Camouflaged bunker on the danube this is not a normal house You can see, the door is concreted The door is only a camouflage we believe these are military names camouflage house of steel concrete camouflage house of steel concrete from the other side on the left side you can see the Bunker and the fire direction are the yellow lines. the red ones are the enemy. on this place was the tank turret tank turret charioteer 10,5cm Gun tank turret charioteer 8,34cm Gun From the left side the bunker was amored with the camouflage house of solide steel concrete fire direction the solide steel plate was a perfect amor On the turret there was extra steel plates. For extra armor and mainly as an additional weight. which the tank turret was not separated from the bunker do not stumble overthe observation opening 😀 There is wather inside uh jea cool bunker perfect after this my car smells like shit there is the opservation opening and behind is the place for the aggregat an air pipe goes even further down Be careful it can go down smells like shit i dont will swim in there under the tank turret ammunition room