-You have a great
fan base. BTS Army is fantastic. I have questions
from your fans. “Can you ask BTS,
when they make a song, what comes first —
the melody or the lyrics?” -First…
-Beats. -Beats.
-Yeah. -The track.
-The beat.
-A track. -Track.
-The instrumentals. -Really?
-Yeah. It always comes first. -Melody or song —
melody or rap. -So, first the track.
-Yeah. -Then, you write the lyrics,
and figure it out? “Can you please ask
R.M. and Jimin about the black bean
noodle incident?” What is the black bean
noodle incident? -Yeah. -[ Laughs ] -[ Speaking Korean ] -I had a stomachache, so, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -How long did you go away? -I don’t know.
Like, three or four minutes. -That’s not that long.
it’s like — You know, I was like,
“Um, give me noodles as fast as you can.”
And you know, it’s just — -It was so fast.
-Yeah. -Yeah. -Swallowed it, and– -Yeah.
-Boom. -Someone asked, “What do you
particularly look forward to when doing a concert?” -[ Speaking Korean ] Is there any audience
that you want to grab that you haven’t got
the opportunity to meet yet? -John Cena.
-John Cena. -John Cena? -We want to see him.
-He’s a big fan of us. -He’s the best.
-And we’re the big fan — yeah, it’s like —
-Really? -Mutually, of course. -He likes J-Hope. -Yeah, he loves J-Hope.
-John Cena. -Yeah, we were always watching,
like, WWE, like, when we were, like, you know,
like, 13, like, 15. -John Cena!
-[ Vocalizing WWE music ] [ All vocalize WWE music ] -Yeah.
-Alright, I’m gonna get you hooked up with John Cena.
-Oh, please. -I’m gonna make sure
it happens. Alright, this one says, “To
people who don’t know you yet, what do you want them
to know about BTS?” -Turn on the YouTube,
search “BTS Jimmy Fallon.” -Yes.
-Watch the show. And then, you’ll be
in our Army, maybe. -Yes.
-So, you’re performing later. Is there something you do
before every performance? Can you show me?
-You want to do it together? -I’ll do it with you.
-Okay. -Come here.
-Come here.
-So… We go down.
We don’t go up. So, we’ll go down.
And when I say… [ Speaks Korean ] And you guys say…
-[ Speaking Korean ] [ Speaking Korean ] -[ Speaks Korean ]
-You say — [ speaks Korean ] -[ Speaks Korean ]
-Yeah. -So, when I say…
[ speaks Korean ] you say…[ speaks Korean ]
Okay, and we go down. [ Speaks Korean ]
-[ Speaking Korean ] -Yeah!
-Oh, come on. More BTS when we come back,
everybody! Yo! New York City!
-Yeah! ♪♪ -Hi, “Tonight Show” buddies.
What’s up? This is Tina Fey.
I’m heading into the subway. Heading to
the Uptown 1. Ha ha. Now, you have to clear
that Billy Joel song. I have been taking
the New York subway since I first moved here
in 1997. I remember when I first started
on “Weekend Update,” and I was like, “Wow, people are
probably going to freak out when they see me on the subway,
because I’m kind of on TV now.” I was, like,
looking around the car, waiting for someone
to recognize me. Guess what?
No one cares. No one cared then,
and no one cares now. And that’s why I love
New York. They don’t care who’s on TV,
who’s not on TV. Everyone’s a star.
It’s New York City. No one cares.