hello and welcome to another video now
in this video we’re going to talk about how to create a blog and if you are in
Kenya you’re probably familiar with blogs such as bikozulu , If you
visited bikozulu.co.ke You will find a blog and blogs basically are
websites that are geared to help to share the author’s thoughts whether that
be photography or written text or poetry you can write blogs that are focused on
different perspectives now Biko has chosen to target text so he writes
something beautiful every week and he publishes it’s mostly in tests if we can
click like one of this is latest post you can see that in this post he talks
he has a photo / photo up here and then has text that is talking about a certain
topic now Biko chooses the comedic approach and you can check out his blog
it’s good but it’s one of the blog’s that’s doing well. now if you want to
create something like this what because has done it’s actually quite simple the
first thing that you need to do is first to think of your name what’s your blog
name the name that you choose for your block it’s going to be the brand name
that is going to identify your brand as a block so our advice that you choose it
wisely because choose because you know his name is Jackson Biko so it’s a name
that works for him and he’s been identified by not so he people would
most likely know people from the because you know if you just in because so
choose a name wisely and after you’ve chosen a name the next thing that you
need to do is visit web hosts and host for is a web hosting company hostPoa.co.ke should get you there with hostPoa.co.ke,
we are our web hosting company that allows you to create hosting I will need to explain two terms first is that we help people get domain names, Now a domain name is a name in which your website is identified by and then,
other than the name that which had your website is is identified by we also help
you to create a space where your website will be so stored and accessed all over
the world and this is called hosting web hosting so what we do is we create both
a domain names and web hosting packages and the first thing that you
probably want to do is to search for the name that you have so for instance my
name is Anthony and I’m going to search for Antony that Co but ke and see
whether that name is available now once I search for it it will take me to a
window that looks something like this now okay we’re gonna have to enter that
again and see you okay so once you start for your name the next thing you need to
do is now the name is available now hold with forespore but the question is to
start with the minimum package the package minimum package starts with 995
you’ll notice that the underneath of 0ke is available for five hundred and
seventy shillings however you will need to add you will need to create the
hosting for it so the first thing I’m going to do is to add that to my cart
and once that is added to my cart I need to continue now I’ll need to continue
and get a hosting package so once I’ve added to cut the bottom is
going to change to checkout and I’m going to click checkout and when I go to
checkout it’s going to show me with a big red text there’s no hosting click to
add so if I proceed this way observe this without hosting any goods out have
the name registered but I’ll know have nowhere to
to place my blog so I’ll click no hosting click to add now this is going
to allow me to choose a package now the packages that are available are various
and I’ll not explain each feature but I want to choose base because base is a
good place to start it’s not expensive it’s run pizzas worth of hosting that
will last your whole year it’s actually a bit basically cheap and if you start
off with this it is going to help you to get your blog started without a lot of a
lot of a lot of issues ahead of you so once you select the base man it’s going
to take you here that user domain name that’s already on your shopping cart and
click use and once that’s there you are not purchased you haven’t created the
order for your base node is its base domain name at the zero key and the
domain name registration which is tied together so for that reason I would not
be I’ll not be charged for the domain name but I will be judged for hosting at
nine hundred ninety five shillings ok so the next thing you do is go to checkout
now if you do not already have an account with us at host for our you need
to create an accounts so you’d feel this details up and I’m not going to fill
them up it’s actually pretty simple and once you fill them up we actually accept
embezzle through pay bill so you can pay through PayPal and it will automatically
set up so once you’re done with this screen you’re going to be taken to a
place where after you spell everything put in your password and agree to these
terms and conditions you’re going to then be taken to a place that you can be
able to pay using an Pesa ok so once that is done you will receive an email
the email is going to indicates to you that you have purchased hosting and
confirming that you have purchased hosting and it’s going to there is going
to be an email that contains your account information that will allow you
to log to something called cPanel now if you’re
not familiar cpanel cpanel is the way in which you you access all your all
everything within your website so once you login to cpanel normally you’ll log
in to your cPanel by like your domain name in which case I’m using CF wanted
calm then /c but now what no it’s going to generate something like this later on
but it’s /c panel so once you do that it’s let me do it
when I do that see if water that comforts last cPanel it’s going to it’s
going to prompt me to put in my password in this case I’ve already probably put
it in so most likely no it’s not going to ask me for for the password again
hope that is so it’s asking for password in this way and after after it’s asked
for your password you bring you to the screen that looks like this now
congratulations you have websites ready now once you make the payment it’s most
likely that your the payment that you’re going to have is not going to be the
