Hi everybody I already tried to film this
a couple of times and it turned into tangents cause I’m really upset right now. Today, as you might have guessed from the
title, is potentially the death of Tumblr and for anyone who knows me, as much as I
am not super proud to say this, I have been an avid Tumblr user since 2011. My Tumblr journey started as basically a way
to share a lot of thoughts and feelings with a long distance boyfriend I had at the time
and even when that ended I stayed very active. At one point I had a pretty decent following
on Tumblr, and then Tumblr kind of exploded even bigger and now the following I have on
their is not really impressive for what Tumblr is. But I’ve always really enjoyed the platform
and I’m really upset with what’s happening right now. For anyone who doesn’t know today, December
17th 2018, Tumblr is banning all adult content from their site. Supposedly they are banning all visual content,
they’re gonna allow some written adult content to stay, but that is such a huge chunk of
what Tumblr is that a lot of us are very weary of whether or not the platform will be able
to withstand this, and a lot of us are questioning whether or not we want to stay on a platform
that will do this. Let’s get into why they’re doing it and what
it really means, and what they probably should have done instead. So the reason that a lot of people think that
Tumblr has decided to make this change to the platform is because at the beginning of
December, might have been the end of November, the Apple App Store, I don’t know if the Google
Play Store did this as well, pulled Tumblr as an app from being able to be downloaded. We all noticed pretty quickly that if you
had already had the app downloaded you could still go into your previous purchases and
redownload. But if you had not had it downloaded you could
not get this app and at first no one knew why. Pretty quickly afterwards it was slowly released
that it was because child porn was found on Tumblr. Was this shocking to just about anyone? No, but it is something that Tumblr definitely
should have dealt with sooner, dealt with in a much bigger way, and I am not about to
on any level defend the child porn on Tumblr or the fact that I personally don’t believe
that Tumblr dealt with the child porn that it had on its site as quickly or as efficiently
as it could have or should have. That whole issue is a huge problem. How they dealt with it after I do consider
a problem, because their response to the child porn was we’re going to ban all adult content
from our platform at this point. Now this is not the first time that Tumblr
has decided to make changes to their platform that people thought would kill it. I have been on for a very long time as I have
previously stated and they’ve made a lot of changes to the interface that people were
very upset about, I was around in the XKit days which was basically a third party that
you could use to access it and do a lot of tiny changes to how you viewed the site. You could do a lot of blacklisting so you
didn’t have to see things that you didn’t want to, it was glorious, they shut that down. I remember a lot of time that people have
jumped the gun and thought that Tumblr was going to die and it clearly never has. That being said adult content is such a giant
part of Tumblr I personally don’t think it’s going to survive this one, and I know that
there are people especially outside of the Tumblr community who probably think this is
a good change because there are a lot of minors on the site that potentially should not be
seeing this content. I know I grew up in an internet age where
you do tend to see this content at a younger age, I don’t 100% know how I feel about that. But to just say we’re going to cut it all
I don’t personally agree with that at all and I don’t think the site will survive it. I also don’t 100% believe that the reason
they’re doing this is because of child pornography and I’m going to get into that right now. Tumblr is not the only site that’s currently
doing a major crackdown on adult content. The one that I’m going to mostly focus on
right now is Facebook, cause Facebook just put in major changes to their regulations
and rules and all of that that people aren’t really focusing on because Tumblr is doing
this giant adult content sweep and thanks to that Facebook has managed to put these
new rules out that people basically ignored, and that might be to a huge detriment to the
user base. Kind of overnight Facebook put out new rules
that people can’t really discuss sexual anything in messenger without potentially losing their
accounts. Like you can’t message someone you’re friends
with and discuss a hookup that night without potentially getting your account shut down
and no ones really calling this out. They’re not the only ones, basically across
social media this is happening and if you don’t know what’s going on politically and
bills that are going into effect in January this would just seem really odd, however in
January of 2019, I want to say January 1st cause that’s what makes sense but I don’t
have the paperwork in front of me so I’m not going to quote that. FOSTA-SESTA, SESTA-FOSTA? Goes into effect in the US, and basically
what that means is there was a bill, or two bills that were combined I believe. These bills made all sites responsible for
whatever their user base posts. So if you’ve watched my “I support Backpage”
video which I’ll put in a card and link down below there used to be a law on the books
that basically protected sites from the content that their users posted. It separated those two and users were responsible
