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stories for interesting people well today as you have seen in the title of
video let’s take a tour of tricks rather curiosities that we can
find on google and youtube different ways to search also in
entering youtube even on google maps we will see how well and before
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videos and it costs them no more than a click well here on google if we write google
gravity and we give it to me I will be lucky Well, what he does is as if there were
gravity on the google page and it falls and if we do a search then also
the same would also happen that is the search that I have done and
even I can move the pieces well it has a certain grace and if we are
boring one day we can’t try all right
we are going back we will try another and let’s try one that is this tuna
let’s roll the roll and what it does is turn is not the screen
this is quite simple well the next trick would be and we
we go to google and get into images and here we will write the following
atari atari break this one who doesn’t know well
so that here becomes a game of the machaca bricks that
there were in the 90s and I remember one than me on a computer that was the arcane
and is this similar and able to play in it The following trick is perfect
it would put search rush here and we get and we see how there is a series of
or is that they are falling and we are going shattering searches then
we have to try not to let them delete by clicking on them is quite
complicated the normal truth then he would continue until we erase all the
screen ninth and keep falling is complicated
and continue even with the ones below if we leave there because in the end we erase all
the screen and it makes us quite curious and now what he is going to do is gather
all or is that I have used all zeros as we see it and it will put us
something like that hehe 2 g from two o’clock and well it would be quite
curious well come on come on with some tricks when converting measures
etc. if I put here directly I put for example 47
Celsius in this case degrees fahrenheit then
automatically he already puts us that 47 degrees celsius or 216 degrees fahrenheit
for example I could also approve I know 100 yards in 31 meters with 44 measures for example
currency exchanges 100 dollars to euros then automatically also like this
of these we can explore a lot of they more than are quite useful
well then we would also have we could use this as a calculator if you put
here 15 plus 20 30 automatically take out one
calculator and we get the sum already made so this is quite useful because
we could then even use it to other things 45 minus 20 that and then
also here is another trick that we can know when the sun rises in our
city ​​and how much you put if for example we put sunset
vitoria sunset for example at 20 45 and if we put sunrise then
too exit vitoria I don’t care about the site
708 well then that’s another little trick that we have and then there is some
keyboard shortcut that suits us internet level for example control
more then enlarges the screen control minus the others
control over us would put a new bookmark in favorites
and we see that it opens I could write it would not be looking for him
then we can find directly even if we are not on google control j takes us the downloads that
we have done and control the history well then these would be some
keyboard shortcuts that are also quite pretty good
well then we have for example some another trick that if we go to youtube
we are going to get on youtube ok moment we would be yes if we put what
next to the harlem say from harlem
with the terrors and everything starts to sound music and start moving the youtube logo and so on I would move all the videos and it remains
quite dark in this area I can apart from putting a
name I can enter some coordinates so good for the internet we could
find different gps addresses that people have been collecting me in my
website I have also compiled some they are quite curious well for
enter my website well we can put in computing on google or in
the link we have below the video well if I get here to my page I
I have already looked for it this would be places curious to see on google maps
the article would be around here at right and if I go here then
I have some that are quite curious you can try the rest for
example here I have one that I fuck like this I’m going to take him and copy him
the coordinates and I come here now and what hit
ok I tell him that I looked for it and well there we see nothing but we have to
say in satellite view mode earth and then we know curiosity
that to arrive in a field there is like plow or something like that puts bar
so well it’s a curious thing let’s try another one let’s assume that
for example i was put mickey mouse let’s see if we take and we paste it yes there we would see that we have good
mickey mouse head and ears this will be in florida on disneyworld or
anywhere well and so we have a lot that
we could take for example here in football stadiums
I’m going to try one and things like that circuits good especially those who are well are
the good ones are something curious more than the football stadiums verse that we
we can easily find well there we would see the aztec stadium in mexico and
Well, there we see the bird’s eye view very well, so far the video today
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