Rock: Finally after six million long years. I have finally washed up on shore Rock: No longer am I slave to the tides no longer? Kid: Hehe. Kid: Sploosh Pilot: Just realize you don’t need to say 6 a.m. For 6 p.m, Pilot: We already know the “M” is there so just write like 6 A or 6 B. Pilot: Can’t believe no one figured this trick out before. Doctor: Or you could do the easy thing and say O six hundred and eighteen hundred. Soldier: Yeah, like adding a bunch of unnecessary, Soldier: Zeros an easy piece of shit your fucking cow- Security: Swear words are illegal now. If you say one you’ll be fack Boy: “Heck!” Security: You’re on thin, FUCKING ICE. Security: Oh no… Teenager: Why do 90% of all medicines sound like cool wizard names? Zyrtec: It I! ZYRTEC THE ALMIGHTY Xanax: You are no match for XANAX THE WISE! Viagra: VIAGRA. Zyrtec The Almighty: Thank you for watching, Zyrtec: Don’t forget to hit that Bell laughter subscribing to Daitomodachi and following on his social media, Zyrtec: Like the video and don’t forget to contact your doctor if you still have a hard-on after four hours.