payment you will make it’s going to take about one hour before you able to access
you’re able to access your your your domain name now the reason for this is
because once you buy a domain name it’s it’s registered all over the world that
your domain name has just been registered and just in case you’re
wondering what I mean by domain name it’s the dot-com or 0k I’m going to use
that name a number of times so remember domain name just means dot-com what else
you’re okay now once you’ve logged into your cPanel
in this way and by the way if you have any issues about anything that you’ve
seen in this video you can just chat us up at host policy or the KE there’s a
chat bubble that is everywhere and the website you see this chat bubble and if
you open the up this chat bubble this somebody available in four seven to
assist you right now once you get here you’re going to need to either type s
oft which is soft and open this or if you’d like scroll
you can scroll down and look for the Softaculous app installer where is for
me here we go oh here it is so this off tacklers app is up installer
are these what we want to navigate to you could search for it up here is that
much easy and faster way so so tactless up installer and when i click it it will
open up this interface so the reason we’re going to subtract las up installer
is because you want to install wordpress now WordPress is the primary tool which
almost every blot is is created on now the good thing about WordPress is that
it is none techie friendly hey you know what I mean because most of the people
who use WordPress most likely do not know anything about coding and you do
not actually need to know anything about coding because with WordPress it allows
you to in turn interact with your website and edit it and create beautiful
websites without having to know how to code which is a great thing so once you
get to this abstraction as app installer I’m going to guide you on how to install
it so you click on install now once you click on install the next thing that
it’s going to open up is a missile looks like this okay so the first thing the
first option you’re going to see is choosing a de HTTPS or HTTP now out
adversary choose HTTP because most likely that though our host poor would
come with a free SSL it’s probably not set up yet so the best way to go about
it is clicking HTTP by the way the S stands for secure so HTTP hypertext hypertext Transfer Protocol secure but
in this case it’s not almost a secure network if you are a bank and stuff like
that you need to s I went because this is the block and there’s no banking or
credit cards are you going to be using you don’t need to set that up then the
next option you should leave this as it is because it’s going to show you the
main name right now it’s showing showing cfor to.com that’s because that’s my
domain name it’s going to show your domain name and yeah so the next thing
you’re going to need to do is that you won’t find this having their words are
the legends WP I needed to delete that okay and then scroll down leave that as
blank what that’s doing is that if you install it if you WordPress if you
install it with WP on your WordPress is not going to be installed on the on the
home page of your website it’s going to install on a directory which is WP in
this case you want to delete this WP out of the way okay so the next thing is
that you’re going to name your blog so remember the name of it shows so for
this name for this time we would like choose and nice blog Antonis blog and
choose the site description this is awesome this is awesome look yeah a smiley face right there
right yes so that’s why you can leave this as blank there enabled multi sites
you don’t have that there so the next thing you need to do is
choose the your username I need to be a username that you’re going to remember
you can set it as your name remember it needs to be mostly in small letters so
set – Anthony now for the password this is very important you need to find a
strong password so instead of generating mark for yourself
I advise that you click on this key here there is going to generate a rundown
strong password and this password is going to you can copy to somewhere safe
like for instance I can copy mine too I can copy it to somewhere like there and
and please don’t don’t copy us to to a place like this please copy it to a good
safe place like a notepad what not allows you to do is that it prevents you
from choosing a weak password that can be that I bought or can guess or
anything else can guess but you need to store it safely because that’s the way
you’re going to be entering into I into your house now choose your personal
email address in this case I’m going to choose under name or deep Africa Gmail
account is the email as the admin email now every notification that comes to
your your blog is going to be coming to this email address okay so you choose
your languages English and just in case you speak anything else and you can
choose that but I’m going to leave – English I’m thinking nothing is family
in here the words that would be pretty cool but I don’t think it’s there
don’t put sure that you want to be logged in so hear me – you alright then
you’d leave all the other options as they are
all the allows I put in your email address put in your email address it
will help you give you a notification once the installation is done and
finally click install this should take roughly about a minute or so it doesn’t
take very long to do but it basically installing right now it’s very important
that you do not leave this window do not close it before this is done or else the
installation will not be complements okay so once this is done the next thing
that is going to happen is that you need to once that happens you will need to you need to you can then be able to log
in to you your your email address which is which is great right so the next
thing that you need to do is once you’ve not into your once you’ve created your
install you wanna press the last thing you need
to do is go open another tab you could click any of these but opening on the
