-Thank you very much, John,
for being — Is that a present for — for…
[ Laughter ] Is that a present for me? -I am so excited to be on
right now, by the way. I have to say, that is
the coolest thing in the world to be a part of.
-This is — Yeah. I’m glad that you’re — Exactly.
-This is not for you. I’m sorry. I’m — I’m very happy
to be here, Jimmy, but this is a baby gift for you. -For me?
-Uh… -Nobody has even
got me anything. -Then I must be
the best person you know. [ Laughter ] This is from my wife and I. We didn’t know if it was a boy
or girl, obviously, so this should work for both. But it is a cardigan,
or as I call it, a cardi G. -A Cardi…
-And… -Aw! [ Squeals ] [ High-pitched voice ]
It’s so cute! -[ Speaks indistinctly, laughs ] -Oh, my God, this is weird.
This is weird. -It’s weird?
-Yes. -What, like, flammable
or something? What’s wrong? -No, no, no. I mean,
I think she means in general. -Oh! I thought you meant
the material. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my…Babies are so little. -I know.
[ Laughter ] -It’s such a little cardi G. -Have you guys met before?
John? Cardi? -It’s cute.
-No, we haven’t. -No. You look British. -I look British?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -I think thank you.
-Yeah, yeah. Really. -They’re pretty popular, right? -Oh, yeah. British people?
Of course. We love them. -They play Americans in movies
and stuff. Yeah. -People like them.
-Yeah, like — like — like — like the Pet Shop Boys.
-The Pet Shop Boys? I look like the Pet Shop Boys?
-Yeah. Like one of them. [ Laughter ]
-Well, you and me together. -Do you know Cardi’s music?
Do you know Cardi? Are you a fan
of Cardi B’s music? -Yes, I am. Of course.
You come up in my shuffle, and the — you’re amongst
weird company. Uh, it’s a lot of my own
comedy albums. Uh…
[ Laughter ] -Congratulations. -Some Steely Dan…
-Nice. -…and, uh, Tom Jones. -You are, like,
a giant Tom Jones fan. -I am, uh,
interested in Tom Jones. And I think he’s very talented,
but I have his music because I played a prank
with a song of his years ago. When I was about 11 years old, I went to a diner
that had a jukebox where, for $1, you got 3 plays. And my friends and I put in $7
and then we selected 21 plays of Tom Jones’
“What’s New Pussycat.” [ Laughter ] And then we sat down and waited. -And did people just have
a meltdown? -They lost their minds! Played 11 times,
then they unplugged the jukebox. -Now you think that would be
a record, some sort of record… -[ Laughs ]
-…for something like that, playing that song
that many times in a row and driving humans insane. -It was recently beat. -Now explain this.
And who was this genius? -By a high school student
at Clark Central High School. I believe
I’m getting that correct. His name is Gabe, and he snuck
into the intercom room, because he did
the morning announcements, and he played
“What’s New Pussycat” 22 times for 45 minutes, blasting over
the school intercom, and they had to cancel school. [ Laughter ] -Is he expelled?
-No. He got suspended for three days
and he couldn’t go to prom. -[ Laughs ] [ Laughter ]
-I mean… -Well, I-I didn’t think
it was fair, but also, like, that’s not
that bad of a punishment, not going to prom.
-No. -Like, at best, prom is like
a wedding. You know? -[ Laughs ] Yeah, at best. Yeah.
-At best, yeah. -I had a good prom.
-You had a good prom? -Mm-hmm. [ Laughter ] -Really? All right. Did you have a good prom?
-No. I’ve never met anyone who had
a good prom. -Well, you know what? Hey, my — my boyfriend
at the time, he dumped me
two weeks before my prom. -What?
-But I think it’s — I think — I honestly think it’s because he
didn’t wanna pay for the limo. [ Laughter ] But then that night… Forget it.
[ Laughter ] -You don’t wanna get into it,
but that night…something. He — You saw him again? -No. I just… [ Sighs ] [ Laughter ] -Did someone pay for the limo? -Mm.
[ Laughter ] -Was someone — was someone
in the limo? -[ Inhales deeply ] Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You know, my Nana drove me
to my prom. [ Laughter ] -But you wanna know something?
-Yeah. The limo that I ended up with, I didn’t rented it. -You bought a limo? -No. It’s just, I just got in
the limo and just… -Took it?
-Forget it. I can’t get into it. Kids watch me now. -Well, you’ve already got us
90% of the way there. -No, no, no, no, no, no!
I think — No, I think we know. We can probably
put two and two together. -So my Nana, anyway, um… [ Laughter ] -Your Nana. Uh.
-Yeah, I went with my Nana. -John, you are doing — You are
hosting “Saturday Night Live.” I know you as a writer
on “Saturday Night Live.” -Yes. I wrote there for about
four and a half years. Yeah. -This is pretty cool.
It’s gotta feel great. -It’s insane, yeah. It’s like, uh — But I worked
behind the scenes for so long, and it’s like I was a spy. And now they’re like, “Hey,
you should run for president.” I’m like, “I know too much
to do that.” [ Laughter ]
-“I can’t do that.” -But are you gonna be nervous? Actually, well, no,
you’re on Broadway. -Am I gonna be?
I’ve been nervous for 35 years. Yeah, I’ll be —
I am excited nervous, though. -You were fantastic
on”Saturday Night Live.” -Thank you.
-You really were fantastic. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I wanna talk about your show
at Radio City. ‘Cause you were just, uh,
you did a stand-up special. And first of all,
Radio City Music Hall. -It’s crazy.
-It’s the greatest. -The showroom of the nation. They do the Christmas
spectacular there. Right? So they have, like —
-The Rockettes. -So they have a room
for giraffes, specifically for giraffes
for the nativity scene. -Wow.
-Yeah? -And it was nicer than
my dressing room, but still, it’s, like,
a tiled room with, like, room with, like, giraffe baths. -Were there giraffes
in the nativity scene? -You know,
that’s an excellent question. No, camels! Not giraffes. [ Laughter ] But hey…who knows?
-Yeah, but hey, maybe under your Christmas tree,
you had a more advanced… set than I had.
I’m like, “You got giraffes?” -I don’t take the Bible
literally. [ Laughter ]
-There were giraffes and elephants
and meerkats there. -Yeah. All right.
-Was you nervous, and your underarms
was itching and stuff? -Yeah, my underarms were
sweating during all the shows. I was so nervous. But, um, I do a thing
when I’m nervous to calm myself down. -Me, too.
-What do you do? -[ Trilling ] -Does it work?
-[ Trills ] -[ Trills ]
-[ Trills ] [ Laughter ]
-[ Trills ] -Please stop doing that.
Please stop doing that. I just…
-I’m trying to make a gif. [ Laughter ] -You are hosting
“Saturday Night Live” this weekend. John Mulaney,
congratulations, buddy. -Thank you, Jimmy.
-You’re the best. -Thank you so much.
-Break a leg! Break a leg! -Thank you!