-Tumblr Girl | Gifs –
Hello, my name is Maria and today I’m going to teach you to make gifs! Especially those we see on Tumblr! I also inspired me on the series Skins Uk ( I’m rewatching it)! And also inspired by this gif of Effy. So I’m going to tell you how I made my own gifs. And I really hope you like this video! Maybe you are going to get mad with me but I created this gifs all alone in my bedroom. I shut the blinds to get total darkness! And then I started recording. And this light you see on my face is simply the light from my mobile phone. You don’t need much to create this gifs. You only need a camera, it doesn’t need to be a *good one*. If you have a compact camera will be better because it focus automaticaly, and that’s great. Then you will only be needing a light source. I used my mobile phone for that because it felt like the simplest thing to do. You just need to go to your mobile phone camera, turn on the flash and put it on the filming mode. *Like that*
Now it’s on the photo mode and now it’s on the filming mode. But you don’t actually need to film anything because the flash will stay on. Or you open some kind of lantern app. Or, if you have a mobile phone like mine, just click on the lantern button. Done* Then you start recording *with that camera*. Turn on the flash (mobile phone). And then I just started making this movement with the phone to get this awesome light effect! The blinds are going to be shut so we won’t see the background, the only thing we are going to see is my face illuminated, which is great. After recording I put the video on my computer. Opened a software called VideoPad It’s completely free. Then you just have to cut the parts you don’t like and make a small video. I didn’t do the video with more than 15 seconds because I wanted to publish it on instagram But you can create yours the way you like it. I think gifs are cuter smaller, so that’s what I did. Then I exported the video. And I went to this website to convert my video to gif. If you only want it to go to instagram you don’t have to do this step. But if you want to add it, as a gif, to Tumblr or We heart it, convert your video to gif in this website. This website has some options, you have the option to add instagram effects, and you also can add a sepia color, black and white or monochromatic. You have some nice options for a website that is completly free. I loved the results of my gifs! Even alone at home, in my bedroom, I did it. So you can also do it! I hope you liked this video and if you want me to recreate some photos, videos, or gifs, from Tumblr or We heart it tell me so in the comments bellow. If you want to see more of me don’t forget to subscribe. I hope you like it and see you in the next video