hey welcome to the business of music my
name is sean mccabe I’m joined by my brother Ryan McCabe Ryan how’s it going
welcome to the show good to be here alright so kind of
talking a little bit beforehand some some talking points we want to talk
about a little bit on writing which could pertain to actual lyric writing
and Composition but also what you’re doing right now with publishing music
videos once a week you know really dialing that in and then if you’re
another talking point is like if you’re satisfied with that you know that level
of execution do you want to commit to more what’s that look like
where do you want to jump in actually real quick before we even get into those
there’s one more topic that I wanted to bring up we talked about whether you
know kind of the metrics of what the results I was saying from uploading just
a random video or something that was trending and when I went with something
that was trending I’ve looked at the numbers so far it was 18 times more
views that I got I broke it down to a number but yeah so I felt like that was
probably something that I feel like I should definitely focus on and stick
with hmm just because it provides just that much more traction and like you’ll
get more engagement in the comments section that you know that actually
provides places that you can engage with people been seeing more subscriptions
come in that way I’ve actually looked at the metrics of it but I’m pretty sure
it’s tied into that anyways that was a cool thing to happen so they’re talking
about that well yeah that is really exciting I
would say let’s just talk about that while we’re here I mean my thought is do
that like do that as much as you can I just don’t want you to reach a point
where there’s nothing trending or you don’t know what to do so it’s like I’m
not gonna post a video it’s like we want to have a baseline to fall back on so
it’s like okay I commit to showing up I’m gonna produce something but I don’t
see I don’t see any problem with like filling up as much of your queue of
content with trending stuff I think that’s just smart yeah oh good
all right simple yes it does it is more time and energy because ideally
it’s something that like it’ll be brand new obviously so it’s something that you
have to just like really buckle down and learn yeah but that’s part of the like
if you commit to show up regularly you’re building the muscles so you’re
like I’m gonna be making something so it’s like all right you know cool I was
gonna do this random song or improv but this is the thing I need to make right
now I’m gonna practice that and crank it out like for me with doing seanwes tv
and you know daily episodes it’s like I I have all this content ready to go in
advance scheduled you know it’s gonna publish but if a hot topic comes along
you know and it’s like a yeah Neil oral type of thing you know like there’s this
thing tell me what you think of my my impression yeah Annie Laurie done good
Laura anyway so that was like a really big hot
topic I followed this guy he’s just like a small youtuber maybe like a couple
thousand subscribers just like a couple thousand I followed him for a year and
it’s for like you know the most niche specific stuff like I remember I was
doing all this research on like you know I use a DSLR camera here how do you
stream with that and there were these you know HDMI to Thunderbolt converters
Blackmagic and you know he does like little individual reviews on super nerdy
stuff like that you know SDI cables and actually give him a shout-out Doug
Johnson productions he’s just a guy out of Utah he’s been building this
production studio in a trailer like for live events and stuff he’ll go out to do
like a live music event he’s trying to get any more like live sporting events
or you know conferences things like that but he’s got this trailer he’s just
decked it out he he bought this trailer empty and like fit the whole thing like
put his own walls in runs the wires behind the walls there’s like screens
there’s an audio booth or replay booth you know an editing booth like it’s it’s
just awesome and he’s been like vlogging the journey of this so just a little
YouTube channel he gets like a couple hundred views on these vlogs and I just
love them they’re just like delightfully technical right well I noticed the other
day so like you again I’m subscribed to him he gets
a few views a couple thousand subscribers I thought there’s no way
that this was him he made a video on the whole he Annie vs. Laurel thing and
because he’s a super technical guy he understands audio he gives like the
visual breakdown it was like he just hopped on that and it said one day ago I
don’t remember if it was two or three hundred thousand views and I was like
that’s this dude you know like I know him you know and he just hopped on that
I was like wow that’s so cool but if a topic like that comes to wrong along a
hot story or whatever because I have the muscle and the setup you know already
built and ready to go I can hop in here and I can just crank out a piece of
relevant content slip that into the the content queue you know just like I’ll
publish this day I’ll publish this tomorrow and push everything else back
anyway that was kind of my little anecdote on that topic two or three
hundred thousand well that’s awesome so okay let’s let’s talk a little bit about
what you’re doing right now you’re you’re sticking to the the weekly
publishing so far you’ve been consistent every single Wednesday new video there