top and go to your domain name so in this case my domain name is cor – comm
and CF wah – dot-com this was what the website was previously so that’s why
it’s loading that but give you refresh it it’s going to now bring because this
was a previous cachet it’s not what that is but in this case it’s going to load
and you know this is still already loaded ant means block and here we go so
we have WordPress installed on our website now when you have WordPress the
next thing you need to do is to create a theme now first before you create a
theme you’ll need to log in so you remember the potential that we stored
which were here so I’m gonna copy those there and as that loads the way you
would log in to the back end of your of your blog is through your domain name so
in my case is CF water CF water calm sea for comfort slash WP –
ad mean so that’s your watch income or your name your do domain.com or dot c
oke then at WP – admin okay so the next thing that’s going to happen here is the
ones you you have this you remember we created a not mean and that mean in my
case was antony and the password that i had copied I’ll tell it to remember me
because my laptop it’s my computer so you remember
I mean when I login so I don’t have to log in multiple times however be careful
not to do that on a shared computer because you have left your password out
there so here we go so this is Anthony’s block and the the way it normally would
load normally would it would be something like this it’s a basic site
not anything to write home about it’s empty and you’re not yet ready so you
can start blogging but you’re not yet ready to block so what we’re going to do
is after that this is done would need to get to the back end and customize some
things so the first thing that our advice that you do first is do some
housecleaning and by housecleaning now you noticed in this dashboard these are
a lot of things not very complicated and you’ll understand them as you go along
and you’ll actually be a master of them in a couple of hours using WordPress so
the first thing you need to do is first the the first thing that I normally do
when I’m creating a blog or installing WordPress is to remove everything that
comes with that comes with the WordPress installation because most of the plugins
are coming here are not use usable so the first thing I need to do is I’ll
click here on this bar which should show you would highlight every everything
here and what I want to do is do a bulk action sort pull down the bulk actions
I’ll click delete but it’s not yet deleted because I need to click apply
and ok for me to delete the plugins that are here now the reason I’ve done that
is because the plugins that are pre-installed most likely are not very
useful and so what I mean what I like doing is removing all of those plugins
first because later on they may become a source or owner ability for my website
because they’re going to be there and just
in there okay I also like a clean interface so the other thing that I need
to go and do is that I need to go to plugins and I’m gonna go to plugins and
the first thing I’ll do is delete every extra theme that is in here so I’ll go
and click on this like theme details you know deletes on that because I’m not
going to use that thing they come pre-installed with WordPress which is
okay but not very useful and do the same for the other one now we can’t delete
the one that we are currently using though I wouldn’t like us to use this
particular theme there’s one I’m going to recommend for us to use all right so
the first thing that I do one once I have that deleted or need to go to
themes and once because they already are themes I’ll click add new that is up
here when you click at me what happens is you take into an interface where you
choose a new theme now in this case my advice would be that you do its best if
you select if you go and buy a premium theme and the different places that I’m
going to place that in in the show notes below
and basically what happens is that if you use a free theme it’s it’s nice and
warm but if you buy something premium it’s most likely going to have better
updates it’s most likely going to also have really good a really good interface
and it’s well maintained meaning that your website will break less to break
less because you are it’s absolutely been maintained by people who are paid
money and not just volunteers that are out there and there are a number of free
wordpress themes that are that are dangerous that have viruses in them so
you need to be careful when you choose themes because some of them may be may
be having viruses in them so I would advise that if you’re going to use a
free theme make sure that you download it from WordPress itself because if you
downloaded from Ava outside of WordPress it may be that it has a virus within it
and you will have a infected you accounts and when you’ve infected your
own account it will actually affect anyone who visits your site rincewind
your second may become blacklisted and a host of other issues you don’t want to
deal with so I’ll include a few links to premium themes that you can buy one of
them is Divi Divi is a good thing that you can buy and there are a host of
others that you can buy which are really nice and will allow you to work better
but if you’re not ready to buy yet and that’s ok I wasn’t ready when I first
started using WordPress you need to select one from here now the when we you
come to this interface what you need to do is select and choose a theme so I
want you to look for hd-sdi a Hestia Hestia is a free theme and it’s a pretty
nice thing for seems like I need to reload that yes yeah there are a lot of
themes that are out there that are really nice for some reason it’s not
loading so let’s try again ok so when you choose Hestia we would choose not
tiny hessed year but has T itself now if you you want to create logs that are
nice Leslie is a good theme I it’s free and you can be able to create something
beautiful with it are you clicking store away we didn’t notice that I clicked
