Hi, this video is in English if you can’t understand you can turn on the subtitles hi welcome to NabbuBlog I’m Francisco and I am the voice today we are talking about the concept of life in science
this is science channel well this is a remake of a video
originally spoken in spanish there is in the description and we start now the meaning of life is a thing that is changed in many cultures through the time by example in oldest time the people think about the life is a thing that can be in all
creatures they have a soul but a soul was a thing that happened in many things on
earth including the rocks or the water so the concept was very different that a
concept that we have now about the life well remember if you think that I speak
weird or strange it’s because I’m not fluent I’m not an english speaker I have
most practice in writing and reading not in speech but I make these videos
because I think that it can be to improve my english and to help the grow
my channel remember the other videos are in spanish but with subtitles I ever made subtitles for my videos and now i’m going
to talk about the topic well the meaning of life is some that it’s change through the time well so I said before the people think that life is a thing that it be all the
different things like the rocks and water and because the concept of life
and the concept of soul is very different that we know now about what is
life it’s a very complicated thing and I’m not an expert so that is the reason
that I make the video so I want to generate a discussion to learn about
you what do you think about life in the present things like rocks and water
they’re not living things but what happened if we talk about the viruses or robotic
life there is no life too but why a modern concept of life talk
about organism which can self-regulate survive and reproduce what happened if
an artificial intelligence can do this why is not life and what about the viruses a virus is
not a living thing is a… is a kind of code of DNA or RNA and
by convention so the people say hey this is life! in science let’s talk about the cells animal and vegetable cells and organisms
they have one cell this is life a cell by convention the minimum unit for
life is the cell another definition speaks of organisms are self-regulate
can survive and reproduce this convention leave out other creatures
such as viruses or a hypothetical artificial intelligence well this is all for today is a difficult topic remember you can comment about that and you can watch my original video because for my is more easy to talk in spanish and remember to subscribe bye