was one night I went to bed really late there’s 11:47 p.m. and there was no
there was no Ryan video at 11:46 but at 11:47 p.m. there was a Ryan video I’m
like all right still Wednesday and it’s not an offence but I actually had
everything already uploaded onto YouTube and everything I just hadn’t published
it and posted it to social media I had it sitting on my computer but I was out
that whole day didn’t come back to it I probably could have done it from my
phone now think about it anyways well yeah I should have it ready and already
published by Wednesday morning and that was my goal so I feel like I kind of
failed it but I still got it out on Wednesday but it was any didn’t have it
Wednesday morning well I commend you for getting it out I
also commend you for saying like alright I can be a little more diligent about it
to get technical you know you can schedule YouTube videos right alright so
today you learned a little little technical detail
I’ve learned if you upload your videos and depending on like your defaults you
might default to like privacy status like public it could be unlisted or it
could be private what you want to do is you probably already have this but
upload default private and if your video is uploaded as private you will then
have the option to select scheduled so when you go and edit it it’s like you
know status you could change it to public or private but or unlisted but
also in there will be scheduled what I found is if your video is currently
unlisted you cannot schedule it to publish you have to set it to private
and then only once it is private you can then schedule it to be published so
interesting now you know you can set the time zone the time the date all that
stuff so you know cool good goal would be you know your deadline would then be
Tuesday to like upload it and then schedule it to publish at a specific
time on Wednesday that’s perfect yeah which is already what I did I had
everything already good to go on Tuesday the day before and then just yeah that’s
great so did you ever end up going through audience building course I have
not actually okay so uh audience building course calm for anyone watching
that’s free you can grab that there’s a link in the description that’s a free
course I made on building your audience but one of the things I talked about in
there is creating an editorial calendar so you’ve heard me talk about it here
like building your audience I think in the in the second episode maybe we’ll
put like a link in the card or something to the second episode of the business of
music this show Ryan and I do we talked about building your audience you know
audience building course and I said you know weekly is the minimum you want to
publish weekly just to stay relevant with people like oh yeah that Ryan guy
obviously daily is the goal of like ultimate top of mind but at the very
least weekly if you are gonna do weekly my recommendation is to have somewhere
between four and six weeks of content made scheduled ready to go
so like ideally about a month so you just need four pieces of content if
you’re blogging for blog post if you’re making YouTube videos for YouTube videos
and the beauty of publishing or the beauty of scheduling is you can have all
those done in advance even if you’re not home even if you’re on a trip you’re
good to go you know if you weren’t able to record
that week you’re good to go you can build that buffer back up so I kind of
wanted to revisit that topic although I suppose I’ll make the case for you a
little better an audience building course so you’ll hear that but my
recommendation is set a goal of getting four done and the simplest way to get
there without just like okay I need a whole day to record four in advance is
just change the goal of you know you’re doing once a week change it to I’m gonna
make two a week now you still only publish one but in a month’s time you’ll
have four you know extra episodes saved up in deja vu we might have talked about
this last show I think – so maybe we did um good reinforcement that okay so
yourself that build towards that right yeah yeah that’s what it was I remember
and then yeah that’s what happened so I actually ended up doing – that’s what it
was I ended up doing two videos that week but I thought it was one of those
like trending things so I didn’t save it for like later on I just was like well
I’ll put it out now and ride the wave exactly what it was so I was working
towards that and then I just got antsy because of attending and then just
popped it out there so well you want to say you want to say bye next next week
next time we talk you’ll have done – for sure and if I find something trending
I’m gonna put it out but I will put something else back in the pipeline to
replace it so oh good you know good yeah so that’s what earns you the right by
the way like a lot of people want to do daily coz daily school but it’s
extremely hard and what’s not cool is doing daily for a few days and then
falling off like you want to stick with it right so you have to earn the right
to do daily how do you earn the right well you need to do weekly first stay
consistent with weekly and build up a buffer
like cuz you don’t want to be a KC nice dad about it and like edit all night and
published the next day like that’s just it’s it’s insane it’s not the life that
you want to have it’s hectic it’s stressful you want to be prepared in
advance so by proving to yourself I’m disciplined enough I’m committed enough
