♪♪ -All right, guys,
if you’re in New York, you have to go to
the greatest place to eat, and that is Katz’s Deli. That’s where we are.
It’s the best food. It’s been around
for many generations. -How old is here? -I’ll let Jake, the owner,
talk to you about this. Jake?
-Oh! -Hey!
-Hey, guys. How is everything?
Welcome, guys. So, we’ve been here 132 years. -Ooh!
-Yeah. We’re known for, like,
pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey,
matzah ball soup. We’re gonna feed
the crap out of you. Can I tell you that? I don’t know if I’m allowed
to say that. -Yeah, can you say that.
Absolutely. Also, have you ever seen
“When Harry Met Sally”? -No.
-No? -“Harry Met Sally”?
-No. -No, there’s a famous scene
in that movie… -That’s from this restaurant.
So it’s in that movie. This is a famous place,
the one and only Katz’s. Let’s gets some food!
-Yeah. -Let’s do it!
Yeah! -Whoa!
-Over here. -Very heavy.
-Whoa! -What’s this?
[ Laughter ] -Wow!
[ Laughter ] -Is it for, like, one man, or —
-Yeah, yeah, that’s yours. -Okay.
-All right, that one is — -In America, this is what
we eat for breakfast. -Don’t let me stop you.
Let’s go. Dig in. Let’s go, dig in.
Don’t be shy. -Look at that.
-You’re good. -Pastrami?
-Pastrami. -But no veggies?
-No veggies. No. Are you kidding me?
No. -Try it.
-What do you think? -Mm.
-So, put some mustard on those. -Ooh.
-No ketchup. -No ketchup?
-Get out of here. Get out of here with ketchup. [ Laughter ] -What is the go-to food
in Korea? -Spicy fried chicken.
-What if you, like, late at night, and you feel like
having a snack? -Chicken. -Chicken is the way to go,
right? -Chicken and beer.
[ Laughter ] -Chicken and beer.
-Cheers. -Cheers, come on.
-Cheers. -Guys, you know what
I want to do? Let’s go make some sandwiches and give it to
the people out there. All right, let’s go. ♪♪ -Okay. So I need your help
making these sandwiches. I need you
on waiter service duty. -Any advice how to cut this?
-Yeah. So, you got to use the back
of the knife like that. Nice, beautiful —
-Ooh! -Oh.
-Skinny. -Beautiful pieces of meat
like that, right? So, we got some sandwiches here. -Mmm!
-Thank you. -When these are ready,
just yell, “Order up.” -Order up!
-And then you come, you grab it. -Oh, yeah.
-And you book it. -Order up!
-Order up! [ Indistinct shouting ] -BTS made it for you.
-Order up! -Order up!
-Order up! -Order up! -I’m coming, I’m coming,
I’m coming, I’m coming. [ Indistinct shouting ] Me and BTS.
Please enjoy. [ Speaking indistinctly ] ♪♪ Good work. -Let’s go.
[ Laughter ] -Guys, enough fooling around. You are going to perform
at Grand Central right now. Tonight.
That’s legendary. So enough with the sandwiches. Let’s go to Grand Central
and put on a show! Let’s do it!
Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -Hi. I’m Fran Lebowitz,
and this is my subway story. I was on the subway, sitting
across from a woman with a baby. The baby had a pacifier
in its mouth. The pacifier
fell out of the baby’s mouth onto the floor
of the subway car. The woman bent down,
picked it up, went like this, and put it back
in the baby’s mouth. I thought to myself, “Either
that baby is going to drop dead right here or that baby will
live to be a thousand years old, because he’s now immunized from
every germ on the planet Earth.” If I dropped the Hope Diamond
on the floor of a subway car, it would stay there.