– When I tried zhu pa bao, / – You picked that? it was made with a baguette. Just like that? I want to develop it to make it more Korean. Giji ttoek. (Using rice cake instead of bread) – It’s also called gijeong tteok. / – Rice cake? – It’s rice wine cake. / – Rice cake instead of bread. Giji tteok is rice wine cake. Rice wine cake. But rice cake isn’t crispy. You’ll find out soon enough. It’ll be crispy? You’ll see. (Oh, just tell me) It’s done. (Ilwoo’s special idea) Ta-da. Oh, grill the rice cake? Nice. That will work. (This is called an idea) That looks so good. You’re getting closer to winning. I have to use pork, so I got pork rib meat. – Half a pear, / – I used lots of different sauces. half an apple, one onion, and a thumb-sized ginger. – I’m going to caramelize this. / – Caramelizing. Place one pork patty and top it with caramelized onion. (That looks good…) I wonder how that pork tastes. Jung Ilwoo’s ASMR. (Did he recreate the fatal sound and taste?) (That’s the right sound) – Delicious. / – There it is. (And the right taste) My goal is first place! Let’s go. (Jung-Winner’s masterpiece) (What will happen to tteok pa bao?) (Tteok pa bao) Jung Ilwoo’s dish, please bring it to the judges. (The simplest plating they’ve seen on Fun-Staurant) What’s this? Hey, what’s that? Please sit down. What is that? Please sit back down. That looks so good. What is that? Toast the rice cake everyone loves to make it crispy outside and soft inside. That’s nice. That’s a great idea. When I had zhu pa bao in Macao, I was disappointed about how dry it was, but this… (Suspicious / Will this be good?) (Nervous) Please begin. (Rice cake instead of bread! What will they think?) (They each take a bite) (But they won’t comment) I wonder what they are thinking. – Whenever I come up here, I… / – Get nervous? Why do I get so nervous? Chef Lee Wonil, if you’re finished, could you start? – Sure. / – Good. There was one thing I was concerned about when you brought this dish out. I thought it might end up being a bulgogi sandwich because the marinade is so familiar to us. Right, that won’t work. I was worried. But the taste was completely different. But the taste was completely different. This tasted like a sandwich from China. – Nice reaction. / – You did it. Why did you go to Macao? I was going to go there. You used Chinese soy sauce, so the sweetness became more colorful. And the cooked onion and raw onion improved the texture and there’s the sauce too. You used rice cake instead of baguette, and that was a great choice. (I’m relieved) Let me just say one thing. – One thing? / – Yes. (One thing is enough for tteok pa bao?) (It’ll be either good or bad) (What will Chef Yeonbok say?) If this is launched, I’m going to feed this to my dear family. (Chef Yeonbok’s powerful comment) (Happy) It’s so good you want to feed it to your family? (It’s the best kind of compliment) That’s the best compliment. He ate almost all of it. (He was silent) (because he was busy eating) It was really good. That’s the best compliment. Kim Jeonghun? I have one concern. (The merchandiser’s unexpected comment) After I tried this dish… (What is it?) Could we recreate this in three weeks? (Oh…) It’s that good and it’s… You’re thinking about launching that? That’s how ready this dish is. (Ahem!) Hello, is this the other convenience store? Poor Yeongja. (Yeongja will lose 3 times in a row?) If you lose again… It’ll be really upsetting. (Keep your chin up, Yeongja!) (Daniel, you make me smile) Lee Seungchul, your comments, please. This is it. This is it. (Bad news) I quit. (Gyeonggyu is heartbroken) – You promise? / – No. The product Fun-Staurant’s judges have been dreaming of has finally came out. That was what I thought. What all the judges were concerned about was how you were going to use the rice cake. But the crispiness of the rice cake and the seasoning for it were perfectly balanced. It was perfect. It was perfect. Please take your seat. In that case, why don’t we have Daniel try the sandwich? Daniel can try it. Why don’t we get a young person’s opinion? He is of the new generation. Let’s see what he thinks. Let me try this. Don’t try to belittle it. (Daniel is eating it) He’s going to get hurt. (Yum) Hurt? How? He needs to work. (Curious) If… If… If this was at the convenience store, I’d buy it all. Really? How does it taste? Describe it to us. Describe it in detail. It’s sweet and savory. It’s sweet and savory. If that is launched, they’ll call it “Kang Daniel’s favorite so-and-so.” (Kang Daniel’s favorite, tteok pa bao) – It’s like… / – That will have an effect. That’s a great idea. Can you give me a small piece? (Begging) Yeongja, stop it. Just a little piece. Give me a small piece. Stop eating. (Yeongja, don’t do this) Stop eating! Daniel, give me a tiny little piece of it. I want to try the rice cake. Let go. Let go. (Torn apart) “Let go.” (Crazy chemistry of the 2019 Best Couple winners) I should be patient.