to get some content made ahead of time schedule that out once you’re consistent
with that for a bit then you can consider increasing the frequency and I
would probably say do like twice a week rather than going like full daily alright there you want to talk about you
want to talk about riding next sure so it was two-part but I was thinking
it’s something that I want to get better at as far as riding and I’m it that’s
two part in that it’s lyrical lyrical writing but also you know compositional
writing and so I know that you’re big on writing you know just as far as words go
and in general so maybe we can focus on compositional later but as far as the
lyrical goes you okay this is the quiz is what I’ve been trying to figure out because I haven’t been doing it but I
recognized the benefit of just writing everyday in general but if I was to try
and tack on or add in addition to lyrical composition do you feel that
that should be separate from a regular writing process do you think the issue
me maybe back-to-back like maybe I do mind just kind of daily mind um writing
stuff then I focus on lyrics or should it be kind of maybe maybe be more
beneficial to like you know put some space in time in-between it you know to
like you know block it out a little bit so have you written a song like both
music lyrics mmm not fully that’s that’s the worst part about it is like I’ll get
little ideas and you know maybe this part in that part but I’ve never
actually 100% put something all together it’s always
fragmented so far you think you have what it takes for sure you think you can
do it absolutely no question okay then I would say before we talk about the ideal
process because process is derived from the work like this is something I’m
teaching in client work essentials you know recently we had a module on our
lesson especially on creating your process how do you create your process
well you go back to the most recent project that you’re proud of that went
really well and you break down how that went so if you have done a project you
go to the you go to the one you’re most proud of and of the ones you’re most
proud of you go to the most recent because hopefully you’re improving and
getting better and streamlining if you haven’t done a project then the first
step would be to do a project rather than try and come up with a process for
something you haven’t done just do right so like within the realm of client
services you might do a project for a client but it could be chicken in the
egg Oh what if I don’t have a client I’m trying to make a case study and build my
process so I can work with clients but I haven’t worked with clients yet it’s
like okay well then you have two options you can either do pro bono project
meaning you do it for a client and you do it for free or you do a personal
project now in your case we’re not necessarily talking about client
services so it would probably just be a personal project but that would be the
first place I go it’s like do a personal project and then automatically you’re
gonna find things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to or you can improve
you know and so like I would say do at least one maybe two or three before you
like reach a point where you’re proud of how it went and you feel like this went
well and then once you have that I’d start to derive a process from it so I
say all that to say I don’t know that I can tell you which because honestly
there are artists who do both some people start with music and add lyrics
other people’s with lyrics and music and it’s it’s
really up to you some people gravitate more towards one than the other in all
of their songs some people have some songs that start with one or the other
you know it’s like it changes for them so to recap and then I’ll add one more
thing to it do a project completely from start to finish and he could continue
doing projects until you feel like it went well then then we’ll start to pull
a process from it in achieving that I would add that you want to capture log
as many ideas as possible did you ever go through the 30 days to better writing
course that I did I’m gonna put myself on full blast I think I made it today
twenty-something towards the middle and never actually got that’s pretty good
that’s pretty good twenty-something is very bad not good enough all right well
but it’s some people make it to like day six so anyway that that actually has
very very high revisitation value a lot of people like to go through that
multiple times if you’re watching or listening to this thirty days to better
writing is a 30 day course that I have on helping you build a writing habit
obviously we’re talking about lyrical writing musical writing but so much of
that applies including some of the things that I’m gonna mention in a
second that’s at 30 days to better writing calm
it’s also for free in our membership so members they get access to that for free
and they’ve written millions of words as a result of that course one of the
things I talk about in there is logging your ideas so the mark of a novice is
showing up to a blank page with a blinking cursor it’s just it feels too
overwhelming like what do I you know what do I do here what are right with
the pros they’re capturing ideas logging ideas at all times so we can come up
this from the lyrical or the musical perspective but like you know
uh you know I was watching an interview like with a musician recently and you
