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today we are going to rank a little bit of history about ancient sports that
they played to death well what do you mean this was a series of
fighting matches games with balls whatever it was but that the team
loser or loser was executed in the end well normally that
it does tran kings of 7 but I’ve found many this time and injury is
once we have 8 additional we already have 15 sports then let’s go watching
these sports d some since before Christ- that as
I told you the feature is it was the one that was the best was not to be in the
losing team because you could lose something more than the game well let’s go
seeing well and before starting as always
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that one click well we start the first one is the game of
Mesoamerican ball or something like that good see it written there I don’t know
how to pronounce well played to early 2,500 before Christ in
the mesoamerica region and the players they hit the rubber ball with the
hips until you try to put it in a kind of
good circle as we want to tell you there is currently a modern version
called a lama but the original sport it was used many times as a replacement
of war and the team was sacrificed loser alright then this may be
same one of the oldest sports with this feature and how do you see
well especially in the Incas even what they played something similar and this would be the
first sport well the second one is called ares for tunja
it’s for you I don’t know how to pronounce it and it’s for tunisia a roman military game
practiced from year 43 there were two teams that aimed to carry
a ball at the other end of the field and for that it was allowed to use all the
violence that was necessary except kill the
the adversary but could be hit they could even use some weapon
etcetera sometimes even those spectators went with some bones
broken and wounded this is the sport that was precedent
predecessor of Florentine calcium well so this was how they see a species
of strategy game but in the end what prevailed was brute force
well the next just fishermen this is an egyptian sport that consisted
in two teams of fishermen that faced using their oars to
hit your opponents and throw them the water
many participants died for him knock
others eaten by crocodiles today poo tamos who were near the water and
some even died drowned by not know how to swim well then this
game that comes from the ancient egyptian as you see it had the same
the same purpose well the next one is called looking for and he
look for an activity that is practiced between the 10th and 15th centuries in
Uzbekistan and Afghanistan consisted of two riders teams in a field of 2
kilometers in length that they had to carry the voice that was like a good goat no
like a goat without a head and sometimes without limbs from one end of the
field to the other the members of both teams found to take the body
from the goat to the center of the ground of game is a very violent sport in the
that riders are involved in bloody battles thanks to their
whips they use against the opponent currently it is a sport is the sport
national of afghanistan and practiced without violence yes well this sport not like
we have evolved to a less violent practice well the
next is the duck the duck is the Argentine national sport though
originally not played with a leather ball with handles but with a
live duck in its origins the absence of rules
caused the game to be extremely violent
many gauchos died during the different games and even in
disputes between rivals that were resolved with knives for that reason in 1796 the
catholic church of course it was not due give Christian burial to those who died
playing duck and in 1822 the practice of the game until in the
1930s over 1930 the regulation is changed and began to
play as we know it today and in the next one it’s called g I played or
dad howard well this sport that is the translation more or less something like
arises by sled in Hawaiian originates over 2000 years ago and it consists of a
dangerous journey down a hillside volcano with a big sled made of
wood fibers and also some they were made of wood fibers and
coconut once on top the pilot or a team of pilots compete down by
the slope over their stomachs or in a typical surf pose at a
speed of 80 kilometers per hour well the next one is called purépecha ball
well then this sport well quite old what
what they had to do was bring a ball from one end of the field to another
and evidently even who could not get through violence or there were no
minimum rules because it was the winner well the next one is called naumaquia
naumaquia that literally translated is naval combat was a Roman sport that
arose in the year 46 and were used convicted criminals something like
the gladiators and faced them in a naval battle basically were
boats full of people willing to participate they fought until only
one will stay alive well then we have the garden one of the
oldest games preserved today in day is the garden is something like
hockey mixed with lacrosse basically there are two teams the object is for players to hit
a ball with a wooden stick called karl and the ball reaches speeds of
up to 145 kilometers per hour and the participants are often bruised
and bloody after the game without however that is nothing in comparison
with the garden he played 3000 years ago in which it looked more like a war
with few rules and matches that lasted several days
in addition each team had more than 100 people what increased violence
it is believed that he was taken to ireland by the Celts and sports have tales
dating from the 12th century before Christ with mythological heroes who play well
then we have the one called change and 865 well this sport is one of the
first to develop in the usa changchun key was developed by the
Mississippi culture is centered around of the old city
basically a small stone disk rolled from the starting point and the
participants threw spears into the area in which I thought the album was going to
end the losers in many cases they had to commit suicide since he was very
rooted in culture and honor and in the next one it’s called pancracio is
a sport that was practiced in the ancient greece and consisted of a
one-on-one fist clash whose goal was to leave the opponent what
closest possible death without kill him if he accidentally died
who killed him lost and declared himself winner of the dead fighter
it wasn’t much comfort the next one would be the nation the nation is hard to
say if this ancient sport of the death was worse for slaves or
animals recruited to fight they
in fact the Romans were so interested in human fights
and wild animals that only in the opening of the colosseum were
killed more than 9000 animals very to often however humans
they had a similar destiny good car racing very
popular in ancient greece and rome It was a little more than a death match
with the finish line in fact it was almost impossible to arrive without being left
seriously injured and life expectancy of most brokers are
incredibly low they are also called chariot races and many
sometimes they were seen in the games of grover coliseum
well the next one is called fight of sticks in a son the Zulus
they essentially beat each other with sticks and although they rarely occurred
death in the participants used to leave with numerous scars that
subsequently they were used as badges honorary
well and the last one we have would be gladiators well well in principle
they were slaves or convicted criminals who fought each other with a con
beasts in ancient rome everyone knows by movies or by
books or photographs roman games that even Greeks but above all
Romans where the gladiators were an option that had someone who had
fact that he had been criminal or that had done some act outlawed
because they could become gladiators and by searching through games
well and try to seek freedom and be again a free man but as you know
because the vast majority died in those games
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