install and then you’d click on activate activate the theme it’s a theme that
will allow you to block without having to spend money and also looks good now
you’ll be brought to this interface remember it in dr lise interface before
and so I would click the theme that we had before in the that as well because I
like keeping a clean interface alike keeping my theme and everything within
here I want use it I want to be actively using it
even not I’ll delete it because do you may be a source of problems kweilyn into
the future okay so now that you have your theme installed congratulations we
actually check out how this looks by when you just bring your your mouse
around here and right try to click on visit site and operate on a new tab you
will you will see that your theme will have changed because we install a new
theme remember the way the way the other one looks so here is now we have a new
theme installed and it looks better and our thing is actually taking shape now
with this I would need first of all customize the theme and there are
several ways of doing that you can do it on on here and click customize or if
you’re already here you can even click customize and what that’s good to do for
you is that it’s going to open up an interface that allows you to make this
look the way you you want this to be so maybe that you have a favorite color are
that you want your seam to look like and you have you have different ways that
you want your sites to look so it’s this is going to help you this interface is
going to help you create something that is actually beautiful and then you’re
going to enjoy working with so on this interface first thing you need to do is
change the size identity so if you have a logo that’s something you can add
explore and you can use something like logo maker elbow Chico em a que are calm
logo maker that come is a free resource that you can able to create a logo with
so if you interested in checking that out check it out it’s it’s a free there
are resource all you need to do is activate them by placing a small link
somewhere in your website saying that you used are their resource that’s all
and you can go to create something some really nice logos in there so you’re
gonna check out logo make play around with it so you can come and
create add your logo there and change the way this this looks so for instance
we can change the might names you remember we said it as Antony’s blog we
can actually change this too this is amazing
Antony’s block as you can tell by now I have quite a strong opinion of myself
sorry so now the next thing you need to do is
create a site icon the site icon is a small representation and that is shown
above here is probably out of the fold but the icon that is shown slightly
above slightly above the the customer is on on the tab on the tab that shows what
site you are on and it’s going to be replaces what is currently there to your
own logo so for illustration sake let’s do that
here so when you click on that it will bring this interface and you select
files click select files and in this case I’m going to go and select my file
from I’m going to put in more spores logo so I have logo there and it’s going
to put into sports logo so that’s that’s my icon there and there’s my logo that’s
fine it’s what it’s all seen there we go and so their site identity is there and
you’ll notice that the logo has been placed up here which is beautiful right
and there you go then you can change the icon to something
else now the icon that I have is not really the best out there so for
instance I can use this and selects or when cropping this I can probably go
somewhere like this selected as that and it’s going to show
poor you know this is how it shows that yeah so we’re going to expand this
slightly there we go crop image and we have it as our icon so
once I click Save you notice or probably not the icon here has changed so save
and publish remember to save and publish every time you do any change make sure
you save and publish it because you will lose the changes and that’s not going to
be fun when you lose the changes so the first thing inside identity then
appearance settings we’ll go to general settings and begin so I want my page to
note as a full width layout I want it to look like this I don’t have don’t want
it to have sidebars so I’ll sell it as full width so in shows like this is that
is most light bar shown then the blog sidebar I like my blog sidebar on the
right hand side so I’m going to leave it as it is just in case you want to shit
yeah change it to something else that’s okay so that’s okay as well okay and you
can leave it as enable box layout or full width layout now full width is
where the site from edge to edge has been seen like you can seal in there or
if you choose box then it would constrain it a bit and leave a bit of
space on the edge and edge okay and remember I will say this a million times
you might need to because it’s really important remember to save your changes
every time because if you do not even lose your changes then you can come in
just select a font so you can select a font for your header so the way you want
your headers to look and you already have examples of how that will be so you
can select a font so on depending on what you’re looking for you can select
something fancy or you can select something simple you notice that this is
now different this is slightly different bit of a thinner forms for the header I
think that that looks good and I can choose
I can choose something different for bats let’s go with a bow and it will
change the normal body front and there we go
you notice that my font here is Apple yeah and that’s that so let’s save and
publish that as well and then oh something I forgotten this
is font sizes so you can you can increase your your in font sizes like I
can crease increase the font sizes for for this to something like 16 and you’ll
notice how the front here changes to other particular font and I can change
the heading font to something like 40 I choose what whatever works for you
whatever looks good I choose that because it’s ultimately
your blog so you need to choose something that you like something that