know he’s like he’s just kind of talking about had this like really popular song
was made he’s like you do you know he’s like making the sounds with his mouth
but it’s like you totally he obviously he’s great at what he does but like you
totally knew what notes he was he was talking about he’s a musician you know
he was like he was really hitting the notes not just like whistling aimlessly
and and if you just pull out your phone and capture that like you’re driving or
something you know just like start the record like I I think did I mention the
just press record on here no that was in that was in a different class I don’t
know if you have this Ryan it’s an app called just press record have you seen
this I have not okay this is an iOS app just
press record you gotta look it up it’s great like you here’s the cool thing
like I’ll show you it’s on my phone you pull it up and just boom you know
there’s the red button ready to go you’re like okay big deal voice memos
has that you know why do I need to separate out well you start recording
and when you’re done you not only have an item here that you can tap and play
and listen to but it transcribes what you said now that’s pretty cool
and and you could you can export it and let you export audio transcript or both
send it to know it send it to Dropbox send it in a message whatever that’s all
cool here’s what got me to buy it it also has an Apple watch app but not just
app a complication meaning like in the corner here not only does tapping the
complication in the corner go to the app it starts recording one single tap from
my wrist in the corner of my watch at any time immediately starts recording
and will automatically get transcribed so whether these are lyrics to a song or
like a hook you know riff a melody or whatever boom like you can be driving
and you tap the corner of your watch boom it’s recorded seconds later it
automatically gets transferred to your phone like that’s huge brilliant so this
was like maybe five bucks but I would I would have paid anything for it so
especially for those of you who have Apple watches I know you do Ryan that’s
really huge so just log capture ideas as you go so there you go that way when you do sit down and you do
carve out the time and I think that should be that should be dedicated
actually I’ll go on a little little tangent there it’ll be productive when
you do sit down to write lyrical or music you you pull from these ideas you
pull from this list this catalogue you don’t start from a blank page you start
from a jumping-off point oh here’s a few here’s a few words that I want to
include in a lyric here’s a thought or an emotion that I had here’s a little
riff that I hummed you know what what can i what can I make out of that right
you’re starting from something it’s a springboard so it’s never just a blank
page with a blinking cursor and I was saying when you when you sit
down to write when you when you have this this time that time should be
consistent it should be dedicated you don’t write when you have something to
say you write to find out what you have to say so it’s showing up right and I
like to use what I call the focus triangle so three things you’ve got
device location and time so what I mean by that is like okay you got it your
desktop you got your laptop you got your phone you know all these different
devices maybe got an iPad which device do you use for a specific task and I
would encourage you if you have you know you’re like oh I can I do everything on
everything okay well what do you mostly do on one do you mostly watch YouTube
and browse reddit on your phone do you mostly work and do email on the desktop
like figure out what you mostly do try and pick a device that can be dedicated
to your writing could be your iPad could be a laptop could be your desktop could
be your phone with a Bluetooth keyboard whatever it is pick a device and stay
consistent with it because it’s gonna help you like separate and and get into
those mode right it’s just gonna help you associate
that act with words that are flowing the second thing is location so you may need
to experiment with this or you may already know where do you get your best
ideas where have you done your best writing where do you have the most focus
could it be in your room oh that’s super boring I mean when I started writing my
book I had this romantic idea of I’m gonna go to the Pacific Northwest ran a
cabin for a month and like sit on the porch and like there’s gonna be like
leaves falling down like turning all the different colors and it was like yeah
right like I had this romantic idea and then James clear who was I was talking
to about this he says where do you get your best writing done and I was like oh
by far at my home office like I’m just focused on Minnesota and I was like oh
so I have to sit home and do the boring work of like alright well this is where
I’m able to crank out five eight ten thousand words a day you know so where
you must productive is it at your home office is it at work is it at a coffee
shop is it in your living room so location keep that consistent and
then finally time now you use any one of these on their own it’s it’s it’s super
effective you use all three of them together that’s where it gets really
powerful so I write every day at 6:00 a.m. maybe you want to do 6:00 p.m.
maybe you want to do 8:00 p.m. whatever but where it gets really
powerful is when you say I write on my laptop in the living room at 6:00 p.m.
