work it across,
down around the sides. -Yep, work it.
[ Laughter ] And you said —
-It looks great! Keep spinning, keep spinning.
-Oh, yeah, I forgot. I don’t have a spinner at home.
I don’t have a spinner at home. -Maybe switch to this —
-What?! [ Laughter ] Alright, so am I doing
this right? -Yes.
-Alright, good. And you say that homemade cakes should look like
a homemade cake. -Yes.
-They shouldn’t look perfect. -I like when deserts
don’t look too perfect. So maybe go ahead and grab
your French scraper. -Don’t make me grab
another tool. This is insane.
[ Laughter ] Alright, what is — what —
-This guy. -Alright, so this — -Yeah, so hold it —
Here’s the trick. Hold it against
the side of the cake. -Yep.
-And then spin the cake. -Yep.
-And that’ll help smooth it out. -Yep.
-So you have a nice smooth — [ Laughter ] Oh, my God, oh, my God.
It’s going to fall off. Okay. Alright. -Okay, good. Sorry.
That looks pretty good. -So now I challenge you
to a decorating contest. -How much time on the clock?
-30 seconds. -30 seconds, alright, go!
I’ll do Oreo. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Alright. How much time? How much time?! Someone tell me! [ Laughter ] Well, this is —
-Oh, my God. -I don’t understand
what I’m doing. [ Audience counting down ] Thank you.
-Oh, my God. -8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy new year!
Happy new year! [ Buzzer ] Claire Saffitz, everyone,
the clear winner right there! Come on.
[ Cheers and applause ] You are fantastic. Check out “Gourmet Makes” on
Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel.