Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody this
is Mike Marko speaking and the topic I am talking about today is I get the question what are best
blog sites to use and where should I put my blogs, and issues there issues with having different blogs and so on and I really want is if I really with this this chart that
I’m showing here on how to use blogs and really it comes
down to is the overall structure you should be planning even if you’re just beginning or you’ve been doing this for a while
what kinds of thing should be looking at doing with regards to your blog okay so initially start off a blog and involve a time and I found myself that you need to have really and you look
at all the experts in the industry and you’ll see this too that they have one main website and blog that’s kinda the hub the main part
where they will have all their main activity everything is right there and I do that
with with our www.BrenAndMike.com site and from there I we have she’d probably
like half a dozen I’m secondary blogs on various
topics some are on Empower Network affiliate products we have one on
our real estate, we have one on the Law of Attraction and several others… and those are secondary blogs and what they do is create back links backs in the website so
each was this kind of them an expert as it has
basic focus blog focused on a few key words where the main has several different
keywords as our main website is focusing on brand name for ourselves where we have the other blogs and they are focusing on these keywords and the try and drive more traffic to them but
the all have backlinks back to the main website and blog get as many website several capture pages the help trooper
reason work after we try to sell affiliate products, promote webinars
and soon and trying to gather a list and then you have on top of all that is
additional back links and social media interacting with all these different blogs and capture pages okay kind’uv gives an overall picture you really want to choose who’s asking was the best blog site
really isn’t really one okay as long as you have free reign to
say what you want on that blog and aren’t limited by what you can put on it, some are paid monthly, some are free, it all depends it comes down to how
tech-savvy you are how much freedom you want to have your
blog in regards to the customization of your banners, the sidebar and the
whole look look as a whole of the website so but for the most part release in one best when it comes down
to we have I mean website and all the secondary
blogs is creates this huge network kind of like a web to bring, to direct all
your viewers to the main website so everything’s
going back in fact may want some that points back as well to the secondly blogs to
generate additional traffic and back links for the second blogs to give them better rankings so you can see you have
back links we have going back and forth history backlinks the correct all the blocks away have
liked multiple differently repressed logs in and social media everything else creates a
large network of links, back links, the whole
think so I really hope this helps going to be a
an overall picture regards to how blogs work and how you should start building and it can’t be said enough, and I’ve said this in several videos and in our blogs as well, that the key is to blog daily and videos, and imbed your videos into your blogs and grow that following the more that you can gather the better it’s a blog every day videos several times a week, And if you can do a video every day even better build that up over course of time
you’re going to create such a large collection and develop a
following that you’re able to you are to grow your
business no matter what you are trying to promote. Okay so that’s it for now have a good one! Bye!