that just like you’re in the zone and that’s actually interesting because I
actually wrote some stuff down in regards to that so feel free to shoot it
down but one of the things that I feel like not only have I romantic did I
romanticize the idea okay I I feel like I didn’t improperly romanticize the idea
we’ll put it that way for me maybe it’s just it’s I don’t know I’ve liked
I like recording I like the variety of things so for instance
if I if I try and play something in the morning I feel like the style and the
energy and the ideas are very very very different to playing say in the
afternoon or to say playing late at night also even whether I play on my own
digital keyboard that will evoke a certain response or feel as opposed to
actually going somewhere that has an actual grand piano and also just the
location like yeah in my room or you know do I do I go to some practice room
to have a grand piano that I could play with and so part part of me part of me I
recognized and I totally agree with you night I think that you’re completely
right the device location and the time even one of those is great all three of
them boom powerful but then part of me wrestles with like okay but like the
variety that I know that I have already bounced off of and kind of seen the
results firsthand of different kind of creative energies and forms and whatnot
so part of me struck maybe I should just stick with the same device location and
time as far as writing goes what are you afraid of losing that I’m afraid of
losing just there’s different fists give us down hocus-pocus but it’s like
there’s a different energy yeah yeah depending depending on the time of day
and depending on the location and the type of instrument that I’m using and
even like you said you know joking about like if I could just see the trees and
the leaves falling down like as cliches that may sound I feel like it does
elicit a different response from from somebody while they’re attempting to
compose their ideas no I got you I got you and you’re right like when it comes
to inspiration and creativity it is about the leaves it is about the
hocus-pocus you know the the location the energy like that’s a hundred percent
real that’s a hundred percent legit I I would just say separate the idea of
logging an idea and executing on an idea so there are songs with different
energies and let’s let’s say someone else came up with it right you want to
learn a party or whatever you you absolutely very very
well can wake up at 6:00 a.m. and you can work on that song because it’s just
executing someone else came up with it it’s not like you have to like be in the
mood to come up with it it’s like no the notes are the notes and the tempo is the
tempo you can practice it as I am but as far as like coming up with the idea hey
maybe you need to be at that late night party or you know watching the leaves
fall you know and the in the evening or you know something like that it’s like
log the idea whether it’s like humming a riff or a bar or writing down a lyric
when it happens in the moment but then have this list that you execute on
consistently like the ideas that I had for writing the overlap book they didn’t
all come at 4:30 a.m. or 6 a.m. like they came in the moment they came you
know late at night after the conference session ended and I’m talking with
someone you know out on the balcony like when we’re looking at the Stars or
whatever like the ideas come from all over but if I’m gonna crank out the
words if I’m gonna execute it’s like alright I need to wake up I need to be
disciplined I need to go where I’m able to do the most productive work okay so
maybe maybe as far as music goes then because it’s like you know there’s the
writing element like the typing or there you know writing down the letter versus
actually hitting notes so maybe maybe I come up with a specific time every day
that’s spent on either practicing or actually executing an idea that I
already know that I want to do and then I can still leave myself open to say
coming back to it later at night even if it’s the same exactly no time setting
location it’s still my room perhaps but it’s something that I can come back
later just to like okay let’s just you know get the creative juices flowing
let’s see what else can come from this moment but as far as the actual
consistent absolutely I still feel like maybe there’s there’s there’s a time and
a place for both in so I yeah I’m with you on that yeah because there’s there’s
like I know the story I want to write my fiction book and I know what I want
the characters to do but I need to sit down and just get the words out and edit
them later or I know the song I want to do I’ve got the energy I got the vision
but I need to practice this one really tough part and get the fingering down so
you know deliberate practice versus you know creative inspiration mm-hmm that’s
good so we brought this up briefly just a
second ago as far as writing to come up with lyrics do you feel that that should
I do okay do you feel that that should be or could be just what I write of for
the day like say you have a daily writing routine you say okay on this day
I’m just gonna write about lyrics for a song or do you think that that’s
something that it’s like no if that’s something that you want to
become a master at and you want to do well at you should practice writing
lyrics every single day maybe perhaps even addition to writing other things
