Music by Lisa Thiel – Kuan Yin’s Mantra Hello there. Respiration is a critical aspect of life on earth. Breathing on a spiritual level,
is essentially the physical manifestation of non-physical energy focussing itself into,
and therefore lending itself to physical embodiment. Consciously controlling your breathing
induces physical, mental and emotional states. This is the foundation of the modality of breath-work. Today, I’m going to introduce to you
my particular favorite technique for breath-work, breathing through your pores. You can use this as your daily meditative practice. It’s common knowledge that as physical humans,
we breath through our lungs. But what’s not common knowledge, is that we in fact breath also through our skin. It’s called cutaneous respiration. Now, what’s interesting is, we can breath a lot more
than just oxygen through our skin, we can pull in vast amounts of non-physical energy. In fact, your pores are akin to tiny chakra’s. All of which, are bringing in
and emitting energy from the body. Our skin does not only inhale,
it also exhales, it helps the body release toxins, it sweats. This is wonderful on an energetic level,
because it means we can use our pores to inhale positive vibrations
and exhale negative vibrations. Here’s the baseline technique: You wanna begin, just like any other meditation,
you wanna be watching your breath as it comes and goes from your lungs. After you feel yourself settle, you want to switch your focus to your skin. And you begin to feel or intent
that your skin turn into the quality of a spunge. So that every time you breath in,
the suction created from your breathing in fact, pulls energy from the outside
in through your pores, a bit like a vacuum. Feel this energy, that is being drawn in
through your skin, accumulating inside you. This is a prana practice. You can keep the practice at this, or you can add the element of the exhalation. To add exhalation to your practice,
intent that with every exhale your skin exudes whatever energy is stagnant,
negative or unneeded within the body. Alternatively, you can imagine
that you inhale energy through your skin, which accumulates and with each exhale
the unneeded, negative or stagnant energy is exhaled through just your lungs, throat and mouth
like that’s the channel that it’s using to escape. Keep in mind that this technique works better
when you’re in warm conditions, unless you are specifically wanting to work with the cold, or vibrations that directly involve
corresponding cold temperatures. My favorite use of this technique, is to breath in
and breath out feeling signatures through the skin. Now to understand feeling signatures very briefly,
let’s put it this way. When you are kissed by someone
that you have a massive crush on, that gives rise to a physiological sensation. It’s a very specific sensation,
which is why we could say it’s a signature. It’s a feeling signature. And that feeling signature feels very different
than the sensation of hugging a friend when they’re about to say goodbye
to go on a long trip somewhere. So, these individual feelings,
though we may give them names, are ultimately something we feel. We know and remember them
by how they uniquely feel inside our body. To learn more about feeling signatures in depth. Watch my video on Youtube titled:
“How to feel better (Feeling Signatures)” To use a feeling signature, in tandum with this practice
of breathing through the pores, you want to imagine an experience which creates
a very strong emotional or feeling signature within you. So, for example, say that I was totally in love
with the idea or the way that it felt to be sitting outside at a ranch house
with a beautiful table in front of me that had a steaming hot cherry pie on it. First, I would get into how that feels, I would make it as real to myself as possible, so that I had a really strong grip
on that particular feeling signature. I would imagine that feeling signature
around me as a cocoon. And then, I would begin to breath in
that feeling signature through my pores. The sky is the limit when it comes to how to apply
this practice of breathing through your pores. So let yourself get really creative
about how you want to apply it to your life. But just in case you wanted some. Here are some suggestions
for things you could do with this practice. You could breath in and breath out states of being For example, you could breath in joy, exhale grief. You could breath in health, exhale illness. You could breath in and out the location that you’re in. For example, breathing in and out Chicage. Breathing in and out the beach. Breathing in and out the mountain top. You could breath in and breath out elements,
breathing in fire, breathing in water, breathing in air or earth. You could breath in the essence of people
whom you want to understand. This is awesome when you’re trying to do a practice
of walking in someone else’s shoes, so as to understand their perspective. So let’s say you’re in an argument with your partner. You could say, breathing and breathing out
(fill in their name). You could breath in and breath out the energy of people
who you want to emulate in your life. Someone who inspires you. You could breath in and breath out
the energy of angelic beings. You could breath in and breath out Jesus. You could breath in and breath out Bouddha,
or Ganddhi, or your grand mother. You could breath in and breath out thoughts. For example, breathing out “I am a failure”, breathing in
“I don’t have to get everything right this red hot minute.” You could breath in or breath out
nutrients your body is either defficient in or excessive in. So, here’s an example. Breathing in vitamin D,
breathing out toxins. You could breath in the essence
of natural things, herbs or minerals, things in the natural world that may benefit you. For example, breathing in frankincense,
breathing in moonstone, breathing in tree, breathing in mountain, breathing in glaciel lake. Another alternative is,
you could breath in light and breath out shadow. Breath in consciousness,
breath out unconsciousness. If you find that you’re struggling with this technique, it may be a really good idea to try a full-body relaxation
exercise before moving forward with pore breathing. But you will find that this technique, though simple, is particularly powerful. The sensation of pulling in energy
through your skin is unmistakable. So go ahead
and add this tool to your repertoire and have a good week. Subtitles by the community