It’s getting close!! We’re going to get our heads cut off! What’s up amigos. Estoy en Condesa. I’m in Condesa right now. One of the nicest neighborhoods in all of Mexico City. And this place was actually my favorite neighborhood the first time I visited D.F. I’ve since changed my mind. I like Roma Norte a bit better. Which is where we’re living. But this area is known for it’s European architecture. And two very big parks. There’s a lot of greenery, a lot of cafes. You guys are just going to have to see. Hi. This is Adriana in case you forgot who she was. Mi novia. They will never forget me. Because of the French style of architecture here. And all of the cafe’s and parks. A lot of people have compared Condesa to a little Paris. in Mexico City. I have not been to Paris. So I can not confirm. Would you agree with that? Absolutely? We’ve just entered Parque Mexico. Behind me. This is the biggest park in Condesa. And on a weekend it is super crowded. And now I kind of feel like a tour guide walking backwards. And I can sort of see what’s behind me from the view finder. This is a really bad idea. You want to take him home? The kid has the right idea just enjoying life. This is actually a public bathroom. If you’ve ever seen a public bathroom that has a better display of art in your life. Tell me in the comments i’m curious where. Absolutely love how some of the apartments look right around the park. Gorgeous gorgeous architecture. I think i’ve actually heard more English and seen more foreigners in this park. On a Saturday afternoon than probably in the last 3 weeks combined. In Roma Norte. This is one of the hip, the in neigborhoods. And if you’re coming to Mexico City for a short period. I would definitley put Condesa on the list. Right below Roma Norte. Now we’re waiting for our friend Meagan to join us. You might recognize her from my original vlog about Mexico City. And we’re either going to be doing improv comedy. or juggling. She’s got something in mind. I don’t know. Guys this is Meagan. She can’t do two things at once. She can do three things at once. Umm dam it. The one side, you go in the middle. And then you take that side. So go, go ,go , go. Yayyy Cheating. Yes yes Cheating. Way to hard for me. I’m a clumsy person here. This is Hobbes and he is showing me how to use the what is it the DJ DJI Mavic Pro. Look on his screen right now you can see exactly what he’s seeing. Okay. It’s amazing because you’ve never seen your own city from above. You don’t recognize your street. You don’t recognize anything. Which is really cool everything from above. And we’re getting a close up here. We’re filming you now. And we can go very fast. What are we doing improv Theater without a script. And it’s supposed to be funny. And have you done it before? Yes, i’ve done. It many times in New York. Umm i’m actually pretty good at it. But it’s been a long time. Why are you so hairy? Why do you sleep naked every night? Because it feels really good. I love it. Stating a relationship. So boss and employee. Ex-wife. Mistress. Ex-wife, Mistress, and Husband. Yes. This is the easiest improv you’ll have all day. Let’s do that. How many people are watching your Youtube channel? Umm nobody’s watching don’t worry. Nobody subscribed. It’s only my friends don’t worry. Ok. Hey guys so if you liked what you just saw. And you want to join our cool improv group. Join us. And you speak english. Ahh good point. Good point. So feel free to join us. We have a facebook group which is called improv theater in Mexico City. So join us, and join us for an experience. Bye. Say bye guys. Bye. It’s one thing being on camera like this. Where I feel like I own the medium. When you actually put me in an improv situation. I don’t do so well. I did one scene but we didn’t film it. It was the best scene ever. Trust me. Alright we’re out of here. Trying to get some lunch right now in Condesa. This vlog was all sorts of random. We had juggling, drones, hopefully we’re going to get some shots of that. Improv. Which I wasn’t I think that good at. I definitley want to encouage you to check out my Mexico City Playlist. I’m going to leave a link to it down below. All of the Mexico City adventures in one place. Definitley subscribe and make sure to hit that little bell notification icon below. To get a message every time I publish a new video. Thanks for watching, hasta la proxima. You’re going to get a message every time I make a new video. These people are ridiculous.