for their content and sites were basically just hosts. This bulldozed that. I’m not going to go into the details of the
bill, however I’ve been kind of wanting to make a video on it since it happened, but
it’s so detailed that I’m just intimidated. So if you would like to see a video on that
please like this video and I will dive, because it was a mess and I don’t think a lot of civilians,
basically non-sex workers, know what the hell happened. So yeah I would like to do that, just let
me know if you’re actually interested, because a lot of things are happening now that effect
you too that you should probably know about. And I think that that bill is a huge reason
of why Tumblr is doing this, because by getting rid of all adult content they’re doing a sweep
that’s also making sure basically that any sex workers they have on their site are kind
of wiped out. Like we aren’t completely sure yet of what
they’re going to do with these adult content blogs, they’ve been tagging all of these posts,
we know they’re going to purge the adult content today. No one’s completely sure what they’re going
to do with the blogs that are almost completely adult content. If these blogs are going to be deleted, I
think initially they were deleting blogs but then they were kind of just like we’re just
going to delete the content instead because this is too much work. I’m very curious what’s going to happen today
if they’re going to be deleting the sex workers, if they’re going to be deleting porn stars,
if they’re going to be deleting people who work in the field. Personally I hate this, as someone who’s been
on this site for 7 years, almost 8, I joined in February of 2011 so it will be 8 years
in two months. I don’t think I’m going to be staying on Tumblr,
I’ll probably be staying just to like post videos and like updates of that kind but I’m
not going to be an avid user anymore cause I feel like they’re hurting mostly LGBT people
who stay on to post content about their lives, we post some sexual content I think I have
3 sexual posts on all of my blog but I have gotten flagged I think since this happened
I’ve been so deep down this rabbit hole. And they’re harming sex workers, and I don’t
want to stay on a site that’s like targeting sex workers. I know that this is not going to be a popular
video, and I might end up disabling comments cause I do not allow anti-sex work comments
on my channel. My one unpopular opinion on this is that I
do think something needed to be done with teenagers under the age of 18 posting nude
selfies on Tumblr, and I know that people really haven’t been talking about that because
you’re kind of for the Tumblr adult content purge or against it, because you kind of have
to take a side. I’m against it, I’m clearly against it, I’ve
made that very clear but there are a lot of like 17/16 year olds who are posting their
own pictures on this site. And I do think that teenagers should be in
full control of their own sexuality, I don’t think teenage sexuality should be criminalized,
and I personally don’t think that teenage nude selfies which they’re sending to other
teenagers of their own age should be criminalized, even though in a lot of areas they are, cause
they are child pornography. I think if it’s staying within their age range
and it’s fully consensual it’s fine. But the problem with Tumblr specifically is
that they’re being posted on this site where a lot of adults are viewing these images,
where there is an entire community on Tumblr, the “MAP” community, the pedophile community
where they are seeing these pictures of children and I know there are these adults who are
gonna message these children and try to take advantage of these children. So I do believe Tumblr needed to do something
to try to take care of that, but do I believe that doing an entire sweep of adult content
on this site was the right decision? No. And do I think that that is why they did it? Absolutely not, because this has been happening
on Tumblr since basically the dawn of Tumblr and the timing is fucking weird if that was
their decision. They would not be doing this directly before
FOSTA-SESTA went into effect, SESTA-FOSTA I need to get that order right I don’t know. But yeah I’m really frustrated, I know a lot
of people are going to be that much more fucked over financially because Tumblr is a huge
source of income for a lot of sex workers specifically, that’s who I’m going to focus
on because this law is targeting them, but also LGBT creators. Nude artwork is being targeted by this too
and LGBT creators have been reaching out saying that their artwork is being flagged and taken
down. This whole thing is so fucked and I don’t
want to personally support a platform that doesn’t care about their users to this extent. I think Tumblr is the next Vine, only instead
of actually shutting down the platform they’re just letting it implode on itself. And I’m gonna miss it but this was my little
rant basically saying goodbye I guess cause with all my like greasy wonder today cause
I don’t have another time to film. Take it as you will, I like all the little
protests that are happening today, everyone who is posting peanut butter baby you are
my favorite people in the world. Anyone who doesn’t know about it apparently
peanut butter baby just fucks completely with their automated algorithm and they think it’s
complete nudity so everyone put up the good fight and I’ll miss you. Peace. And I’ll see you next week with something
that’s a little bit less of a downer, bye.