when I walk around Seattle I fall in love with it every time I do it restaurants retailers there’s a lot of creativity I love to engage for the people in the shops I like to know their name i love when I walk into a place and they know my name how are you my name is Christine he’ll the name of my business is merchant method I’m a retail consultant and I work with small businesses and makers the thing I love about working with other small businesses is that we have so much in common and that we’re really trying to balance both work Emily and half of the skill set really is how do you balance nick is almost eight and dano is two and a half and that’s tough being a full-time working mom more San yes but it’s tough being a full-time mom and it’s tough just being a working woman I wanted the flexibility to work from home and Weebly is the right fit for me to do that having a digital storefront has made it so easy for me to expand my business and now two years later I am writing a book I just launched a podcast going to be on YouTube and it feels so good to be living my wildest dream okay friend of mine asked me you know if you could have any job of a tipsy and it’s a Murshid method this is the job and I feel so lucky to be living this life you