hello everyone welcome back in this session we shall summarize okay remember we looked at the basic menu items or many elements title text image plus text image gallery slideshow map and contact form we added menus in a navigation bar or pages in a navigation bar we added a site title mr. C’s class we have not added a description site description we looked at settings what are these settings you can add the end of course the address is this side this is the site title symmetrical mecca side we have not when we click on SEO search engine optimization we have not added a site description we can go ahead and I beside description now because it is very important so how do we get our site description I I already have it here now what you can do for any website you can right click on that side and when you right click you can click on view page source so this is my current website that I use view page source and I have the description as this so all i need to do is to copy and paste so there are rules for adding site description we shall talk about these rules if we have time in the workshop ok so I’ve saved it and you can also add some keywords you can add some keywords ok and we can talk about all these letter in the workshop so when we say we just go ahead and publish right away so we don’t forget that now we added the social icons we added some sub pages we added a contact form now we still have order many elements we have the structure now some of these come with a paid plan some of it come with a pay plan something like the stash box and how would you know those that come with a plate plan let’s look at an empty page that we have if we put the search box for instance okay it brings you say it says upgrade your side you have a free plan so if we want to get it such we have to pay now it also says this this element is part of an upgraded service you can try out this element that it will not be published to your life side until you upgrade so you click try it out but I don’t want to try it out so I’m just going to delete it now this size box is important because when you come to your site for instance this is my site you say have a stash box you can search for things on this side and it will save you time looking for it okay you also have the media the high-definition video this is also a pay plan whereby you can put videos on your plan you see he does not allow us yeah but we can try it out but because of time we don’t need to try it now we can try it and it will work but it will not be published okay some of these are just paid plans you can just look you know look at it when we look at the money dolla now you can make money with your site that is what we call a google adsense I can talk about this in the workshop if we have time okay if we have time now under the mall yeah and also if I go back to the comments which is the google adsense you see some sights are other advanced on the side okay so those like vast generate money when users click on it now we can talk about this on the workshop how you can register with google and make money for your site okay now more under the more you have more things blockquote embed code pull social icons yeah you can still put social icons on the page not just here you can still drag it and put on a page you can still do that okay you can put a poll you can drag a poll maybe you want now pull is good surveys and polls are good when you want to use us depending on the kind of website you have you might want feedback from users so you just set up a poor with them set up a new poll with poor daddy and view the results polldaddy.com it requires you to ready a quick have an account we pull that in ah then you can also put surveys so that does that come to your site know how did you hear about this side you know and when you submit you can set it so that it will come straight to your email okay feedreader booking some forums are the things you can also explore okay now this is unbilled for the design you can change the pin you can always change the pain to anything at all you know this was the team we selected we can change our team to this so like i told you from the previous video lessons each of these when you point at it you can click shoes and it will kind of change the pain yeah you can preview it before you choose it you know so and this is now here you see how this is so like I said earlier and you need in one of the videos we we did these icons you see in this video it is done on the right hand side yeah but I want to revert back to the team I had before so I’m just going to click on change team and that was this pink shoes so yeah I’m back here now before you kind of shoes it you might want to preview it so that you don’t have to know like here you can just preview it to see how it will look like yeah and then you can some before you choose it so you can always try out these things okay now and you can change the colors as well you can change the fonts is so many things you can do you can change fonts here okay ah for the pages we’ve talked about the pages we did that for these settings we talked about these settings we talked about it SEO ecommerce mobile wanna check make sure that this box is checked so that they can see it on your mobile phone where they can mobile users can view your site without problems okay I want to save your side as a zip file you can save it as a zip file by creating an archive okay ow now this is the new Wibbly this is the new Wibbly let’s say we want last year we did gold whipley let’s say you’re comfortable using the old Whitley rather than the new Wibbly all you need to do is under this place to click under this free you have a a drop down and you can click on revert to old editor this will take you to the old Wibbly and then you can also view all the videos I did for old Wibbly edit last year so this like the old Weebly editor here this was what we did last year the same workshop okay and you want to go back to the new Weebly a detail you just click on try a new editor so that is it for this workshop it is enough more than enough for three hours but I will be what our welcome to answer any questions any time any day I will give you my contacts during the workshop so that as you advance with your web design creation with creating your websites you can always call me a text me for help ok i will be willing to do that to help you out yeah there are so many things to learn about website technology changes all the time all the time so we always if you’re in technology you need to always be current you know with the latest technologies it changes all the time and we need to keep working on it playing with it to keep up with the latest changes yeah thank you so much for attending the 2013 alabama educational technology conference and thank you so much for attending my workshop I do appreciate your presence and as you go on designing websites just know that I’m available in case you need any help yeah it doesn’t learning doesn’t just stop here you can always have had mice the teachers I’ve worked with they call me or did email me action me at o’clock wisdom so you always welcome to do that okay and you have a great