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mini look and review of the changeable bubble nebula palette this looks like
you could be a dupe for the hyouta Beauty Mercury retrograde palette so if
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blown that once in the days a week as well so okay so this is actually from
the brand you can be you could be does a lot of great dupe palettes I’m just
gonna call it that they do copy I mean I don’t know how else to say it but they
do you know really do like kind of yeah they make dupes copies inspired by
high-end brands I’ve noticed that they do have quite a few huda beauty dupes
but when I saw this I thought it was so beautiful it I’ll insert the picture of
the feud of Beauty Mercury retrograde palette right now so you can see how
this actually compares like color wise and everything so as you can see very similar tones
we got like lavenders mints we’ve got a lot of shimmers I’ve never actually used
this i’ve swatched it but I’ve never used it on my eyes so this is the first
impressions as well but it looks really beautiful I mean it the dark plum they
do have there are some nice mattes in here but there’s a lot of great kind of
weird textures very very beautiful though like so we’re just gonna go ahead
and we’re gonna do an eye look I do have foundation on and eyebrows but that’s it
that’s why it looked a little weird eerie yeah so I’m not gonna be using my
cluttered primer today I want to see how these can kind of stack up on their own
I always use glitter primer so if they if the shimmers act well without the
glitter primer then you know that they’re definitely going to do amazing
with the NYX of glitter primer if you haven’t used the next glitter primer you
need to it’s amazing that’s like 4 bucks on Amazon only the glitter primer and
this palette down below for you I’ll be an Amazon affiliate link you don’t have
to use it but you’re welcome to I am using the Milani eyeshadow primer still
trying to get used to this stuff I do have an extra of my what’s that calls my
Oprah eye gel primer but I kind of want to save it so we’re just gonna use this
one ok so I think I’m gonna go in straight
with the shimmer first and I don’t know names it doesn’t have names on it but
it’s so pretty and I’m gonna pop that oh my goodness Wow that is an extremely foiled shadow I
mean wow I mean it definitely emphasizes texture on the eyelid I mean that’s how
Floyd shadows are so if you are older or if you don’t like that then you know but
that was really extremely pigmented soiled no glitter primer I did put it on
top of that slightly tacky Milani but okay so I think I’m gonna go ahead and I
think I’m going to start building my outer corner I’m gonna be using this
dark plum shade this is a matte hardly any kick up in the pan that’s good cut
off the excess Wow I mean to be honest I mean I have
quite a few of the you can be palates and I’ve never really been disappointed
with them but sometimes lighter shades more pastel shades they can be a little
bit rougher they can be harder for a affordable company to make so and by the
way this is cruelty free which i think is really nice but that plum I see yeah
very nice okay so that’s where we’re at right now there is a lot of shimmer
fallout underneath my eye that’s to be expected that’s why I didn’t go in with
with my concealer yet but I think I’m gonna go into this dusty kind of mauve
sorry I know it’s kind of throw stuff off because this is kind of like a
holographic I’m gonna go with this kind of dusty mob Matt use that to start
building my crease area let’s start getting some stuff blended out it’s pigmented it blends easily it’s
beautiful really nice okay I’m gonna take this matte lavender this is gonna
be my final kind of transition shade and I’m just going to gently sweep that pretty high but it’s kind of light
pigmented but I just want this blown out as much as possible I’m gonna go ahead
and apply concealer clean this up a little bit and then we’ll move on to the
under eye I’ll be right back okay so I’m definitely feeling a little
bit more human now just put on a little bit concealer and a little bit of powder
so now I think I am going to smoke out the under eye and I really probably
should do the same color family but I’m not going to so I think I’m going to
take this kind of material and we’re going to see how that goes it definitely it looks a little darker
and deeper than it does in the pan this looks pretty minty and this looks
pretty teal I mean it’s beautiful don’t get me wrong but Oh in with this
slightly darker goal it’s not slightly this darker blue it is a shimmer but I’m
gonna get that on my outer corner let’s see build up that intensity and maybe
connect the two yeah I like that oh here is the finished
eyelook I did pop on some mascara it amazing what mascara can do can just
totally complete the eye look I really love this palette very unique shades I
like that you have a lot of pastels it’s cool but you also have some warm shades
the mats are incredible the shimmers oh my goodness like this
palette is pigmented it is easy to use the shimmers do have fallout I would
recommend a glitter glue but even without a glitter glue today they worked
amazing um I think if you like color if you like pastels if you’re looking for a
new spring/summer palette I would definitely recommend the changeable buy
you can be a bubble nebula palette it’s beautiful full sized mirror at the
packaging is just beautiful it comes with a sleeve hey it’s it’s a cool it’s
a gorgeous palette it is cruelty free you get a ton of shades I mean it’s just
beautiful I definitely think I’m gonna get a lot of use from the bubble nebula
palette it’s beautiful very unique and the eye look you created is just out of
this world absolutely love it definitely recommend it it’s definitely what they
must have anyway um I hope you enjoyed it this week’s Monday must-have if you
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