Hello friends of AulaClick de Access greets your friend Arturo Chapa, we will I bring a new video and in this video let’s create an executable file with an extension point exe for our exe files many of us we create systems and we want distribute them with an executable file there are several methods to do it without however here we will try to do it as simple and simple as possible very well before continuing I love you invite them to subscribe to my channel youtube if they have not done so and so join this community of students that are attentive to these publications that They are very interesting for everyone who we develop in this software of microsoft access now let’s move on to the video Here I will show you what we have to create this executable file I have a database of students what is one of the proposed templates by this program they will realize then this system is already pre elaborated and what we will use for this purpose if we want to use this east system obviously we have to access through your own file and so open the program but sometimes we need our own files that are distributed through of an executable and that are installed also in the windows start menu so that’s what we’re going to do I’ve prepared a folder called student system where I will record the executable file project this what which is the installation so that this one can you help us to make future facilities of this system very well the first thing we are going to do we are going to open our visa program for study I had told you that this what we will use to create our project so I recommend that download this free version if they don’t have it I’ll leave it down here from the video the link this or the reference so you can download it you can use this version is kitty doesn’t have to pay absolutely nothing very good once you already have it be installed in fact by there I also have what is how install it once you have it installed we will enter the program and already in this visual studio start menu let’s create a project and we click on this button already being within the options what let’s do is select the language let’s select the language of visual basic which is what we have been working on others in others videos let’s select the platform of windows and we will select a type of desktop project now if the results appear with these three criteria and we are going to select windows forms application dot net framework we select this option and press the next button very well this is where we are going to point out what is the name of our executable or our system here you we will put student systems very good with the name given we create and let’s wait for our to begin project the elaboration of it very good that we can see here well we have created a windows forms project and then obviously a form appears that is the main input object for this application however in this occasion we will not use it as such we will simply program it let’s do the first thing we have to to do is add to our project a very important reference which is what it will help us make the call of access files very well where we can add that reference is very simple we go here on the right side in what are the solution files we we are going to references we right click and click add reference here we are going to go to the point where says extensions and we will look for the reference called microsoft office interop access and we will select this one which is the 14.0 very good since we have it selected press to accept and we already have that reference added to our project now what are we going to to do is double click on the form to add code that is precisely what will be the call and the opening of our system of access double click and the first thing we are going to do we are going to add the reference to import the reference that we have added let’s put imports let’s put access that has been the object name and we will put microsoft dot office internal point access point very well we have declared a reference what is called access and what does precisely allusion to experience that we have already added from a step previous very good explaining a bit about this we already have the reference and that the first one to leave to execute precisely in this type of windows forms applications the point input or main execution is the form you are proposing to us bisbal study in this case so we have created a a procedure by double clicking sun form that is when it loads a task or a line is going to be executed plug the code instructions this is where we are going to put this is the call of what has been the east program or the base system of axs data well before doing that we will add the file that we interested in our base system of data we will go here to our project and let’s right click and let’s add an existing item here on a desk I have what it is the access database so I will select what is the database to be added here in the project also very well then how will they happen account we already have what is the database added this is the one that we will use for our system students very well [Music] our first line of code are you going to declare the object or instance of access so what we’re going to do is precisely that we make the statement with dyn and we are going to put the name of the object or of the instance that in this case I I’m naming or bj before and we will declare it as a new instance of access point application very good this first line of code we are behind an instance to be able to manipulate an access application now we are going to open this object and we are going to open our application with her like this that we are going from the following we use our object that we have created and we call the procedure open run will give you see and we will pass some parameters we will use a variable d in came mind point you run directory and this one that practically contains the application address let’s add what is the name of our database let’s put the name from our database which has been students point is due here we are going to put the place of false For indicate that we don’t want it exclusively and here we will indicate in this third parameter as the key to the base of data and our database is protected with some key because here it is the place where we are going to have to place and if they didn’t have it so we leave this simple with quotes double Now we are going to make this object open now be visible let’s put the axis object we put send to call the property of visible and we put true value Yes now already in this way here it will be done visible our database and we will close what is the application in this way in this simple way with those four lines of code that we have written in this procedure we are declaring the instance of type access we are opening our base system of data and we are showing what and a once it is already shown it can be at application and the executable well already practically stops working but now did his homework so now let’s do a test here in debut mode we will perform the test to see if we don’t have any fail or write let’s start the draft we will wait for the compilation of the entire project and we have that our application very well what to say that everything is correct now that what we will do good how is a system that we want to distribute as we are going to add what is an icon that identify we go here to projects and to student system properties and we go here to where it says well here in the application let’s add that icon we have prepared for our application we go by here and in this case over here I have one saved in images and I have this prepared very well has already been added to us let’s go to the post and we will see the archives of the application to be considered in the system distribution that says it goes to include a database system going to include what is the icon what is the executable and what is all the manifest configuration very well We accept and we practically keep the changes practically ours system is ready if maybe it they will ask that this form not be move because it doesn’t show good it’s not need to be displayed simply is an entry point so you can open our database system and can be in this way managed by this application very well now what let’s do is we already know that it works let’s distribute our project let’s publish it here an option to compile and publish student system and we will tell you where we want it place what is being practically the whole being or let’s put in this folder students who already had commented and it was empty prepared precisely for this here we will place the entire file of system installation very well is already put there we give next let’s select this option that is predefined as cd or divide it and we will give next and so we are to leave with this next option and finish here the only thing we are going to wait is to finish doing what it is the compilation and publication very well we already have in our folder what which is students we have what it is to be op and we have what is the appliques what what are the files that are being distributing our database this the whole application icon here what we have ready to be installed very ok now let’s do the installation of the system right now we have let’s say the the installer for our application so let’s give double click our zero point s and he will ask us to install this framework which is the one that uses this visual studio version we give accepting is very fast and installs practically very fast and then proceed with the installation of what is our system and we have it here we can install and doing it here means which does executed correctly we close the system let’s minimize this this we will also minimize it and Well here we have our folder with what which is the product installer of the student system and we will see in our start menu the system students that is already integrated too as an application we click here to access and there we have it very well Well this in itself is the project that I wanted to show you can work can with all the files that have created with the systems that have prepared can do this and practically start distributing any application that is of interest for you from that moment this application of the student system looks like any other windows application already that if we go here to the menu of start we uninstall it is going to send precisely to the control panel and here it will give us the opportunity to uninstall that system so here we will be able to see him as the student system we can look for it here and let’s see this way here here in this window we sort by that have just been installed lately and we see here our student system if we see the date you’ve been and practically well we can too uninstall like any other application very well so there we have it we can uninstall it install it every time that we need very well Well, this is the video that I wanted show I hope it was to understand what more possible if they have any left you can doubt under this video write your doubts and solving some situation that present and here I will leave down this video also what is the reference of what the installation is from visual studio and I will also leave what is this sample file that I have taken to make this explanation very well I hope that this has been plenty video and I still invite you to continue on my channel and stay tuned for the new publications receive the cordial
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