Hi. We would just talk on the computer
and play games together. But it’s more than that.
It’s a real friendship. We’re going to go all around Europe
with an interrail ticket. I think everyone would really
benefit from it mentally. We all have completely separate
personalities. I suffer with depression. I had a psychotic episode. ADHD is like… I go to counselling. And that is why we were
brought together. Does Cameron have a special one?
He’s got, like… There’s Kevin, we feed him rocks. Who’s hot, who talks to a lot. I’ve got many. Four pretty girls. I’m asexual. I can’t believe you said this. I never said anything. What? What did you say? Nothing. Did he just say something different? BLEEP calling you out. Cameron loves you! He’s love drunk! Summer was… when I started talking to… That is when I first started sort of
having relationships with people. Because it takes quite a lot of
effort to have a girlfriend as well. Me and Owen have definitely got a
bit of a bromance going on. I identify as asexual. Nobody really interesting at all. Which sounds bad, but… I only really hang out with
people on Skype. Like Owen and Jack. He doesn’t ever plan on
sleeping with anyone. And, you know, if he wants to
live like that… Sexual attraction isn’t about… ..what type of person you are.
But it is, but it’s like… I don’t know! Sorry, I was literally just about
to put in both earbuds. That would be so mean. It’s fine. No, I just forgot we were in
mid-conversation. Are you still talking to any girls? Fuck!
What? A girl I was talking to, like, got a chance to go to
the same party as her. Right before we were
about to do stuff, I told her that I wanted to
have sex with her friend. Stan, that’s terrible!
So bad! And you like her?
Yeah, and… And then I threw up
in her mum’s bedroom. So now you just have
no chance with her? Pretty much.
She messaged me the other day when I tweeted that
we were going to Poland. She was like, “You can fuck Amy
while you’re in Poland”. Oh, no!
It was, like… I don’t know, I just… Cut. Just let me know when or if you want
to talk about it at all, mate. You don’t have to
if you don’t want to. Can leave it for a bit. Or if you just don’t want to talk
about it at all, that’s also fine. No, I will, but just…later on. CAM SIGHS I’ve never had feelings
before for anybody, cos I literally don’t
give a fuck about anyone. Sounds so horrible. Things have been building up for
months, and just talking to Jack about it just meant I could get all
of these feelings off that I’d had for so long, just bottled up,
and just let it on Jack. And he was, like, just soothing me,
and it was just so nice. What is it? Just the ticket to Milano,
like as a souvenir. This is so cool! And on the back it says… “I keep you in my heart.
Have fun. Claire.” If you’d just fallen out, like, they
would always, always care about you. And not want anything bad
happening to you. Because it’s the friendship and
this bond that is so strong that it means the love is, like,
1,000 times stronger. I’m sad I didn’t stay up to
have a chat with you guys. I was pretty lit. Yeah, yeah. Hella. I remember sitting there. I think Owen was worried about…
He felt replaceable. What?
You felt replaceable. Yeah.
It’s like, I’m not very special. I’m just a normal bloke.
That’s not the case at all, mate. Shut up. I said this to you yesterday, mate. The depressing stuff was for last
night. Today I’m chilling. All right.
Everything is neat. We can agree to disagree that
you’re replaceable, mate. OK. We need you as that witch doctor. Stan, wait, how many days
do we have left? Seven.
Seven? Are you sure? Are you sure it’s not eight? I think it’s both.
It’s friendship AND love. I think love shouldn’t be exclusive
to partners and such. I think love should be shown
to everybody. Been a while since I’ve had KFC. Burger King question mark. Yeah exclamation mark. Here, can we kill this bottle
tonight? Yeah! Let’s kill each other! If you die in China,
do you die in real life? I think everyone’s sort of, like… There’s a bit of friction
in the group. Just say you’re sorry. I just have a horrible feeling he’s
going to hit me. He’s not going to hit you. Jack! Fights are rare,
and very far in between. But if we do, it’s fucking… It’s a big fight.