some of the tickles your fancy so for instance I think I’m going to leave mine
at 40 43 it’s a bit big yeah you can leave it at 41 41 is okay okay save and
publish and we can go back and we can select background image now the
background image is going to be shown at this this edge and we selected a
background image for instance if we went and chose all of the images let’s just
upload one for example here so if we choose an image let’s choose
this girl here so the background image is Bom
I don’t really like leaving mine open the reason I do that is I think it’s
more clean and doesn’t have a lot of complication at the back so the
background image basically would which would show on every background every
time that you are every time that you using any user visits your site they’re
going to see that background image on every one of the posts well it’s a post
whether it’s a page whether it’s a home page or the blog page all of them are
going to be showing there which depending on whether you you like that
kind of thing then you might enjoy that or probably not okay so as that finishes
loading probably was a big file you could close that and do still be there
so see what it’s done it’s almost done okay so something I can talk about when
we in at this point is that when you’re creating a wordpress blog it’s important
to think about what style of writing you’re going to have because when you
are creating a blog it’s important to have to choose a style and stick to it
because you want people coming back over and over again and if you your style is
too varied and appeals are audiences that are of very different sizes and
configurations then that may be a problem I may see it once and not come
back so choosing that style is important so you’re going to choose to do a
fashion block then it’s important that you choose that you actually work with
in fashion as a fashion blogger at the end you discuss things that are around
fashion because if someone would kill me we don’t but it’s important for you to
choose choose a direction and wants to choose that direction then it becomes
your way to go now that file is not uploading for some reason probably it
sighs I need to see how to work on that but all the same I think you get my
point okay so I once you’re done with that
from front page sections now you do not need on Hestia you would need to work on
this because you won’t really be having a front page now unless unless you want
your blog to always be having a front page there are different ways of
implementing this okay so you can choose to have one step one standard page that
is going to be shown every time or you could choose to be having a blog like
your latest post showing so what I did is I click down here start starting from
page so you can choose to have either the latest posts that you’ve done or you
could choose a style from page now in this case if we went for the study front
page for instance and we came into the front front page settings then you can
be able to adjust how this looks and your site that can actually look at this
beautiful and so for instance if we went for this for example then you can come
and select the different then customize your your sights as we go so change I’ll
become able to come and edit this so we can come and edit some of these things
for instance you can come and click on this and edit this background for it to
be different so and change what all of this is buttons right on the the custom
section so in the big title section for instance you can come and change the
background image the strength upload another language possible an image
installed if I try to upload was not all that awesome okay so let’s say this is
you and that’s your face so with that image we can choose that
image and once you’ve chosen that image it’s the one is going to be showing in
the background so for instance you can see that’s that beautiful image of you
smiling if that’s you in this case and you can
change the title to remember we’d call it down to this block now that we have a
ladybug here let’s call it Lisa Lisa Lisa blog okay so Lisa’s blog and the
text down here you can say the these for instance are the amazing Lisa and you
can create a button the button is view my facebook or my Instagram so you might Facebook and you can put in
your Facebook handle so for instance hours is horsepower and there we go so
when somebody clicks on that link it’s going to take them to tools for you
notice you leave this on a new tab it’s going to take us to our Facebook page
which I would like you to also like if you at this point in this video that
means you you are interested in what host borders so please like our page
we’ll all be really happy I’ll jump to the moon and back mm-hmm well probably
not but really be happy I liked our Facebook page okay so now that I’m back
from the moon happy because you’ve liked the page you can we can compare we can
proceed okay now you can choose to have this on on the left hand side so you can
show the face on the right or the right hand side I think Center looks nice
right hand side actually looks nice as well so let’s leave that as that okay
then remember save and publish let’s go back
let’s go to the About section and in this no let’s undo that so you want to
select something like that and about Lisa but Lisa and in this place you can
say I am amazing I am amazing well probably don’t if you have a high
opinion of yourself as I do you probably are not going to go very far so please
don’t just write I am amazing write something else about yourself something
genuine some of that you readers will actually like and enjoy so I am in this
case because that we are doing a demonstration so yes Lisa is
going to be amazing I am I am amazing Lisa there we go
I am amazing Lisa and remember these are images that you
can actually change so let’s even change this and create let’s add an image there
let’s add an image so for instance you can click Add media upload a photo you
can upload a photo of there you remember how to do it right you click on select
