Hey peeps, Tyler here. Wanted to do a
quick video about a few Demiguy pride things I’ve gotten. One of which I’m
wearing as I am a demiguy, which if you don’t know what that is it’s under the
non-binary umbrella. Maybe I’ll make more videos in the future about that. I don’t
know. But it’s under the non-binary umbrella so… The shirt it’s in the, the cats are in the colors of
the demiguy pride flag. My husband got me this for my
birthday because I’m a demiguy and love cats. Is a very comfy shirt and I love it. The
other two things I have to show I got for myself. I got this bracelet from Etsy. As you can see it has the colors there. It is
nylon parachute cord. It came with this card and on the back it has how you can wash
it. It also came with this sticker and in this pouch. I got this notebook from red
bubble. Not sure exactly what I’ll use the
notebook for but I have many possible things. That is all I have so far. I just
wanted to show them so.. Like, comment and subscribe if you want to. All my social
media is in the description and have a nice day.