There are two kinds of rice: the pink one is for the flower petals so it’s divided in 5 Approximately the same size Do not squeeze it and make it a ball This is a quarter of the nori sheet It has a back and front side The back side goes up the small makisuno (mat) is placed with its green side up and the threads up to the front Half of it is placed in both sides and spread until the edges Approximately a third of the rice is taken and divided in about half of the amount of the pink rice, and its placed next to it This part of the rice is spread little by little The makiso is turned right This part, the hibo, stands vertical and you hold it up while it’s open and with the finger press the rice and roll it This is a finished roll, 5 should be made in total All of the rolls have been placed next to each other with the end edge facing the center of the group and spinach leaves between them This is not the end, put it aside and let’s continue Next another makiso is used The back side, the rough part goes up The remaining rice is divided in 5 4 parts are placed in top of the nori The rice is well spread until the edges of the nori In the front and back leave a space of about two fingers This side is done in the same way After it is spread to the center Do not push the rice with your fingers, just spread it Turn it right again In the center of this one put the previously done roll After that hold it with both hands There is no rice in here Hold it with one hand and put the remaining rice One half from the front to the center Roll each side to close it Return it to the initial position Move it to the end of the mat Roll it on the makiso and press The same with the other side And this is peach flower sushi We will cut it later The rice is the same The pink rice is divided in 2 Do you know what is this? Red pepper In Japan we use pink ginger But because probably you don’t like it we will use red pepper This one also is divided on half We put a sheet of egg (omelet) The pink rice is spread evenly And the same with the red pepper The closest end is folded And then roll it as small as possible With this we finish one roll Repeat the same with the other omelet And place the first roll on top of the second omelet sheet And roll them together Later with the small makiso Roll it and press Next we use a nori sheet the white rice is divided in 5 Same as before we put 4 parts on the center two fingers at each end and on both sides until the edge The remaining to the center If you press the rice it can’t be spread So just touch it with your fingerprints We have to put the leaves before turning right After spreading the rice, We use a small and a bigger sheet piece One third from the front We place a chopstick And put the smaller piece on the center of it Take out the chopstick And press with it in the center of the piece Next one third from the closest end of the sheet we put the biggest piece (one quarter of a sheet) we place the chopstick a little closer to the end of the piece and press place the chopstick closer to the opposite end and press while pushing to the front Then you can see a little mountain And in between the grooves place the leaves then turn the whole thing to the right And in the center that is empty Place the previously prepared roll The end of the roll goes down And just like before you hold it horizontally And roll them together There is no rice in here So we take half of the rice And put it from the end to the center and from the center to the end Place it on the table Fold each end one over the other Place it horizontally again Take it to the end of the mat And push everything to the center Finished Now we will cut it to see how it looks First the peach flower