Hey peeps, Tyler here with book haul
number three. I’ve explained in parts one and two how I’m doing this in parts to make
it easier on myself, and how I’m just doing the physical books I’ve already
gotten this year so far, for one two and three. We’ll see what I do from here on
out but yeah these are the books I have for this part.
“Nocturnal” by Wilder. It’s a poetry book. I’ve read it through
hoopla. Enjoyed it. Also has beautiful art in it. “Blood Countess: a lady slayers novel” by
Lana Popović. I apologize if I butcher any names. I just know this is a YA horror novel, inspired by Elizabeth Báthory, and has a
sapphic relationship..so… I need to stop saying so so much. I’ve realized how much
I say it because I caption my videos. I say it a lot. “Lullabies for Suffering:
tales of addiction horror” a horror anthology. Which I’ve been hearing so much about
I just had to get it. A lot of good things I might add.
“Jump Rope” by Ruby Jean Jensen. “A Nest of Nightmares” by Lisa Tuttle. “The Perfume” by Caroline B. Cooney. “Fear the Fever”. Part of the hot blood
series, which is an erotic horror anthology series.
I believe that’s book number seven in it, and this, I believe, is book number six in
it. “Stranger by Night” There’s 13 books in the series, that I know of, and now I have
1 to 7..so… What did I just say about saying so so much? “The Reaping” by Bernard
Taylor. Which technically I already have on Kindle, because when I first got it I
didn’t realize I could get them easier in paperback on Barnes & Noble. Amazon
was like months and months waiting for some reason. I was just like to heck with it i’ll get it on
Kindle, because I can still read it. But when I saw I could get it in paperback
from Barnes & Noble I did that. Same with the next one. Because for some reason I
would like to have these physically, even though I don’t know if I even like them
yet because I haven’t read them. But oh well. “The Tribe” by Bari Wood. Which apparently made Stephen King
nervous about going upstairs. He said “Marvelous… had me nervous
about going upstairs.” Stephen King. “Night Thunder” by Ruby Jean Jensen. Despite being used this is a really good copy. “The Girl in Red” by Christina Henry. A
Little Red Riding Hood retelling. Horror. And the main character, I’ve heard is
queer and disabled. Like me. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” “An anthology of works
inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Wonderland” edited by Marie O’Regan
and Paul Kane. I enjoy horror. I enjoyed “Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland”. So I got it. And last but not least “Taaqtumi”, no idea if I said that
right, “An Anthology of Arctic horror stories”. And those are the physical books I’ve
gotten so far this year in Book Haul number one, two, and three. This one being
three. I think I said physical books. It’s the physical books I’ve gotten so far
this year. As I stated before, because of reasons, if you want to see the ebooks
and audio-books that I’ve gotten it’s all on my blog. I make a blog post every Sunday,
which hauls the books I’ve gotten in that week, as well as mentions other
stuff, like what I’ve watched in that week, stuff that’s happened, blog posts,
videos, stuff like that. But every Sunday blog post by me has the books I’ve gotten
in the previous week..so… There I go again, with so… If you’ve read any of these books let me
know your thoughts down below. No spoilers. What have you gotten recently?
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