cheap food storage basic foods how to store them why stockpile food prepping prepper emergency supplies hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you wondering what’s the cheapest way that you can be prepping have a large amount of food for
emergencies how to get started with your long term emergency food storage and what’s an easy simple basic food for Preppers prepping well you may have heard all the jokes about rice and
beans beans and rice but it isn’t really a joke the reason people tell you grab
20 pounds of rice grab 20 pounds of beans and they tell you to do that first add that first to your emergency survival long term food storage stockpile well there’s a simple reason in a real emergency situation survival 20 pounds of rice and 20 pounds of beans could feed one person for an entire month one pound of beans equals 1,600 calories one pound of rice also has 1600 calories
if you plan for an average adult to need 2,000 calories per day 20 pounds of rice
and 20 pounds of beans are going to more than equal the amount of food you would
need in a month in an emergency situation enough food to eat your 2,000 calories per day times 30 days in a month is
60,000 calories do some simple math the 1,600 calories times 20 pounds of rice
and 20 pounds of beans is going to give you that correct amount of calorie count
in your food for emergency survival situations enough food beans and rice are also going to be a great way to pack in some
carbohydrates and some protein is that the optimum meal that you want to eat
every single day well of course the answer is no but if you had nothing else
to eat in an emergency hardship situation would you be happy to have a pot of rice and beans that’s how you decide
if you’re willing to stockpile rice and beans are you willing to spend the
amount of money stocking up on 20 pounds of rice and 20 pounds of beans so that
you could have enough food for one person for a month no matter what the price of rice and beans varies where you live and which store you go to shop but you can usually find them in bulk prices large bags and bring them home 20 pounds at a time but if you
don’t have that kind of money to make that initial investment stock them up
one bag at a time maybe a 1-pound bag two pound bag of rice or beans and begin to bring home the bags of cheap food from the grocery store when you shop then little by little you can grow
your food storage so that you have enough food in your prepping suppies prepper pantry stored properly rice and
beans can last for thirty years or even longer but you need to make sure that
you store the food in a cool dry place you need to store the food out of the air in a
container that can’t be chewed open or infested by rodents or insects so you
can’t just bring the rice and beans home in a bag and put them in your pantry and expect them
to remain there fresh as possible for the longest period of time you need to
seal the food up in an airtight container it can be as simple as sealing them into a
jar I like to store rice and beans in my extra canning jars it’s a nice size they’re easy to move around they’re easy to keep track of and
you can tell in your pantry what you have how much is in your food storage you can use the metal lids and
rings to seal your stored food in jars as is but it’s better if you add an oxygen absorber to the jar or if you have the FoodSaver vacuum sealer food saver to use the attachment that vacuum seals the jars with the food
saver attachment but sealing the food in the jars is a very good start to keeping the
air out some people like to store rice and beans in food grade buckets you can
get the buckets sometimes at the grocery store go to the bakery department and ask them I’ve had good luck with that and they give them away for free every time I’ve
asked for buckets you do need to check and make sure that your lid has the rubber gasket
inner seal that’s what’s going to seal it up so that it’s airtight if the bucket lid doesn’t have the rubber gasket it’s not good for storing food for it to
last you could store other goods in your bucket it’s still a useful bucket but
you need that rubber gasket to make it sealed up tight for your food you can
just store the food in the bucket with a tight-fitting lid and that’ll store it
for a long period of time but a better way would be to get the mylar pouches
and seal it in a mylar bag where you add an oxygen absorber and seal up the mylar bag one of the problems with using buckets to store food is that the bucket can hold 30 to 35 pounds of rice and beans and that could be too much for you to carry
around or move or it could be too much for you to want to open at one time you
can get smaller size mylar bags seal food up into smaller amounts and keep several
of those in your bucket another way to get the longest life out of your rice
and beans is to buy them already sealed in a number-10 can if you buy the food in
the number ten cans they have about 5 pounds of food you can buy them from the LDS or the Mormon Church online they come in a case of six cans of rice or six cans of beans the prices vary or another good option is to look at you can buy
the Augason Farms rice and beans those cost a little bit more than the cans of food that you get from the LDS mormon Church but they’re also sealed up to last for
30 years they’re in a size that’s handy to use it’s not too heavy to move around
and most of us could use up five pounds of rice or five pounds of beans at one
time rather than 35 pounds from a bucket you can also buy them already sealed in
a big bucket from Augason Farms and the beauty of that is if you’re buying
them in a bucket or a can that’s been sealed they’re already packaged and
everything to last for 30 years if you bring home a big bag of rice you may pay
less for it but then you have to figure out the cost of the bucket you need the
cost of the mylar bags you need the cost of the oxygen absorbers and they may not
be readily available where you live so it’s up to you to decide do you want to
start small do you want to start with a middle-sized or do you want to go all in
and get a big bucket full of rice and beans for food storage decide for yourself how much rice and beans would
it take so you had enough to feed your family for 30 days if things go bad in the
world that’s a cheap way to have a bountiful supply of foods you can feed
your family we never know what’s coming that’s why we need to stock up as we go
make sure you’re buying foods you’ll actually eat and then rotate the food incorporate these kind of foods in your day-to-day
menu plans doesn’t mean eat rice and beans every day serve them once a week
every other week there’s lots of different ways to make soups stews
casseroles all kinds of things with rice and beans it’s also important to stock
up on canned goods packaged goods things foods you can just open and eat that are ready
prepared meals so that in just a short-term emergency you say the power
goes out no electricity you can just open something and eat it that’s not when you want to start
cooking your rice and beans short term emergencies you want to go to your
pantry anything everyday common foods that you’re used to eating rice and
beans require a lot of water for preparation these are all dried foods
that’s why they last such a long time so for every jar can or bucket of rice and
beans that you stockpile make sure you’re storing water then you’ll have
the things you need no matter what comes along be ready with enough emergency food storage learn more at
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