Today I am gonna carve some little
stamps. I’ve got these cheap rubbers that I’m gonna use instead of lino.
These are from Wilkos they were under a pound I think and then I’ve got these that
were a pound each I think from Flying Tiger um yeah I’m gonna use those
instead of using lino and then I’ve got some proper cutting tools that I’ve had for a
very long time, I have cut lino before but not much and not in a very long time
so I’m not particularly good at it I just thought it would be fun and you’ve
gotta practice to get good at stuff haven’t you so that’s fine um yeah I’ve
done these little drawings and now I’m gonna like choose which ones I want to
actually use so I’m gonna unwrap the rubbers and like trace around them so
that I can draw the final little designs but yeah let’s start making some stamps. So I drew on this side, turn it over and then you just transfer it, onto the rubbers now he’s on there oh I’m doing it on the wrong side oh no! I’m a fool! There we go *laughs* I’m ill okay. So now they all have the little
pictures on. I need to actually try and carve them. I will probably just use the smallest “v” one just so I can do it a little bit at a time and then I guess take away some of the bigger bits with the bigger ones I dunno, so this is the littlest one I’ll put that in there for now. let’s do some carving. okay I’m gonna start with this guy because it doesn’t have a face so it
will matter less if I fuck up start over here just so I can feel for it oh that’s so soft! oh my god, okay right, so, I think I’ve gone around all the edges can see the raised up bit, this is the only stamp pad I have, it’s not great but I’m just gonna try it out, and see see what happens, see how much I need to take off let’s see let’s see if it’s working ah! it’s kinda working! I should probably cut around the edges but that’s not bad! I was not expecting that I thought
it was gonna be much more of a mess, awesome! ahh wow! I’m gonna try using a pen I should probably clean this but… *gasps* oh my goodness this is so exciting oh my gosh it’s so cool that the felt tips work because I’ll be able to like colour
in different, different sections in different colours and, ooooo okay I think I’m done carving or at
least until I try stamping them and then realise where I need to sort them out
but yeah I’m gonna, gonna try and stamp them and see what happens! *happy noises* oh my goodness they’re not the cleanest lines but I love it! ha ha haha hahah haha ha I love it so much! oh my god yay! this is so much fun I love making stuff, ahhhh ha ha! oh my god! it’s so cool using the highlighter, it’s got the neon ink, oh my god I’m enjoying this so much. I was starting to get a little bit grumpy because I’m ill and I was getting tired *coughs* but now *laughs* now I’m having a great time. *happy noises* I wonder if this is taking too long and the ink’ll dry on the first bits Hah! oh my gosh ahhhhh stamp stamp stamps! I very much enjoyed myself and it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would actually some of them are a little bit
wobbly but generally speaking I think that went quite well. There they all are I really enjoyed that I definitely want to do more, I definitely want to try getting some ink pads and seeing how much of a difference that makes and I
want to try like, I don’t know, looking at this one I feel like it’d be cool to layer it like maybe if I tried to stamp on that
again with a darker colour on some of the pieces but so that it still had like the
glow behind it and stuff or like colouring them in or drawing over them
and stuff I really feel feel really good about this I think it was nice and fun
and has made me think about wanting to try lots of other things but right now I
think I’m probably just gonna take a nap *laughs* so thank you for watching my video and yeah that’s it, byeee