With this C7 Corvette, you don’t change what we can call a winning team. You get the well known 6.2L V8, pushed to 466 hp and with 630 Nm available up to 4600 rpm. It’s really an engine that loves working low in the revolutions, with a very generous torque. The car also comes with a Z51 pack, as every Corvette in Europe. This includes a limited slip differential, the Magnetic Ride suspension, additional coolers as the EU consumers use more often their car on track and are more challenging to the car. The car is by the way clearly focused on the performance and it’s also a very technological car and this is where Chevrolet astonishes us all. You can undoubtedly tell it’s a Corvette and in the meantime it changes a lot. It introduces a huge amount of technology and also confirms what Chevrolet started with the C5 and C6, meaning very efficient cars, going truly fast. It’s the seventh generation of a lineage that started in 1953. And so, the ray, there, what’s that ? What ray ? The one from you a** ? Stingray. It’s a name that belongs to the beginning of the Corvette and had disappeared with the C3, before coming back on the C7. It’s a way from Chevrolet to tell us that we’re facing something quite brutal. On the other hand, the engine is also very in phase with our generation as it can switch from 8 to 4 cylinders. Corvette or Chevrolet, by the way ? There are two crossed flags, one checkered flag on the left and one with Chevrolet logo. It’s a very singular car, a very singular brand as well. Talking now of the inside of the car : it used to be pathetic in all the american cars in general and Corvette was in as well. Now they’re making a true effort. It’s really comfortable, with vented and heating seats. You also have like in a F1 the LED converging in the center of the wheel to optimize the gear shifts. One must not forget that this little tiny car is mounted with a 7 gears manual gearbox ! Very good grip on all the commands. The seats are good, very sporty. Also, it doesn’t look like that when you look at it but it’s the size of a 911. The profile, the very tensed and aggressive lines give you the feeling it’s bigger and it will be complicated to drive but it’s not. Ok. Good. Out ! Get lost. It’s a daily driver, in any conditions. In the meantime, it also has all the american pedigree and with one single push on the throttle, the rear axle tries to overtake the front one ! Easy to control, very funny and an overall fun can, especially when you get kicked in the ass. The 4th gear is awesome, very long, very powerful and it crashes you inside the seat. It’s… excellent, really an excellent car ! The chassis, very good, very safe. Brap, it pushes so hard ! So much pleasure The 466 hp, that’s fine. We’ve seen worse. Not so impressive. The torque is clearly crazy compared to other V8 engines we’ve had the opportunity to try, even with turbos and huge amount of torque. The car is actually not so heavy, it weights 1.5T and with the roof and hood in carbon, they lowered a lot the center of gravity of the car, using as well an aluminum frame for the chassis. It makes you feel very safe, braking truly hard and resistant as well, while being fun to drive ! Fun and performance. You can both time attach and drift. And fun. True. Clearly. So fast. Wow. So much fun. Excellent job. What’s the best detail on the car ? There are many, many. To me it’s the possibility to remove the roof, it really changes the car and you switch from a very sporty and efficient coupe to, well, some kind of cab’ you go cruising with. Perfect with the sun, right there. Stinky detail, no so important as there are many other good points but the seat vertical adjustment is a bit high and there is not so much space left if you want to drive the car on a track, with a helmet on. All the rest is good. Really good. Between the teams, we disagree on the use of the pallets behind the steering wheel. They’re still there, despite the fact that it’s a manual gearbox. Chevrolet decided to give the pallets a function and it’s made to activate the Rev Match, the automatic heel-toe system. It’s quite convenient on track as you can choose to use it on several corners to help you, when it’s very tight or not to use it. In the end, I put the car in front of the 911. No doubt. Everybody loves this new Stingray. Of course there are still some tiny details to improve, finishing details mostly. Of course the rear window is no longer a bubble and you loose a bit of Corvette in the process. Besides all this, Corvette confirms what they have been doing for the last 10 years : the car is a weapon of performance. It’s still a Corvette from performance and proportions and it’s also a smiling generating machine because of its V8, because it drifts and BRAP ! Don’t you feel like you’re in a Formula 1 in that car ? You can really drift like Alonso and Hamilton ! You do cornering left, right, left, so easy to handle, it’s wonderful Sorry – not able to translate this – we do not spreak French. Nevertheless Patrick Hermann was very friendly and polite. We really enjoyed the time with him. But he does not really enjoy driving. Weird. Well, he gave us the car in the end. That’s cool.