files go back to our trusty photos and we can add this funny it’s funny thing
not sure how that looks actually that doesn’t look very nice in there so I
might or might not want to keep that because it doesn’t have a transparent
background we could actually even add a host for the sake of illustration and it
would have a transparent background in the back now you need to be careful what
you do with with your with the way you blog looks because looks are important
don’t be fooled looks are important so be careful not to not to create the
wrong impression just make sure that you you’re selecting pictures that look good
and that help to illustrate who you are or what your brand is all about yeah so
there we go and we can even put this image to be the
right-hand side so and so you can write something about yourself in there that
helps the reader to know more about who you are there you go so if you do our
flows it will go that way so or the same just some great something
have thought I think I’ll believe at that point okay our Steven publish then
in the blog section now the number of items you want to be placed here now
since this is a blog for you you need to place probably a large number of items
so let’s say you want to place ten ten pieces to be written here so ten pieces
are going to be shown here every time somebody comes to this block is going to
see ten of your latest posts that are there so so for instance you can collect
leases okay sorry here we go leases blog I do need to reload that and remember
when you’re saying we were talking about that he needs to ensure that you publish
and saved this is one of the reasons why for some reason your connection could
drop the connection to Internet could drop for just a slight second and when
that happens it’s not actually good so you see all the changes are remains are
still there so remember we had one of the front page
sections we got a blog log and there we go and this is there we go and remember
it said this as ten okay and click Save and publish now in the contact section you can add
contacts about yourself and you can even have to change the background to this
that’s putting something like ok let’s see what picture we can get let’s select
a picture of this type of coffee okay so we have background cup of coffee
probably inviting people to getting touches me I’ll buy a cup of coffee
stuff like that so you can come and click on in any of this so get in touch
and you can when you click on this let’s click on that so you can publish oh yeah
so here we are so change this subtitle so let’s call
this I will you of coffee right contacts contact us
yeah so there we go so you can change this find us at the office here so when
you click on that it brings you to contact content find us of the office
give us a ring and it contains our information now the reason you’re not
seeing this is that it’s in yeah here we go so you can change this to be
something like and development host and floor that’s where our office is located
for Lord there we go mm-hmm right save and publish if you want a contact
form you can install that in the pub and the blood in section however I don’t
think that’s quite important you can add your phone number that’s in case you
want one let’s add ours – five four seven two zero 502 500 okay now I
noticed that normally if if I do this it normally will leave a cup which in this
case is good but just in case you don’t you don’t want this gap you can add that
gap you can come back here this yes looks like code and I remember I
remember I told you that what press does not have code but they are places that
you can use codes and in this case is where one of those places and you can be
able to adjust this from there and we open Monday to Friday and there we go I
think that’s okay so you can even put in the form of any storm that is going to
come in here if you wish to do that actually if you don’t just do it
together with you we can do that but first let’s save and publish okay so you
can have fair options and I encourage you to play around with all of this so
header options the very top part we can have that all DC bullets in this case
even simply well not much happens does it oh yeah there is a very top bar let’s
see what happens if we disable that oh yeah oh yeah so this is a very top bar
actually what we’ve done by removing that is we’ve created a top bar menu so
you can have a top menu and then a lower menu here well in this case looks nice
and clean when there’s nothing we at the top way and the picture is
right for there so let’s keep it that way okay so navigation you can have the
navigation looking like this so for instance you can have it looking like
this this is the way that it’s this and this year and you can have it centered
so it’s entered the local come here at the center and the the things coming
here so if you have a logo encouraged to our logo help you play around with this
or you can have it you can add you can add something’s up here now normally
what happens is that you can put an ad up here so that’s not for this
particular blog posts are not for this video but you can add something up here
and have a week yet or sidebar or an ad from Google if you want to make money
from that I’m going to leave it as as it was I I like the way it looks this way
or actually I can leave it here yeah and then I will say publish with it
incentive like that okay so click Save and publish then the header image now this you do not have to change this you
do not have to change leave that as is okay so let’s go to colors you can
select what your color you main color is going to be so since this is Lisa’s blog
will leave this colors pink and the background color this is the background
color here which you can change to something like brown not sure how good
that looks blue probably yeah however I actually like the gray so I think I’ll
choose the gray the gray looks looks good I can stick with that ring probably
tad bit lighter yeah there we go and I’ll leave the button so that the accent
color is the color in which the buttons are going
look anything like this are going to look so there we go