that might be important with just that kinda make sense am i understanding
correctly that you are starting with I am gonna write lyrics every day but
should I also write other things or are you starting with do I need to even
write lyrics every day let’s do it the first I was I was working at outlets
let’s go with the first option though I think that’s that’s good yeah so you see
the benefit of saying I’m gonna write everyday and we’ll see what comes of it
but should you also write other things in addition to lyrics is what you’re
wondering yeah and I guess I’m answering one question as I hear a bit yeah well
what do you think is the answer I think yes I should be writing other things in
addition to it you can’t just write lyrics I think that there’s so much more
that you could be doing well okay so I guess part it would be beneficial for
sure you could just write lyrics but it does come down to your goals but I think
you have more in you and it’s if that message of you don’t write when you have
something say you write to find out what you have
to say so if you’re saying alright I’m gonna write about this I’m gonna write
about my experience I’m gonna write about you know my journey or how I
figured this out or how you know my process how I come up with ideas what I
love about a certain genre or you know just like whatever like you have a lot
of thoughts and ideas and feelings and things that you can share and people
will find that interesting and that’s that’s great content you’ll also come to
find what you have to say more like you’ll hone your message like if
anything in this call resonated and it sounded like oh yeah that’s really good
like I’ve not only said it a dozen or a dozen zuv times but I wrote about it for
months or years you know it’s the it’s that I know my message and so the more
you write the more you come to know what your message is and you can pull that
out at any time so I do think it’s beneficial I wouldn’t
go so far as to advocate like you wouldn’t want to advocate that someone
does everything that’s beneficial to them in life all at once
it’s like it would be beneficial to have good posture you know half of our
audience just kind of like sat up in their chairs like it would be beneficial
to eat healthy would be beneficial to exercise it would be beneficial to have
a riding habit it’d be beneficial to wake up early but if you give someone a
picture of all of that at once it just feels overwhelming so it’s like start
with you know writing lyrics whatever it is whatever you can start with whatever
you feel the momentum on go with that and then add in other stuff later like
don’t try to do it all at once if you could expound upon this idea real
quickly so you you’ve brought up two kind of ideas or notions one is that you
don’t write where’s the phrasing you said you don’t write – you like to wait
hear what you have to say right you know you don’t you know you got me you don’t
wait to write until you think you have something
to say that’s the idea okay it’s that you do have something to say and you
have to find out what that is and you do that by writing okay maybe it’s a
catch-22 but how did how do you how does that idea work itself out with you’re
saying don’t just show up to a blank piece of paper though like you want to
have an editorial calendar you want to know what you’re gonna be writing about
in advance so is it like do you write to find out what you want to write about
later but I’m like no trying to figure that out you know that makes sense I
would differentiate between what you intend to share publicly and you know
there’s so many benefits to writing one of one of which is just having a clear
mind not using your brain as a storage facility you know for everything that
you think and everything that you feel and do but try to use your brain to
process things more and outsource the sourcing I’m sorry outsource the storage
aspect we have computers now like you can write all that stuff down and it’s
stored and it’s searchable and you don’t have to think about it right so just
write to brain dump right to process right to figure out what your own
feelings are I write a lot just to you know see what I think see what I feel
see what I’m going through like oh wow you know I didn’t even think
I would write that like it just came out you know oh that was in there and so
it’s kind of like okay well do I do I write for myself or am I writing to
publish this publicly and the beauty is you don’t have to know the answer to
start like just just brain dump right one of the lessons I have in 30 days to
better writing is helping you do that it’s it’s a stream of consciousness
exercise whatever you think goes on the page you don’t get to edit it you don’t
get to censor it you don’t get to audit it it’s just if you think it’s on the
page whatever the word is this is dumb I hate writing Sean’s weird like whatever
is on your mind you just write it and it goes onto the page you edit it later
like separate the modes of writing and editing
because when you try to edit as you write you slow down your speed and and
you hold back a lot of what could be good or what could have been made good
if you weren’t judging it but before or as you’re trying to get it out so if you
just go into stream-of-consciousness that’s honestly what I do like I wake up
I have things to write for the day that I know are gonna be public that I know
