good some guys there is a report that I want
share with you that is from a Brazilian portal if you are interested in reading it
complete I do a summary in three contexts is called to erogate point br already
the former force lieutenant speaks Swedish aerial of the plane experience
Grip against the f-15 and f-16 and f-18 f-22 rafale eurofighter
the former engineering lieutenant of the air force from 1986 to 1991
says that in important exercises you have approved that griffin and even is
above f 16 blogs 50 already talks about famous exercise of flag alaska 2006
where the capacity that they had the planes gripen ses so what
name the article and for the first time in that year the resupply of
aircraft air fuel griffin in the farm format is bar of and
there are several important exercises that has demonstrated in that context even in
red flag 2006 which was the debut of sweden in grip and in this exercise I had a
quite reduced radar and also It works as an air carrier
ses worked and acted in coordination with this type of
exercise a pilot knock down 5 f-16 blogs 50 says the article
during the combat exercise of the Royal Norwegian Air Force in a
exercise 3 flu in Swedish ses and 5 f-16 fighters the score was next
5 050 5 to 1 after three outputs in that same context the f16 has a
push weight ratio higher than griffin even has older
wing capabilities that grip bing of that time we are talking about 2006
the exercises with the f-18 are little frequent but an exercise of
Finnish force operations where the f16 and an f-18 approached and
apparently in the ripenses were higher than f-18 and f-16 depending
of altitude in another context the only encounter with
an f-15 of the us air force was in the exercise called royal rice
which is done in sweden 3 with 10 of f 15 c that and a f griffin that worked
as an aggressor I knock down two of them and the gripen for its high capacity
speed quickly came out of that guy flu fighter keeping a line
use the br that can be detected and irritate griffin meteors is not
an intelligence strategy and is the Article
the only house that can make you weight is he is the f-22 raptors as the
article as to the themes of the plane It’s like Rafael and Typhoon the only one
antecedent that there was was in the exercise red flag over here where the pilots of
this type of aircraft called it meat cannon
after this exercise they went out humiliated and never again
comment this term the new updates
or the new components of the format grip line allows you to make certain
form a fighter with any house of the USA f-16 and f-18 f-15 and also
even with the raptor I leave the comments open to you what is
better according to your posture at least if they want to read the article can
find it on the official website from ‘la de brasil where detailed
every detail but if they are going to know that the only fourth generation aircraft
more would be even higher than f 16 f 18 yf 15 even almost higher than f 22
raptor did not speak on f 15 35 because the year 2006 was still in production in
the year in the 2013 reflex exercise I was not yet in service in
usa the f-35 therefore there is no data from
confrontation in this type of aircraft at least it’s the article that speaks
that if it would be superior to that kind of aircraft remember that today we are
talking about a f 15e x totally updated today we are talking no
of an f-16 blogs 50 but has a blog 70 and all the
eurofighter line in europe and in these cases today is more updated
therefore we should see how it will run the grip bill which is the last
format that is building anything less than females