say even publish okay you can the menus so with menus you can create many years
menus are these ones here and what you see up here so the menus you can have
several when you create several pages like once you create something like a
home page a contact page then those many items would show up here so you can be
able to come in like add add add links here so for instance if you wanted to
add a menu item let’s say you want us to add an item that takes put him through
to your Facebook so you come and click there go to custom links and for
instance you can choose choose facebook.com post for and the link text
is going to be okay you asked a Facebook and you can add that and it’s going to
you’ll notice it’s a bit grayed out it will be added here the our Facebook and
you can add custom links you can add pages so for instance you can add you
can add those both of these pages are added so you can add homepage sample
page whatever page you created so for instance if we create a contact page
then you can add that there you can add let’s say you have a really nice post
that you like you can add that to the menu up there or you can add a category
so let’s see how categories like Hewes dresses and so on you can add that there
as well but I’m going to leave – dance and I choose this is a primary menu and
it’s going to be shown every time up here now you can also choose this as a
footer menu when you do that it’s going to be shown down here so notice you
remember you remember the three things that we
had so we had home blog now in this case it shows us a Facebook icon so that’s
what it dances which shows the Facebook icon okay save and publish and let’s go
back to many years after you come to menus these widgets you don’t need to
change that for now static front page don’t change that for now an additional
CSS this are a bit more complex you do not need to know that for now so the
first thing the next thing we’re going to do before we leave discuss to my
section is we are going to install install our pirate phone plug-in for us
to be receiving questions on our forum so when you click activating first I
think we hadn’t saved a tweet saying this so don’t reload let’s save and
publish okay so now that that’s done if it requires to reload it’s not going to
be a problem so it’s currently installing the contact plug-in is going
to have this plug-in at the at the back of this so that’s if somebody wants to
just leave your message they can do that on this form here okay we might probably
want to reload this hmm it’s an interesting bar though right
there okay so another reloaded this we want to
once it finishes here we go so we want to customize the contacts the contact
boxes back here oh there we go it actually installed so there is a
beautiful contact box that people can be their name email and message to you and
you will receive that as an email and you click customize on this it probably
is going to have yeah it is so its installed so you come over to you people
are going to be able to use that so now that you’ve done all of those changes
let’s open a new tab and see how our new website looks CF washer calm so remember
it was plain before and within this time we have been able to create a beautiful
website right there at least this blog is amazing Lisa remember you could have
more content here and then Lisa’s blog you can do I think some of these changes
need to be customized and customized this little bit better and the contact
page that is right there let’s open let’s try opening this in
incognito window that does not recognize that it’s us and see how everyone else
out there would see would be seeing on our website so Lisa’s blog and there we
go so with this this changes as have been implemented it basically gives a
very basic overview of your website it’s actually it’s designed to take form now
there are a few more things that you need to do for your blog to truly be
active so the first thing we’re going to do now that we’ve entered into this area
just confirming a few things a few things are where they should be this is
amazing Lisa just make a correction please on time changing the world one
word at a time thing say that a few what changes may have
been erased when we reload it that’s a bummer so let’s just change that really
real quick so change this image to a cup of coffee
and there it is okay let’s use this area 10th tenth floor and we’ll leave the rest is
last two five four seven one and two zero five zero two five hundred okay
click Save and publish saved and published when we exit and
there is is our blog beautiful isn’t it yeah so now that you’ve already done
this the final thing it’s not a very difficult thing but it’s the most
important is doing your first posts so the first posts you’re gonna do now you
can need to go come to posts and view all posts now as you will notice that
these already a poster was there it was it came pre-installed I would advise you
to just delete this the hello world and once you delete that it’s going to give
you an empty page so create a new posts now this is the way that you’re going to
be blogging through now when you’re coming to log in every time this is the
way you’re going to be blogging through so you come in enter your title how I
made my I made my first blog I made my first block and I would come and play
some texts it was now obviously you do not want to do blah blah blah but you
get the points so you’d come in place and talk about all the things are you
going to talk about you probably want to add an image so you remember the image
of the funny the funny phone you can add that there you can actually change the
size of that image to be a bit bigger and click publish now once you click
publish it’s going to be published it’s now out
there to the world or for the world to see
now you’d once you’ve done that you probably want to set a featured image
the featured image let’s say our featured image is a coffee how I made my
first blog and I drank a lot of cups of coffee forth for a good illustration
let’s go to lorem ipsum lorem ipsum generator now what this does you don’t