or do that I know we’re scheduled that I know I need to write on but I start out
with stream-of-consciousness and a lot of that ends up being private and just
helping me process like I feel overwhelmed I just do a bullet list what
everything I’m thinking of like the silliest things you know like I don’t
know just whatever like uh like I need a floss or something i floss every day by
the way now I’m like hundreds of days and I’m super but whatever it is right
so I came up with it was like 30 bullets 30 bullets just like clear my mind
and it felt irresponsible at first like oh now I’m just letting them go like
they’re not things I should be thinking about but I wasn’t thinking about them I
wasn’t thinking through them I was just being overwhelmed so getting it out of
my head was super helpful and then I could I could focus on doing what was
the most important work of the day I could focus on writing about one of
those topics so I start out stream-of-consciousness brain dump a lot
of that’s private a lot of that paves the way for writing
what goes public the beautiful thing about writing is now you have words and
you can do anything with them you can edit them you can delete them you can
repurpose them a lot of times things that I wrote that stayed private for a
long time I was able to publish in the future because I wanted to but I don’t
have that option if I never wrote it in the first place so you would say that
you is that so is that a you said that’s a daily practice is just to kind of
brain dump at first at least sometimes and then you kind of work yourself into
what you had scheduled for the day yes specifically um specifically if I feel
overwhelmed I will write down every thought that I have I will write until I
have no other thoughts that haven’t been written
down recently that was like 30 like I was holding on to 30 different things
and and no-holds-barred it’s not like within the context of business or like
it’s just everything write it all out that’s really good to get rid of the
overwhelmed feeling and get a clear mind most days I would say I don’t feel
overwhelmed in which case I go into stream of consciousness writing or
journaling you know some people would call it like what did I do
what’s important to me what have I done over the past day what am i learning
just whatever is on my mind beyond that and sometimes it blends together because
what I’m thinking about is what I already know I need to write on that’s
scheduled or that is going to be published and so it just gets my fingers
moving and I often will just transition into writing whatever I needed to for
that day that’s good I feel like there’s a lot that I can kind of take away from
that and repurpose into compartmentalizing things that’s good
cool mmm I feel like was there one more thing that we touched on earlier that
we’re gonna get to or touched upon in there I think it was in my notes when I
have is like you said something about like if you were to increase the
frequency it you know something about me or obligation and or commit to more know
what it was honestly I think we we could talk about
that and maybe we do at some point but but before before you look at increasing
the frequency you need to get to the minimum buffer for the frequency you’re
already maintaining so you’re doing weekly so you need to get four in the
queue like until you do that no sense in talking about twice a week or more it’s
good it’s fair to so I mean to me I see like two homework ideas besides thinking
through the whole writing stuff go through audience building course and by
the next time we talk you’ll have made two videos one of which is published the
other goes in the buffer so eventually at the least in four weeks
you’ll have a good buffer if you want to get ahead of that you know you want to
do more video sooner that’s cool too okay that’s just gonna give you a lot of
freedom a lot of freedom to like you know chase a random trending thing and
like put you know put that to the head of the class or whatever right I’m gonna
publish this next true you just have a lot more flexibility because you can do
that you can hustle and then take it easy you know you don’t have to worry
about the next thing going on as long as you maintain that buffer mm-hmm you said
there’s two things though homework was audience building course and then the
gist the other was the building the buffer yeah yeah yeah let me know how
the writing goes and feel free to revisit the writing course excuse me
planning on it yeah our our sister Emily is actually going through it so uh oh
cool kid you like have her as an accountability partner if you want to go
all the way through or something I think the last hunt I think the reason that I
like I ended up stopping was fun it was pure laziness that it was like I was
enjoying the stream of consciousness thought but then you were like alright
so now actually just you know get an editorial calendar figure out what
you’re gonna write about I was like but no now it’s realizing it
nowt relevant I’m good yes I I’m actually just gonna add that to my list
but I’ll go back home not to 30 days cool well so I didn’t wrap it up at this
point then and check back in next week so if you’re new to seanwes tv go
ahead and subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell new videos every
single day we go live once a week so I would love to have you here otherwise
see you tomorrow you