-Hi, uh — Sorry. Hi. If you’re like me — [ Laughter ] Hi. I’m Jimmy Fallon.
This is David Dobrik. And we are here at
the Shops at Columbus Circle. Have you guys ever been
on an escalator, and someone
barely grazed you as you were going up,
and they’re coming down? We’re gonna go up and down
the escalators, grazing people. -Grazing people.
-Grazing people at the mall. Of course, we will be
wearing disguises. -Sure. -[ Laughs ] ♪♪ -Hi. [ Sneezes ] I’m just a little
bit contagious, but it’s not — [ Sneezes ] — it’s not anything
serious anymore. Vanessa? Vanessa? Vanessa? ♪♪ -I like that. I like that. ♪♪ -[ Imitates siren ] -Alright.
We’ve already annoyed enough people.
-Yes. -Let’s start giving them
some gifts. -Let’s make people’s days. -Day. -Free money? Free money? Free money. Is that an iPhone? Want an iPad? ♪♪ -Do you want this? iPad. It’s an iPad. -100 bucks? Let’s give a little girl
100 bucks. She’s so cute.
-Aww. -What time is it? Here’s 100 bucks. -Have you seen an iPad? Would you want one? You would? Take it,
’cause I don’t need it. I just got it, and it —
It’s so heavy. -Apple Watch or 100 bucks?
Which one? That’s no problem, buddy. -I have $100 in my hand. I’m gonna see if these people
behind me are good people, by letting me know
I dropped it. Put it in my pocket. Oh, no. I don’t want
your money. Thank you. Sorry.
I’m addicted to the chase. -Dude, that was so fun.
-That was good. -I didn’t want to leave.
-That was so much fun. I have nothing more
to give away. -Somebody was like,
“We’re done.” I was like, “No, no, no.
One more.” -What did you do?
I had nothing to give away. -I don’t know.
I was just talking to people. I just get lonely. [ Cheers and applause ]