The King just ran away. What a wimp. Yea well, we got a… You just walked through, oh my god! Yea, they don’t. “Jeeesus Christ. Did you see that?” We’re all Freedom Pals. We’re from the future future. Oh my god. Oh no, don’t you dare. Oh no. Time’s getting even more messed up. What do you mean go back in time?
We’re already back in time. [laughs] Go back in time and then go back to the future and then
go back in time again which is the future. It’s very complicated. Dude, did you knock us back to childhood? Oh my god. We’re in my childhood home,
wherever the heck that is. Is that supposed to be me?
Sick mohawk though. Yea, what kind of baby has
such a sickass haircut? Where’s my alien friend? Uncover your true backstory. Ding. Ok bye. Oh, it’s the dudes again. Why would I do that? I don’t have to develop my backstory
anymore. I already got all the classes. Followers? Then why do you have a fricking crowbar and you broke into my house? Did you poop in my bathroom? I don’t know dude. You did
poop in my bathroom. Are we taking a picture? Oh, was I supposed to do something? I guess it’s happening. Wow, we’re all taking this picture. Alright it’s happening, guys. No, too zoomed in. Maybe like down here. “Take it, take it!” I’m taking it! James, Percy, and Jesse. We did it, guys. Hey me. Why are we the same height? Oh my god. In these gazillion years, I never grew an inch. Ok, I guess I’m going in here. They’re just smoking and like drinking. You also have time fart powers? Oh, they’re talking about their ability to get super popular powers. Understandable, you know. These kinds
of powers are coveted by all these days. And they never changed their
outfits in these millions of years. I know. They keep pooping in my bathroom! What kind of special medicine? Laxatives? Well thanks for that, parents. Yes, sometimes all you really need
is some good family therapy. [laughs] Get outta here, Cartman. This is our family moment. What is this? If I believe,
I can fart us back in time? Do you believe, New Kid? Press A to believe in yourself. Actually you know what? I think that’s
the haircut that I set on my character. That’s why the baby me has
that haircut. I forgot about that. Still, sick haircut though. They’re all dead. We’re millions of years in the future. What? What the. You’re still mayor? Randy, get outta here. And get sober. Who’s gonna be the hand? Why didn’t we do it beforehand? [laughs] This way. I mean if you just don’t go,
maybe they won’t get sworn in. They are on your hand. You ARE Mitch Conner. [laughs] I swear to god, you guys are so ridiculous. Hmm, the plot thickens. [laughs] I love how it’s still his voice though. Yea. Kyle is such… a genius. The hand! I love how he still says The
COON, like how he says it. Why’s Mosquito in here? Uh. Who should I choose? We’re fighting you so you are not available. So, I guess I’ll just go with a speedster. Yea, I’m ready to go so fast. Wait, are you both in this battle? Do I choose who to hit? We could just let them fight each other. Indeed. Wait, what? [laughs] I love how they’re cheating the heck out of this. Mitch Conner, such a cheater,
no matter whose hand they’re on. Wait, you’re attacking me? Oh no, we’re not letting that happen. Um, am I close enough to punch you? Might not do that yet. Not entirely sure who I’m
supposed to be punching yet. Both of them probably. I know. I’m very good at hitting multiple targets. Oh wait, every damage you get,
he gets though, right? The both of you, if I can reach. Haha. I’m just attacking both of them.
Love it. But then again all damage goes to The Coon anyway so it doesn’t matter. I think it’s hilarious. He’s cheating because it’s technically
Mitch Conner cheating. No, you’re on fire. “Mitch is the best.” Oh my god, there’s two of them. Mitch One, Mitch Two. Yea… That sure makes things uh… interesting. But I can’t hit them. Oh great, the game is bugging out on me again. What? Where’d you go? You swapped spots? What the heck? Yea, how about you just hit each other. Wait, what? Isn’t that move for protecting? How’d you use that to attack? This is getting super complicated. How about both of you stop cheating. Which fist do we fight? Well, seems like right now, he has the
upper hand so I’m gonna fight him. “That didn’t count.” I hate him. They both suck. But really it’s just Mitch
Conner that sucks but still. Well dude, you’re right in front of
me so it’s kinda hard not to hit you. Let me walk a little bit closer that way though. Sorry, Human Kite. Will both of you stop messing around? [laughs] Dance off. How about you guys just hit each
other, stop hitting my dudes. Oh, don’t you worry. You’re all gonna get a turn. Yea, I mean he’s not wrong. And you were the only one that he could attack. “Didn’t count.” Uh, excuse you. Ugh. God Mitch Conner, you suck. Mach speed. Which one does more damage? Definitely this one. Did you just punch yourself? What happened? That was weird. Oh my god, I can’t hit you. Well, unless I do this. Or I could do this. Oh well. Hey hey hey. Language! Well, I’ve been doing that. What are you doing? Why am I sparkly? [laughing] No cheating. Yea, that’s right. Doctor
Timothy says no cheating. No cheating anymore for you losers. He’s so powerful, he has the
ability to stop all cheating. No more infinite healths. It’s over for you guys. Ooh my ultimate’s ready. Should I do this? Ehh, I mean why not. Well you’re not in this team,
so you didn’t get anything. Too bad you’re not standing
in a row. This is very so very inconvenient. But I’ll take The Coon out. [laughs] “Nooooo.” Why are you standing? Ok. Yea, leave the battlefield. It seriously looks like they’re
punching themselves. I won’t or you know, the butt
will get fractured again. Why do they both say ‘noooo’? You both drop it. I mean I’m on Human Kite’s side
but you know, you both drop it. Yes, that’s logic. This is the equivalent of “I’ll say
sorry but only if you say sorry first.” [laughs] Well now I’m just disappointed in you, Cartman. They’re all drunk. Oh my god. At least take off your claws first. Can’t believe he actually said the
name right, Coon and Friends. More like Mitch Conner IS the fat raccoon. Oh, from like many, many whatever long ago? Wait, I have to find it? Where’s my selfie? It was so while back. Oh, here it is. Why does it have to– Ok, whatever. ‘Cause you’re all alcoholics. Literally what? What the hell? How many more hands you got, dude? Stick up a third one and be like “I’m your father, Mitch.” This is puppetry at its best. So dumb. Look at their eyes, they’re all stoned. Hmm, thank god. Is that fricking Butters’ dad? Oh my god. Well that was ridiculous. Is there an end scene after this? Can I skip this? I return to home to find
both of my parents alive? And laughing? Wow. Marriage problems fixed. We actually changed the past. O…k. Can I leave the house? I do not
need a revisit of that scene. What are you doing, kid? What? What the hell, Butters? Why are you in my house? Did you get possessed by Mitch Conner? That’s the literal only explanation. ‘Cause that’s not really a Butters or Professor Chaos thing. Oh, I’m back here. Well alright. The main game is over. Um. I think I might do one of the DLCs. Uh, this one? And then if there’s anything else that you
guys would like to see, let me know. But otherwise, that’s gonna be the next thing and then after that we’re onto the next game, I guess. So thanks for watching and I’ll
see you guys in the next video.