need to remember this by the way what this does is it creates blocks of text
for you of just meaningless words that are out there and for the sake of seeing
how your your your site would look like with text for and because right now I do
not want to have to write this many 500 words a 500 word article I just want to
copy this so I’ll come and copy this and place it in here where is this oh yeah
it was wonderful so when I say it was wonderful instead of the blah blah blah
let’s add the text and at least so with this now I want to do if there isn’t I
want to do this is to illustrate a point with images you can place them you can
make them wrap around wrap around your your text so for instance in this case
we’ve made it if we made the image the image that we have here we can make it
wrap around texts in the way that would wish to wrap so for instance if we place
it up here so you can wrap it around are aligned to right line is to left or like
leave a gap in between so let’s say well I need to write and then
down here we add another image for build a coffee so add media and let’s add
appropriate Lisa let’s add Lisa we’d said to call this lady Lisa so let’s add
Lisa’s image in here Oh what that dad what that data is actually replaced the
image so control Z should do that so click on a different place like let’s
say here and add media and let let’s add Lisa to the mix and let’s make Lisa’s
photo aligned to the right so Lisa’s photos went to the right let’s make
places for just slightly bigger so you notice that this looks like this and it
makes it makes your text look it complements your blog by making adding
text that looks adding pictures that look beautiful and help complement and
you click update now it’ll make your site look pretty here
so now once this is done it has been taken to assign to your blog it’s
published now you can look at let’s refresh this page or even actually let’s
open and see it the way of you would see it so CF watch icon so if a person comes
to CF what would calm they will notice the beautiful picture of Lisa is right
there and the logo and so on and lisas block
so the first thing you remember the featured image this is the featured
image and this is what they would see so let’s say we’ve done that this is one
one of the articles and you clicked on it to take you then to the specific
article you can read more about it and you notice that the featured image is
still shown in the back room at that and you notice the way we created the image
and it looks like that beautiful right um so the other thing that you can do
with this let’s close this and create one more posts and this is I promise
this is the final thing you’re going to do your site is basically done you
should be celebrating by now so the final thing we’re going to do
I’ve read one more post so you can see how it would look like so my second log
post remember the lorem ipsum we did they it
is again and let’s add let’s add a photo a photo here add media
add media and let’s let’s add something new let’s add a new image so let’s say
Lisa is talking about how to friends you can actually copy two images there so
Lisa is talking about her two friends the mango and the African so let’s say
that’s what Lisa wants to talk about a second blog post and so we will wait for
that to fill in to upload okay so as is that loads actually flows
that and wait for it does with the as it loads let’s say the category that we’re
going to placed in this is let’s add a new category Lisa and Lisa I’m friends
let’s add a new category so this category is going to be we add a new
category like that so Lisa and friends so that’s the
category that is going to be there let’s set the featured image as as Lisa
herself now the other images are still uploading so let’s see whether it’s done
uploading I believe it should be by now actually not images this one is not
showing a preview here or I may be mistaken in that particular point okay
so that image has an issue not only to me check on that next time so the body
other moves only images loading so let’s look for someone and an African was the
story’s bottom zoom when African so let’s look for an African big here there
we go so here’s Amazon go inside into post so
we inserting inside of that picture somewhere here there is Lisa and her two
friends one instance on who annoys not on his African so so once we do this
I’m doing this for the sake of illustration and just to show something
in this so for instance the zoom a friend right there
and the African friend right there so with that let’s call it release and
friends recent friends as published that now once we publish this Lisa and
friends there we go so listen friends let’s look at how
Ducks would look from Lisa Lisa’s blocks or cfor to VidCon Lisa’s block and
remember remember the way that was just one blog posts so now it’s two and they
would continue and there’ll be up to ten remember we chose 10 so here it is so
your block wouldn’t start taking shape as you probably small articles show
there and remember this is Lisa and trends and their categories are
selection okay so thank you so much for watching this video I hope you have
learned something got an entertained and build some beautiful sites together yeah
so you would like to hit us up we are at hosts pour on Twitter we are at host for
on Facebook you can visit host for that see you look ke and just tell us that
you liked the video that you watched and say to you in to good to be doing more
tutorials I hope that your blog is going to look nice if you would like to talk
about the stuff you’re building I would love to learn more about it so in this
video these comments down below please share links to the glow that you’ve
created I’m sure it looks wonderful have a look at it and I’m sure that you
are watching this as well have love to have a look at it so please do that
thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day or night depending on
when you you seeing this okay so bye by the way if you need any
assistance from host poor as always we are available on host pour that’s it
okay all right okay bye thank you so much for watching
this bye