-Our next guests are
Emmy-nominated writers whose work you know from
“Saturday Night Live.” Their new show, “The Other Two,” premieres Thursday night
on Comedy Central. Let’s take a look. -Hey, guys, it’s your captains
speaking — Tiff and Amanda. Sorry about the turbulence, but from now on we’re expecting
such a smooth ride. So relax and enjoy the flight. -Bye! -Oh, no. Our pilot’s name is Tiff? -Oh, what, a woman
can’t be a pilot? -Okay.
-Wow, gay misogyny is real. -No, a woman can be my pilot,
all right? Meryl Streep can be my pilot.
Viola Davis can be my pilot. -You’d rather have Viola Davis,
the actress, than two actual pilots? -Hey, guys, sorry to bug, but we have now reached
cruising altitude. -So, feel free to unbuckle
and move about the cabin. -Bye! -I know you know what I mean.
-No. No, I don’t. I don’t. -They said bye at the same time. -Please welcome to the show
my friends Chris Kelly and
Sarah Schneider, everyone! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome, you two!
-Wow! -Oh, my God!
-I’m so happy to have you here. We have been friends
for a long time, because we all wrote together
at “Saturday Night Live.” -Yeah.
-We did. -And you were head writers
together during the election year
of 2016. -We absolutely were. -Now, I was a head writer
during 2008, which was similar in that
it was a bit of a circus. The difference was, on election
night, the circus ended. -Yeah.
-In 2008. But not for you guys.
-No. -You had to keep writing
all those sketches. -I know. We would keep trying
to write, like — we love writing nostalgic
sketches about, like, going home
and high school theater. And we would keep trying
to write those sketches. And every single week, we would
be on the set loving it, and, like, our phones
would buzz. -We’d be like, “It’s him again.” [ Laughter ] “He has ruined our week for us.”
-The fun is over. -Well, so, you did a sketch
that I love called “Crucible Cast Party.”
-Yeah. -This might actually be
you checking your phone. -This is mid-moment. -Okay. So, what were you seeing
on your phone? -So, we were making
a fun musical with all the girls about a high school party. And then we got the alert — the “Access Hollywood” tape
had come out. -Yeah. -And so, we were both just like,
“Oh, God damn it!” So, that’s a photo of one woman having a blast
making a music video. And then another man
in the deepest of hells trying to write a cold open
in 45 minutes on Friday night at 3:00 in the morning.
-Yes, because things were happening that you had to throw
away what you had for Saturday on Friday, which rarely
happened in my time there. This was also great. You guys wrote
the Bernie Sanders sketches where Larry David played Bernie
Sanders, which is fantastic. [ Applause ] Such a wonderful person,
but before you meet him, you think he might be, like,
really irascible and maybe not fun to work with. But he was great, right?
-He was lovely. We did this
“Bern your enthusiasm” parody, and on Saturday night,
right before dress, we heard, “Oh, Larry wants to come up
and watch a cut of the video.” And we were like, “Oh, no,
I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to watch us do a parody of his own show
next to him.” It was very nerve-racking, but he laughed
through the whole thing and was so positive and nice. And I was like, “This isn’t how
you’re supposed to be. You’re supposed to hate this.” -Well, he did send us an e-mail
afterwards that was titled, “Thanks,” and basically
the gist of it was, “I had a great time except for
all of the packing and flying. And I like you guys
but I don’t really want to see you guys again soon.” -And we were like,
“There he is.” -That’s what we signed up for.
-That’s what we wanted.