I’m sorry for the lack of content
recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with depression and anxiety and
general senior year sort of stress but I still wanted to make something for you
so I thought I’d just do a little old-school cover. Nothing fancy like last
video, with the music video. This is something I used to do a lot on my
Instagram to destress as well as on my old youtube channel which has no videos
anymore it is privated. However if this is the sort of thing you’d like to see um
you know kind of musical videos along with the whole LARPing, chronic illness,
DnD let me know, and let’s just get into it, yeah? What I wanted was to fall asleep. Close
my eyes, and disappear. Like a petal on stream, a feather on the air. Lily-white and
poppy red. I trembled when he lay me out. “You won’t feel a thing,” he said. “When
you go down. Nothing gonna wake you now…” Dreams are sweet, until they’re not. Men
are kind until they aren’t. Flowers bloom until they rot and fall apart. Is anybody
listening? I open my mouth and nothing comes out.
Nothing, nothing gonna wake me now… Flowers. I remember fields of flowers, soft beneath my heels. Walking in the sun, I
remember someone, someone by my side, who turned his face mine but then I turned away. Into the shade. You…the one I left behind. If you ever
walk this way, come and find me, lying in the bed I made. Thank you guys so much for watching! I’ll
see you next week. Bye!