With me Vitus Polikarpus Surung Manullang In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a website directory Right now I’m running a website on behalf of the church Named : DPP Keluarga keluarga Kudus Cibinong This is for the Pastoral Council of the Cibinong Holy Family Parish I want to create a web directory for a number of environments within this parish Then I will go to my cpanel, go into hosting then click softaculous apps installer Here I will select wordpress, because this blog is a wordpress blog then web directory I will also use wordpress to be more easily used by each environment I click here wordpress, click install this is wordpress I select here install choose protocol, I prefer to use this http: // Then chhose domain, I will select the domain in the name of church dppkargaargakuduscibinong.org so http://dppkeluargakuduscibinong.org Then in directory, here’s the decider that it becomes web directory I will create a website directory for one neighborhood named Andreas Bobola Then I created a folder called Andreas Bobola Andreas Bobola This is what will become the directory, then later this website address becomes http://dppkeluargakuduscibinong.org/andreasbobola The title of my blog will be written Lingkungan Andreas Bobola Wilayah St Yasinta Jatijajar Site Description I will write Dokumentasi Kegiatan Lingkungan Andreas Bobola Wilayah St Yasinta jatijajar hen admin username will I make Bobola Password: Please create a strong password Combination of Uppercase, Number, String Notice here his writing strong then I click here Advanced Option I will choose here Auto Upgrade for wordpress then for plugins i will check auto upgrades Including for wordpress theme I will click here Auto upgrade Then my Automatic Backup will select Once a Week Then Backup Rotation I select 2 Then email installation detail to: Well I check back This is in directory It’s Title It Description Then Admin Username Create a strong Password, here 100/100 strong Then setting Auto Upgrade and Automatic Backup If you have finished do not have chosen theme Or if from between these four there are ones you like please choose one, I will not choose Let wordpress provide a standard theme, I will click install Wait for this process to finish 100% Already completed Now here is the URL for the blog if we click it will go to dppkeluargakuduscibinong.org/andreasbobola This is the default theme Then if you want to login to the blog dashboard here has provided a link ending in / wp-admin is now in the dashboard meaning it has made it into the dashboard of this blog Suppose if I logout from this blog Then at one time I want to login again then I will write dppkeluargakuduscibinong.org/andreasbobola/wp-admin Then I have to enter the username, then enter the password, click log in Now get into the blog dashboard This is the initial view of the blog before any setting is done Up here first this tutorial, how to create blog directory over a domain we already have before Blog directories like this will I make as much as the existing environment, there may be 50 environments Then I will make 50 blog next directory See you again in the next tutorial